12:01 Full Movie | 1993 | English Subtitles

[instrumental music] [ticks] [instrumental music] [dog barking] [beeping] [automated]
‘The time is 7:35.’ ‘Please wake up.’ [beeping continues] ‘Wake up. Wake up.’ [robot buzzing] Lazy boy, please wake up. Please wake up. [beeping] [grunting] ‘Lazy boy.’ Lazy boy. Lazy boy. …cutting edge project by
researchers in particle physics has been shut down
by government order. Hosea? (Hosea on TV)
‘Mary, big news at
UTREL Corporation.’ ‘Researchers here working
on particle physics’ believe they’ve discovered
a way to accelerate a subatomic particle
faster than the speed of light. Now they are using
a ground-breaking device called a super-accelerator. ‘But public outcry
has been so great’ ‘the government today
finally ordered’ ‘a complete shutdown
of the project.’ This tool will help us
to finally define the nature of the universe,
and harness its energy. ‘Now, imagine a,
a facility this size’ powering half the state
of Califor.. [instrumental music] [telephone ringing] Hello. Hi, mom. I-I’m late. How are you? Yeah, I-I, I know, I know we haven’t talked in a while. Because you’re gonna
ask me if I’m dating. Yes, mom. I’m dating. A lot of really nice girls. You know, I can’t even
keep track of their names. You wanna know one of
their names? Uh.. Bril…lette. Brillette.
Yes. She’s French. She’s small, but she’s wiry. She loves to clean up
around the kitchen. Mom, look. I’m really, I.. But, mom, mom, mom, mom.. I will call you later.
I promise. Goodbye. Pathetic. That’s not
how you throw the ball. What’s wrong with you? Good morning, Kyle.
How you doing? Any work? Hey, what do you say we all
clean up the planet together? Huh? Can’t do it by myself. Who-whoa, whoa! Be careful, alright? I don’t
wanna see you get run over now. Up yours, my man. Nice. Nice. That may very well be
our president someday. Oh, man. [instrumental music] [horn blaring] [tires squealing] [vehicles crashing] [music continues] [crowd chattering] Where are the quarterlies? Jackson’s ready
to cut your throat. Good, thanks.
How are you? Uh.. Ted, do you realize
that your hair spray may be solely responsible
for the ozone hole? Jack. How’s it going? Hey, you know, it’s been
a bad morning.. – Uh!
– Oh! Oh! Jack! – ‘Oh, Jack, I’m so sorry.’
– ‘Thank you for the coffee.’ [exhales sharply] [automated]
Rook to queen’s bishop. (Anne)
‘Well, look who decided
to show up.’ ‘Anne, I’m sorry I’m late.’ You know, I’m doing you a favor,
don’t you? – Oh, yeah.
– ‘Keeping you on.’ ‘With a work performance
like yours.’ So let’s just finish
the Personnel reports complete the monthly billing and clean up the desk
by the end of the day. You know, I was working
on finishing that– We both know if you wanted
to show up on time you would, right? There was a car accident, Anne. Barry, Barry, Barry I don’t wanna fight with you. And I don’t wanna be
your friend either so let’s just
do the work, hmm? I would hate to kick you out. You’re one of the cute ones. You know, she had sex
once in 1983 but she didn’t like it. What did we do last night? I-I woke up tasting
pavement in my mouth. Well, we drank, and you left,
and then I picked up the blonde. No, you.. You did not
pick up the blonde. – Yes, I did.
– She was not even interested– You left, she got interested,
alright? You owe me 20 bucks
for your drinks. Here’s the update
on the new filing system. Aah! [laughing]
It’s a shocking computer disk. You press that, and within
three seconds it shocks you. It’s a cure for the common
hangover. Is it working? Are your parents related? – No.
– No? Well, I, I think they…are. – Morning, Lisa.
– Morning. Out of your league, man.
Did you read the profile? ‘PhD at 25. The chick’s got
no social life.’ Look at that.
She doesn’t even smoke. He knows that. He’s offered
her a cigarette before. What a jerk. Look, whenever she’s nervous,
s-she always just brushes ‘her hair back over her
right ear, did you see that?’ – Yeah. I saw. Mm-hmm. Yeah.
– Right over the right ear. Listen, this has been
going on for six months. Why don’t you just
go over there and talk to her? What, and spoil
our relationship? No. ‘Yeah, you’re right, the whole,
like, peeping-tom thing’ you got going is
really much healthier. Guess what.
