[유트브 알고리즘 *번외편] 유튜브 수익창출 승인 기준의 비밀 – NO 뇌피셜 유튜브 알고리즘 – 초보 유튜버 필수시청

No? Gather 1,000 people. It’s been ten times harder. Hello, I’m Nambor. I’m going to talk to you about everything. I’ve never heard of it anywhere. YouTube revenue-generating standards I’ll tell you a behind-the-scenes story. Why didn’t anyone hear it because I analyzed it? YouTube revenue generation is now 1000 subscribers It’s a total of 4,000 hours. If you look at this, you’re going to see it. ‘Oh, what’s that? Only 1000?’ What you might think is The channels you see here are mostly geese. tens of thousands of subscribers More than a million mega-channels. Because they’re channels that have a reason to watch a lot. But now, subscribers like me, they’re going to have to do it. It’s not quite easy to collect a thousand people from the bare ground. There’s still 500 people on my watch, so we’ve got a long way to go Anyway, what I’m going to talk about today is… YouTube revenue-generating standards I’m asking 1,000 people if they’re 4,000 hours. Well, novice YouTubers seem to have set a random limit to avoid paying. There’s a very important fact hidden here. YouTube is still exploding. It’s just that when you were a video clip, YouTube didn’t have any profit-making conditions either. I just want you to upload the video, and I’m grateful. On YouTube, why? It’s all about the audience. It’s all about the things to see. This is all property. But now YouTube is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s getting worse. It’s like X-dung. It’s starting to pour out. I’m gonna stick my thumbnail in, and then I’m gonna go in there, and there’s nothing. But now that the number of views is on the count, There’s an ad in here. I’m sure advertisers and viewers wouldn’t like this, right? These days, it’s similar to Naver (especially blog). What’s the only thing that goes in there? But what about YouTube? It’s not Naver. They’ve found a way YouTube makes a profit base. Only channels above a certain level will share revenue. The standard was 10,000 views at first. This one’s going to be a problem. There are no other criteria since you only need to check the number of views. So, we’ve been able to see the video clips. I couldn’t stop the rampant problem. So the profit-generating standard is what it’s like today. 1,000 subscribers, 4000 hours of viewing time. It was based on the number of views. Do you have changed the criteria for number of subscribers plus time to watch? I’m sure. Almost all U-Tubers and viewers, You have no idea what’s going on inside. There are two secrets hidden here. Based on the number of first-time subscribers of 1,000, A 1% subscription conversion rate secret is hidden This subscription conversion rate is per 100 views That’s how many people subscribe. In my previous algorithm introduction, I called this a rescue fund. I put a video of this in the comments below. I think you can refer to that. Anyway, the average cost of rescue on YouTube is one percent. That is, if you get 100 hits, you get an average of one person. That means we can get subscribers. So if you get 10,000 hits, How many subscribers do you have? 100 people, right? So we’ve got 1,000 subscribers. What is the meaning of the change? I want you to record 100,000 hits right away. It’s an indirect instruction on YouTube. YouTube has 10,000 views to 1,000 subscribers. I didn’t change the terms. In fact, from 10,000 to 100,000 views of 100,000. It’s a tenfold increase in revenue approval. So when I first started the video, “Oh, it’s ten times harder.” I was lucky. So we got about 100,000 hits. It’s not useless. It’s not just a channel with a normal subscription conversion rate. after a filtering It was meant to give him the green light. What is the secret of the second 4000 hour viewing time? 4000 hours, YouTube always counts time in minutes. It’s 240,000 won. That means we’re going to have 240,000 people per 100,000 hits we saw above. We need 2.4 minutes per trillion. This 2.4 minutes will be the average duration of the entire YouTube channel. Now, I’m going to spend 4,000 hours with 1,000 We’re talking about these two numbers In fact, if we analyze YouTube data, They tend to hover around the average. The YouTube algorithm tells us that it’s based on the average. It’s something we can indirectly infer. Then the conclusion of today’s story! 10,000 views, 1,000 people, 4,000 hours. If we summarize what the condition changes are trying to tell us, with average images with an average duration of 2.4 minutes. I’ve got 100,000 hits, so I’ve got an average subscription conversion rate. It means that we can turn channels into revenue streams. That is, along with 10 times the revenue terms of the existing terms. They’re trying to filter the bad channels. It’s YouTube’s intention. Have you solved the question a little? In the meantime, I’ve been doing YouTube impressions every month. I’ve been working on these algorithms. Now, more often than not, we’re going to have a YouTube algorithm called Pogaegi. I’m going to start. It’s been three months since YouTube started. Sooner or later, if you’re on YouTube, those who want to do those who quit YouTube to Help Everyone Let’s start with the algorithm. And when I get 1,000 subscribers, Now we can do a profit analysis. It can’t help you. It can’t help you, right? That’s why it’s good to subscribe. And if you don’t forget, the next video is… I’m going to give you more useful videos. I’ll call on you.

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    그리고 이번영상은 제 블로그
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