Обзор QCY T5. Игровой режим, топ за свои деньги?

Hello, today we will talk about the new product from Company jelly namely Eat t5 after the model of M3 which was not there and inserts is not the plugs I walked a little cases for the company but I decided to give them a second chance but what came out of it, we are now check so that a seat Sit back we start again on usaid different sales can grab about Bucks 25 this is especially noticeable on the packaging Budget no frills I want to believe that this is done to all his might to put it in itself device set the standard for leaflets about charging micro usb and a bag with changeable ear pads material lip I do not really I walked an average elasticity in the ears kept so so so I replaced them on the lip of some old headphones there is made of matte plastic, and he very similar to the case of the model quiz 2 Fifth slightly smaller but more square Cover almost no backlash in the open fixed position that we are in a case like so comfortable on the front panel hiding two indicators that lit only when charging small size cases and in your pocket Basically fits easily I now remember when they came about their earpods blamed for look well applied image the game against zombies plants and so on my bites again this picture fit more earphone is also made of matte plastic on the leg they hide indicator which fortunately did not flashes while working on top of the We put the whole touchpad headphones in the ears sit well do not press no bulges of caps, too you can wear Management made a protected accidentally pressed into single touch Headphones do not react but due to the very shaped earpiece when it is recovering in ear accidentally touch still happen to this to get used double-tap anywhere on the headphones play pause Hold for 2 seconds on the left or right track switching back and forth well, triple touch is some special game mode volume control there is no a game mode here refers to reducing the delay in play and video but still offer a check on actually the sound delay in the u-tube without game mode and now with the game mode here really works and delay Now check disappears in the game call of duty free game mode and game mode that works well, yes and figures bottom of the screen tell us what works the actual delay is decreased becomes Is it possible to be so comfortable to play well at I do not really feel it still and Incidentally it is not the smallest among the this from the headphones but generally better than without such a regime t5 has proved to be a good idea for quality of communication in general here was not interruptions in the metro a couple of times and were street for a split second then nothing critical range of home signal Average hit a maximum of two walls then everything in this situation we just our this is the most we have are our credentials All and all promise a battery operation to 5 hours well almost coincided at maximum Volume t5 lasted 4:32 that, in general, a good result in the a case is still standing on the battery 380 milliampere hour to allow recharge time 4 sure Food headphones can be used alone it is not really happening seamlessly in every bluetooth settings just need to manually click on devices for connection if you want to use only one earphone but then from each other headphones do not fall off Well microphone headset on the leg gives We hope that the ghost as headsets they are good check check microphone work includes quiet again space is not heard clockwork machine loud is good there is a small hack speakerphone communication it is not very clean but this turns hear properly check the work It includes microphone again in the car there Oner pile on the 3 bar 4 music on the background at nine also begins a small cacophony of porridge Fund share music becomes heard well enough to voice it’s better Microphone street and a lot of work and even write in comments as I have heard if in a quiet space and the car microphone and even less work out on the street, even with minimal wind It creates a sense of what’s around you hurricane but have heard bad by the way the channel is now every two week we are giving away 4 mi band conditions most simple Like subscription and comments on the subject Video about 15, and 30 of each month to live We determine the winner well and now rally held two pairs of headphones all conditions in the description and now about the sound 6 comprises again put millimeter dynamic emitter and the maximum Casey supported code what exactly in the manner as is headroom he immediately decent volume and sound here quiz to compare the sound with the model 2 say that vt5 play on some fundamentally another level, I can not sound enough volume low-frequency texture pleasant a small likeness deep bass middle is average More particularly nothing to say about it she would have all well under too high t5 simply clamped normally plays music It can be a little nicer than q of 2 and probably on the same level include T3 but until recently Spanky bit of me still I do not hold hoped that this q all models and conduct some there a different sound setting but strong Change does not happen Mighty good sound it is clearly more pleasant Ardatov can be a little nicer fancl w1 is quite possible to walk in them listen to music, and especially not to bathe if you are just such a form factor like but some sound fieri of them do not wait just a normal game and your out there 25 30 bucks, they just act out whether t5 food and value for money but perhaps yes neat normal headphones with good versatile sound whether they can take and even if something better for them, but how me up table but the way among all headphones the channel can be found in the description I also hope that this is the calm before the the storm and the next time food companies and We really something to write in a surprise comments he eats t5 if the video It was useful Like and subscribe per channel but in today to meet the following video yet

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