It’s time to leave my cubicle. – Right now?
– If I had a door, I’d open it. Excuse me.
Barry Thomas? Yes, but you probably wanna
speak to my boss. You see, I’m just a small gnat
on the great landfill of life. Well, you signed this,
and you’re the man I wanna– Dr. Moxley,
you look great on TV. Anne Jackson,
head of Personnel. I’ve been watching the news
and you are a very impress– Ms. Jackson, two of
my assistants have been removed by some paperwork
that Mr. Thomas signed. Oh, really? I’ve already sent two memos to him regarding the subject and I’ve gotten no response. I don’t think I got those. Let me help you personally, Dr. Moxley,
come into my office– That won’t be necessary,
Ms. Jackson. Just put them back
in the system. – Lois Hope, Thomas Plume.
– Done. Ms. Jackson,
we all make mistakes. Just correct it. – Yes, sir.
– Thank you. Good day. Good day. Anne, we just
let 150 people go. You made me look like an idiot! You are off
of technical staff. Off! You will take resumes
and file resumes and that’s it,
Howard, would you believe it? Howard is now in charge
of technical staff! You.. You bounced the head
of the program’s assistants. I.. I.. One more. One more slip-up,
and you’re bounced – ‘You got it?’
– Yeah. Good day. [instrumental music] Rattled! The whole office,
rattled! You slow down the work, and
we all suffer. You know that. Let’s hug. Just once. It’ll break the tension. Eh, just slap me on
some of that macaroni. Yes, sir. Oh.. That is just terrifying. Excuse me? Are you alright? You don’t smoke. – What are you talking about?
– Uh, you don’t smoke. I’d offer you a cigarette,
but you don’t smoke so what’s even,
why bother even? Rico, can I have some
string beans, please. You know, I don’t smoke either? And I’d like some rice, too. So even if you did smoke,
I wouldn’t be able to offer you a cigarette,
I…just don’t…smoke. So, I’m sorry to bother you. Where are you usually locked up? Oh, I’m just an experiment
gone horribly awry in the Personnel Department. I see. I’m Lisa Fredericks. – I’m Barry Thomas.
– What is it that you do? Oh, nothing. I just
sort of boost morale in between threats
of being fired. Ah. Well, you seem
to have a mind. That doesn’t usually
fit in this system. – Nice to meet you.
– Uh, it was.. Nice meeting you, too. – Bye-bye.
– Goodbye. And good luck. I’m not shipping off
the continent. I’m just having lunch. Right, right. Ohh.. So, uh, she likes me…a lot.
Wouldn’t you agree? Yeah, I’d say like you and
a vicious ice cream headache are probably neck and neck. Do I always sound
like such an idiot or do I just save it for the
people I really wanna impress? You’re thinking
the wrong way, man. What if the ice queen
thing’s an act? – ‘A defense. Alright.’
– ‘Okay.’ What if she’s
the lonely one? Huh? She, she would be thankful
to the first guy that came over to her
and said anything. [pager beeping] I know these things, man.
I know. I picked up a blonde
last night, right? – Right.
– Um, right. She’s dying to be talked to. I got an air conditioning repair
for, uh, Dr. Specter? – Sure.
– Uh, ahem. Yeah, go ahead. [indistinct chatter] Yes? Barry Thomas. I’m here to see
Dr. Fredericks. There’s a slight problem
in Personnel. What, are you gonna erase her
from the computer, too? It’s regarding her paycheck. We’re updating our filing system and I have to verify
some personal information Miss…Zevo. Otherwise, her check
may be delayed. Well, that’s the
type of confusion we always expect
from Personnel. Thank you. Well, you don’t seem
to be doing very well today. [indistinct chatter] (Lisa)
‘Get out of my office. Now!’ (Denk)
‘Fine.’ Who are you? Are you authorized
to be back here? – It’s alright. It’s alright.
– It’s alright. Please come in
and shut the door. I’m just gonna come in and.. Shut the door, uh,
you know, I.. I-I was just, uh.
taking care of Dr. Moxley. I was helping out
with one of.. Hey! I have a geranium plant
at home. That’s funny. – What can I do for you?
