1 What is programming ?

hello everybody i’m Ahmad El-Baz and i’m
here today to explain some definitions about programming so what is programming ?
programming is writing instructions for a computer to perform the instruction
called source code we will know what a source code but first we will explain
this definition computer has a memory for remembering things and it has a
processor for doing the calculations so you give the computer your instructions
and the computer deals with it taking some input from the user doing some
calculations with the input and then give some output back to the user an
example for that is a calculator you give it some input numbers doing some
calculations like sum or multiplying then it give some output which is the
result and that what happens in programs games websites etc so what is
code ? when we try to communicate with each other we use languages like English
French Germany etc so when we try to communicate with a computer we use a
programming language which is different and that’s all we have today if you have
any question just tell me in the comments and don’t forget to Like share
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