– Nothing. Nothing. I-I was just
in the neighborhood so, um, thought I’d say hello. Hello. You came back in the middle
of a restricted area to flirt with me? Is this…a-a bad time? We spoke for ten seconds
on a food line. That gives you the right
to come back into my office and hit on me? No. No. No– No, you don’t seem
to get the point. I don’t consider playful banter
over steaming string beans grounds for romantic trysts,
sexual advancement or even.. Can you get out
from behind there? Even a long-distance friendship. I’m not even interested
in a pen pal. It was great seeing you, too. I’m sorry, Barry, but just
timing is everything and this, this just
isn’t the time. – It’s not the–
– It’s not the time, right? [sighs] – How’d it go?
– Oh, good, good, thanks. I’ll be alone for the rest
of my life, but good. Thanks, pal. [instrumental music] [clock ticking] – Drinks tonight?
– Yes, Howard. Let’s just drink
our lives away, shall we? Okay. Ohh.. (Howard)
‘Bar, what’s up, my man?
Are you with me? Let’s do it.’ Coming. [crowd chattering] – Hi, Renaldo.
– Senorita. Ah. My dozen, please. Oh, those are quite beautiful. [instrumental music] Thank you very much. Por nada, Senorita. [tires screeching] [intense music] [gunfire] [crowd yelling] [music continues] [siren wailing] You say this happened
just after work? Yeah. What time was that? 6:15. Did you know Ms. Fredericks? No. No, I didn’t know her at all. I’m sorry, Barry. I know
how much you cared about her. – I’m quitting tomorrow.
– What? – I’m getting on with my life.
– What are you talking about? Man, what about me?
You’re not gonna quit. If I stay in that job
one more day, what do I have? What do I have? I have my pants behind a desk,
that’s what I have. We need two more of these,
please. You know, my dad said I’d never amount to much. I don’t wanna disappoint him. Look, man, I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Okay? Whatever happened today,
it was horrible but it doesn’t stop us.
We get to keep on going. What are we gonna do?
Are we gonna turn back? – Maybe.
– No. Ohh.. [instrumental music] [pottery clatters] [thunderclap] Time? The time is 12 o’clock. [whirring] I wonder what she was
thinking about. Well, not about me,
that’s for sure. [automated]
Lazy boy. [bulb crackles] [crackling] [tapping] I don’t have time for this. ‘The time is 12:01.’ [thunderclap] [dramatic music] [instrumental music] [beeping] [automated]
‘The time is 7:35.’ ‘Please wake up.’ [beeping continues] Wake up. Wake up. [buzzing] Ohh, please, I have a hangover. Lazy boy, please wake up. Please wake up. [beeping] Oh, I know. …cutting edge project by
researchers in particle physics has been shut down
by government order. Hosea? (Hosea on TV)
‘Mary, big news at
UTREL Corporation.’ ‘Researchers here working
on particle physics’ ‘believe they’ve discovered
a way to accelerate’ a subatomic particle faster
than the speed of light. Now they are using
a ground-breaking device called a super-accelerator,
but.. Come on, Hosea,
that’s old news. What about Lisa’s murder? …ordered a complete
shutdown of the project. This tool will help us
to finally define the nature of the universe and harness its energy. ‘Now, imagine a facility
this size’ ‘powering half the state of
California. It’s remarkable.’ (man on TV)
‘If we could actually
power a particle’ ‘faster than the speed of light’ the energy released
would be catastrophic. Time and space would be
shattered. ‘We’d be punched backwards
in time’ and then move forward until
the accelerator is fired again and we’re punched back again
in an endless loop like a skipping record. (Barry)
‘Right, right.’ This circular time bounce would become our prison ‘and we’d be prisoners
without memory’ ‘in a cell without a key.’ Which theory is true? (man on radio)
‘Another tune going out over
the KBRY lovers’ request..’ Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Scientist killed at work. Come on. (man on radio)
…temperatures will diminish by early next week, we may.. [instrumental music] One of us fell down last night. Oh, man,
I’m gonna be late again. Okay, I was drunk. [telephone ringing] Hello. Hi, mom, I.. I’m running late again.
How are you? Yeah, right. It’s been a real
long time since we talked. I did.
I did meet a girl. No, I don’t think
you’re gonna meet her. Because she was shot. No, not, not with cameras,
with bullets. Mom, I-I, I got to go. I’ll call you later. Okay. I was really drunk. That’s not how you
throw the ball. Pathetic.
What’s wrong with you? Talk about pathetic. [tires screeching] Ho! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Didn’t I tell you
to be more careful? – Up yours, my man.
– Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere. [instrumental music] [horn honking] [tires screeching] [cars crashing] Where are the quarterlies? Jackson’s ready to
cut your throat. On her desk. Calm down. Comb your hair.
Iron your pants. Jack, would you believe
there was nothing in the paper about Lisa Fredericks? Why? She win an award
or something? – Aah!
– Oh, Jack! Jack, I’m so sorry. – ‘Can I help? I’ll get you–‘
– ‘No! No! Thanks.’ Howard.. Damn it!
This isn’t funny. Well, look who decided
to show up. Anne, I cleaned off this whole
desk yesterday before I left. You know I’m doing you
a favor, don’t you? Keeping you on with a work
performance like yours. So, let’s just finish
the Personnel reports complete the monthly billing and clean up the desk
by the end of the day. – I did this work.
– I can see that. We both know if you wanted
to get in on time you would, right? There was
a car accident…again. Barry, Barry, Barry,
I don’t wanna fight with you and I don’t wanna be
your friend, either. So let’s just do the work. Hmm? I would hate to kick you out,
you’re one of the.. (both)
Cute ones. Ow. Did you see that? She came in here
just like it was yesterday. Yeah, you know, she had
sex one time in 1983 but she didn’t like it. Here’s the update on
the new filing system. Whoa, whoa. What, you think
I’m a cretinous moron? Why would I fall for
the same trick twice? [disk zapping] – Trick?
– The shocking disk trick. You got me with it
yesterday, hey how come Lisa Fredericks’
murder was not on TV ‘i-it was not in the newspapers,
nothing?’ Lisa’s murder? Come on, Howard, stay with me,
please. You were standing
right next to me when she was shot,
last night, right? Grr.. We talked
to the police together. We went drinking last night,
Howard. You’re supposed to remind me
I’m quitting today. Homicide, please,
Detective, uh-uh-uh.. – Kr-Kryles.
– Mm-hmm. Uh, we drank. You left. I tried to pick up the blonde,
I paid for all her drinks and she blew me off,
I went home, watched “Batman”. I called the Power Line,
gave myself a little treat No, no, no, that was
two nights ago. The blonde was two nights ago.
Y-you said you scored. Detective Kryles? Yeah? Uh, you questioned me last night about Lisa Fredericks’ murder? Lisa Fredericks. She was killed last night.
Well, I saw it. I was there. You were there.
You questioned me. [dial tone] Hello? – He hung up.. The phone.
– Well. You.. You called him,
didn’t you? – Y-you set this whole gag up.
– Yeah. Mm-hmm. No, no.. I’ll go pretty far for a joke,
Barry, but I pretty much draw the line
at covering up homicides. Dr. Fredericks,
check this out, will you? Lisa? This is fine. Why don’t you
have the other papers on my desk by noon.
Thanks again. Lisa. Yes? Barry from the lunch line. You, you kicked me..
I-I can’t get over this. I’m sorry, you must have me
mistaken with somebody else. You’re not dead.
I thought you were dead. No, I’m very much not dead
and I hope my condition continues,
goodbye. I’m just so happy
you’re alright. – Look, I’m sorry, but–
– Who is he? I really don’t know.
I don’t know you. – Cigarette?
– No, thanks. Goodbye. – Shall we get this over with?
– Shall we? Ms. Jackson,
we all make mistakes. – Just correct it. Good day.
– Absolutely. – Good day.
– Dr. Moxley, rest assured.. – What’s going on?
– You gotta tell him. I had nothing to do
with it, okay? You made me look like an idiot. You are off
of technical staff. Off. – Fine.
– You will take resumes. And file resumes.
That’s it. Howard, from now on you will
handle technical staff. I can’t believe
I’m saying that. You, you bounced the head of the department’s
two assistants. An-Anne, Anne, I took care
of that yesterday. One more slip-up like this,
one more and you’re bounced, got it? – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm. [instrumental music] Bounced. [music continues] Hey, hey, hey, come on, man. Come on, man,
th-that’s my paper there. ‘Com-come on.’ [music continues] – Dr. Moxley.
– Yes? I’m Barry, Thomas.
We-we met yesterday. – Oh, you’re Thomas.
– Yes. We haven’t met. Anyway,
that matter’s taken care of. I-I heard on-on the news today
something about a time bounce. That time just stops
and goes back, and repeats. They used all my remarks
out of context. But I can’t really blame them,
because it’s very complicated. Uh, but, Dr. Moxley, I think
the time bounce has happened. Th-th-th-this day is repeating. – What an unusual thing to say.
– But I’ve seen it. Things repeating
all over the place. Mr. Thomas, if the bounce
were to happen everything would loop back
to a starting point. Your memory would also be reset along with the rest
of the universe. The fact that you think
you remember anything about it means it hasn’t happened. Don’t worry about it. – Good day.
– Uh-uh.. But.. Great. Rattled!
The whole office, rattled! You slow down the work and
we all suffer. You know that. Right. Right. I’m sorry about the way
I came at you this morning. It must have been
a bit of a shock, huh? Are you assuming this
morning’s encounter has made us friends, and we’re now gonna
have a conversation? No! No, no, no. God no. That’s
the last thing on my mind. Good. Can I have some string
beans and rice, please, Rico. I just hate meeting new and interesting
and attractive people. Don’t you even think of starting
up a conversation with me. Can I please have
some macaroni? – Yes, sir.
– Thank you. I’m sorry.
I didn’t catch your name. Me? Uh, Barry.
Barry Thomas. Would you…like to have
lunch with me today? Well I’m, I’m sure you’re very
nice, but I just don’t think so. Aw, come on, I’ll make it
worth your while. – How’s that?
– Well, I’ll pay for your lunch. I promise not to spit food
in your face or make silly noises
with my lips, thank you. What do you say? Okay. – Thank you.
– Help. I’m strictly into theory.
No grease stains. The physical world is just
too disappointing. Yeah, but to get your hands
dirty and use your mind and create the thing, that’s
the exciting part, isn’t it? Things do not always work out
the way you want them to, Barry. Lisa, you shouldn’t be
picking up men at lunch. You don’t know
where they’ve been. Joan, this is Barry.
Please eat something. – You’re getting mean.
– He’s not wearing any rings. – Wow.
– You are. Oh, relax.
Her sister gave it to her. She’s available, aside from
dinner with me tonight her schedule’s pretty open. Well, on that very subtle and private note.. You’re not gonna make
that dinner. Oh, yes, I am, ’cause Joan will
murder me if I flake out on her. – Again.
– It was only twice. – ‘Okay.’
– No, no. I-I mean you’re not gonna make.. …that dinner tonight. Why not? This day is repeating. The time bounce has happened. Right after work at 6:15
you go across the street to buy some flowers,
and you’re…shot. I’ve already seen it.
You-you got to believe me. People are saying the same
things that they said to me yesterday,
they’re doing the same things. The news has the same story. It’s all happening again
the same way. Okay, prove it.
Point something out. Okay. – Uh.
– Oh. [sneezes] I haven’t been
paying attention. Alright. I’ll make it easier.
What do I do next? Your beeper goes off, a-and
then you get up and you leave. Well, I hope you’ve had fun
with your little games. Why don’t you call me
when you grow up. You have to believe me.
You get shot two times. [dramatic music] Uh, can I help you? Uh, Personnel.
Uh, going to see Dr. Moxley. He’s expecting me. – Okay. Fine. Go ahead.
– Thank you. [music continues] (Lisa)
‘Looks like it’s contained.
Just in that one seal.’ (Dr. Moxley)
Just one seal.. (Lisa)
‘So this means we can’t shut
the accelerator down today.’ (Denk)
‘But, Lisa, we don’t
have a choice.’ ‘We’ve got to keep the
accelerator fully operational’ ‘until we can get this
situation under control.’ (Lisa)
‘You know this could have been
a catastrophe, if one more seal’ ‘had broken he would’ve
irradiated the entire lab.’ …perfect condition, I don’t
understand what happened. A terrible embarrassment for me,
we tell him it’s safe and now we can’t dismantle
the core for at least two weeks. I’ll get a clean-up crew
on this immediately. I’m sorry, Thadius. It’s not your fault, Lisa. Forty years something’s gone
wrong with every damned project
I’ve ever worked on. Well, you’re bound
for a change, then. ‘Maybe the next project
will hit.’ No, this is the last project
I’m gonna supervise. The way the press
is handling this.. …I can’t take any
further disappointments. ‘Why don’t you check
the other seals.’ No clean-up until
10 a.m. tomorrow. I’ll go check those other seals
and structures now. Wait a minute, will you?
I’ll examine them. – I’ll determine what happened.
– No, let her do it. Thadius, it’s my job. One more seal breaks,
and we’ll all be reading at night by our own glow. This is my department.
Thadius. – ‘I can handle this.’
– I want her to do it! (Denk)
‘Thadius, I have been in
with this project’ ‘since the very beginning,
it is my expertise–‘ (Moxley)
‘You’ve caused
enough problems..’ How did you get in here? [Barry stammering] I want security down here
immediately. Security, accelerator room. ‘Right away, please.’ Take those files to level three,
and call Mr. Stevens. I need to speak to him
by 4 o’clock and get me some coffee,
some fresh…coffee. Surprise.
Employee of the month. You trespass into the highest
level security area. You accost three heads
of the project and I’m supposed to explain it. I like you, Barry.
I really do. You’re fired. Give me your ID,
and clean out your office by the end of today. [scoffs] You know what’s funny? If today was really today I would have quit by now. Hey, sorry, man. Yeah, well, stuff happens. What’s up? They fire you? Will you believe me
if I tell you something that sounds impossible? W-well, yeah. Lisa Fredericks is going
to be murdered today at 6:15. This whole day is repeating.
We’re in a time bounce. Okay, uh.. – Did you tell this to anyone?
– Yes! Okay, that’s why they fired you. It’s okay. You’re stressed out.
We can explain it. You have deja vu or vertigo,
or something. But-but they have laws
against this, don’t they? Th-they won’t,
they can’t fire you. Howard…up yours. Uh.. Sorry, man. Dr. Fredericks, please. Well, will you have her
call Barry Thomas please, extension 322? I-it’s urgent. [instrumental music] [crowd chattering] Lisa! Lisa! Your ID, sir. I.. Sir, I can’t let you
in there without ID. [dramatic music] – Hi, Renaldo.
– ‘Senorita.’ – Como esta?
– Good. – Do you have my roses?
– Ah, si, si, si. Hey, Bar, hold it, man?
What.. What’s up? – No..
– What’s going on, man? Talk to me. [tires squealing] Lis.. Get down! [gunfire] [gunfire] Oh, this can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. [siren wailing] Uh, I guess I-I came out
before Barry when I– Excuse me, sir.
Are you Barry Thomas? Alright, detective,
do you believe me now? I’m gonna have to ask you
to come to the precinct to answer some questions,
please. – What?
– Wa.. Hold on a second. He already gave a statement. We were across the street
together and.. He, uh, I mean,
he didn’t do anything. He called me this morning to tell me about her murder. Now do you wanna
go to jail, too? [instrumental music] [rumbling] [intense music] [beeping] [whirring] [music continues] [Barry sighs] [thunder rumbling] – This day’s about to repeat.
– Yeah, no kidding, biff. They’re all about
the same around here. My god!
But what if it doesn’t? I want another chance! Hey, no more chances, man. You’re doing time now. [thunderclap] [eerie music] [beeping] The time is 7:30.. [instrumental music] Okay. Today I save her. Well, look who decided
to show up. Anne, you’re absolutely right. ‘If I wanted to be here
on time, I would.’ So I’ll finish
the Personnel reports complete the monthly billing and clean off my desk
by the end of the day. You don’t wanna
fight with me, Anne. You also don’t wanna be
my friend either. So why kick me out
when I’m so damn cute? Mm-hmm. – Howard.
– What? Get rid of that stain. Hm? That’s good work, man. You almost prevented her
from talking…entirely. You don’t remember a thing
about yesterday, do you? What’s to remember, man?
We had some drinks. I picked up the blonde
after you left. – No. She blew you off.
– Yeah. You went home.
You watched “Batman.” – What?
– Howard. I wanna explain something to you but you’re not gonna believe me
so just trust me. I need to talk to Dr. Moxley. He’s gonna be here
in about 30 seconds but first I have to talk
to Lisa out in the hallway. So, when Moxley gets here,
I want you to keep him here. – You got it? Good.
– Hold on. Dr. Moxley, the head
of the department– That’s the one. Yes. How do you know that? Trust me. I know. [disk zapping] [grunts] Jeff! Lisa, the time bounce.. – Yes?
– Is a fascinating theory. Don’t you think? Excuse me. Who are you? Oh, I’m Barry…Thomas. Well, you seem to know your name
very well and you seem to know– Look, I-I know you’re in
a hurry, a-and I don’t mean to sound forward, but I’m having
lunch in the cafeteria at 12:30. Personally, I hate meeting
new and interesting and attractive people,
I’d much rather eat by myself but if we have to,
if we have to isn’t it better to discuss
how wonderful theory is and how disappointing
the physical world can be? Wow. That’s quite
a qualified pickup line. Tell me about it, I’ve been
working on it for two days– – Enjoy your very nice morning.
– Morning, Lisa. – Morning.
– So please, 12:30. Okay? Don’t forget. – Who is that?
– I have no idea. – Cigarette?
– She doesn’t smoke. You’ve been worked here
for what? Four years now? Pay attention. – How’d you know about Moxley?
– Moxley was already here? Barry, you made me
look like an idiot. You are off of
technical staff. Off! I know. I know all about it. Uh, Dr. Moxley? Oh, Bill. You wanted
to see me about.. Joan, I need the isotope studies
from Dr. Morgenrau. – John. Hi.
– Oh, yes. Doctor Fredericks. Should let us fire it just once,
don’t you think? If we’re right,
we disprove Einstein. That’s pretty
ground-breaking work. Of course it is. Look, it’s been
three years of my life. What are we supposed to do,
break the law? Some people would. Look, they told us to pull
the plug, and we’re pulling it. Don’t make this more difficult
than it already is. – Okay. Oh, by the way.
– Okay. I saw some coolant studies
in the lab. They look like yours. That’s funny. I thought
I brought them all back. Oh, Bert, I’m sorry I snapped. – It’s not about you.
– It’s alright. Forget it. Oh, Marilyn. Do you have
those papers I needed? I’ll have them this afternoon.
Soon enough? Yeah, fine. Thank you. [intense music] Shut up. I believe you wanted
the string beans. They’re quite excellent today. You are a very unusual person. So wait a second.
What do you do again? Well, I used to
work in Personnel now I’m just sort of trying
to figure out my life. You’re changing jobs? No, no, the job is
the same every morning. I-I want to show you something. Look over there. In the lunch line there. You see those two people? ‘They’re about to
bump into each other.’ Oh. And that woman right there? She’s gonna sneak an olive off
the salad bar. See that guy…right there? ‘He’s gonna sneeze.’ Uh-choo.. – Okay, you’re psychic.
– No. No, I’m just learning
to appreciate the moment. It seems to be
all I have anymore. Do you believe in
second chances? No. Um, no, I don’t. What if…what if the
time bounce really happened and you had a second chance
to know someone someone you watched
from a distance and then got closer to? Someone you talked to once and really got to know. Like…what their
favorite flower was. Like red roses. Well, you could have
seen me buy them. Your ring? Your sister gave you that ring. Joan sat there yesterday
and told me. She…is supposed
to be here today but something happened,
she’s not here. I told her I had a lunch date.
This is very weird. Look, you’re a scientist.
Let-let’s talk theory. Okay? The time bounce
must have hap– (Anne)
Barry. Oh, excuse me, Dr. Fredericks. I’ve just had a complaint that Mr. Thomas here was seen
in your office this morning. What? Look, I was passing by
and I saw Denk go in to your office
a-a-and he was looking– What were you doing
in my office? I don’t– I am so sorry,
if I had known about this I would have had him
fired immediately. Look. I made a time map
of everything that– I’d like an answer
to what you were doing– Right up to 6:15.
You go across the street– I’m not interested. I know this sounds crazy,
but you’re killed. – You’re shot. I’ve see–
– You are fired. You have one hour, one hour
to clean out your desk. – Fine. I’ll do it–
– Yes, or I will call security. – You are fired. Get out.
– Goodbye. Your beeper’s about to go off. Ohh, Dr. Fredericks,
I am so sorry. Oh. Well…what a disappointment. Actually, I didn’t hire him. He was here when I came. [pager beeping] [instrumental music] – Hey, man, sorry about the job.
– Thanks, Jack. Hey, what happened, man?
Did she fire you? I need a yellow utility
worker badge. – You got one?
– What? You don’t.. Listen, man, I wanna have
children. Okay? Stay out of my stuff. Okay?
Jackson will castrate me. Look, she doesn’t come back
until 1:20 that’s when she fired me
yesterday. We got four minutes. So, the air conditioning
repair guy he goes back into
the Science Wing at 1:40. That’s 24 minutes from now. If you could just whip me up one
of those work requisition orders I could just fake my way
through. Okay? No, I don’t know..
People can die of stress, Barry. It happens.
It’s happening to me. Well, what are you doing,
you redecorating, I’m about to be blacklisted, I’ll have
to be a crossing guard at a feminist camp
for the rest of my life. (Annette)
‘Yes, Ms. Jackson.’ Oh, God. I’m..
We-we’re done. And call Mr. Stevens, I need
to speak to him by 4 o’clock. And get me some coffee,
some fresh coffee. (Anne)
‘Uh! Oh!’ Oh, Ms. Jackson,
what happened? Annette, what did you
do to my chair? I don’t understand. Promise me one thing, alright,
that your just not gonna have a large furry pungent
bear-child coming streaming out
of your chest. – Just promise me.
– ‘Promise!’ Hey, how ya doin’,
I’ve to repair an air conditioning unit
for Dr. Specter. Where’s your uniform? Hey, they told me
to carry a window. They didn’t tell me that the
paint was wet. Right? You know? – They’ll get me another one.
– Alright. Go ahead. Thanks. [indistinct chattering] [clears throat] I have an air conditioning
repair for a Dr. Moxley. This says Dr. Specter’s office. Oh, Moxley, Specter.
What’s the difference? All these offices
are interconnected. It could be a 100 degrees
in there tomorrow morning. Just sign this. I don’t understand
what happened. This is a terrible
embarrassment for me. We tell them it’s safe,
and now we can’t dismantle the core for another two weeks. I’ll get a clean up
on this immediately. (Barry)
‘Let’s go, Denk. Come on.’ This is Robert Denk. We broke an isotope seal
in the core. I need a cleanup crew
immediately. Alright. Clear a cleanup crew
for tomorrow at 10 a.m. Ahh, come on, Lisa. Get your butt out here. What’s up? Come into my office. (Denk)
‘Stay off of hardware.
That’s my business.’ I’ll take responsibility. You’ll not take responsibility! (Lisa)
‘Thadius has asked me
to check on your work.’ ‘Now, we have equal
status around here–‘ (Denk)
‘Damn it!’ Let me do what I do well,
and we won’t have any problems. You’re not doing
very well today. (Denk)
‘Do not jeopardize
the time I put in here.’ ‘Is that clear?’ Don’t interfere with my work. – I’m warning you.
– Don’t you threaten me. Get out of my office! Now! (Denk)
‘Fine.’ What are you
doing in my office? Uh, air conditioning repair. Nothing to worry about though. Good thing I was here. Your office would’ve been ‘a sauna by tomorrow morning.’ I’ve got an air conditioning
repair for, uh, Dr. Specter. Yeah. right, uh, yes,
somebody’s already here. That’s impossible. They just
called me 30 minutes ago. And I just got here. We might have
an illegal entry. Two minutes of your time,
please. (Lisa)
‘What are you doing here?’ – No, no, no, no, no.
– Security. No, listen to me,
the accelerator’s going to be fired tonight. It’s impossible.
We’re dismantling it. We’re dismantling it
because the seal has broken. How do you know that?
That’s classified information. Look, go check the computer. Someone is delaying you
on purpose. ‘They sabotaged it
so it can’t be dismantled.’ ‘So now they can fire it
tonight.’ Please check the computer. If I am wrong I will be happy to throw myself out of your office. Please. – Okay.
– Please. I should have
clearance for this. You see that? They’re trying to keep the information hidden. There’s a file
I don’t use anymore. Mathematical theory that should still be linked
to the accelerator. Oh, my god. I’ve been trying to tell
you now for two days. (female over PA)
we have a security alert’ ‘for all Science divisions.’ ‘Please detain a worker
with paperwork for Dr. Specter.’ Guess who.
I got to get out of here. Look, don’t.
I can explain it to them. You’re gonna explain it to ’em,
what are you going to say? That the day’s repeating?
Believe me. It’s not gonna work.
I’ve tried it before. Just meet me out by the front
entrance at 6 o’clock. Don’t do anything.
Don’t talk to anybody. Okay? 6 o’clock. We’ve got him.
Code 4. Section B. – Heading into the main way!
– Hey, watch it. – Move!
– Hey. Hey, you’re under arrest. – Hey, stop!
– He’s gonna get away. – Hold it, mister! Hold it!
– Hold it right there! Hold it! Hold it! Buddy!
He’s in a brown four-door. Call the main gate. Yes? It’s me. Look, we may have a problem. Fredericks is working
with someone. I don’t know! I may need some help
in this. Good. When you find him,
you know what to do. Alright. (male staff)
‘Okay, um..
I’ll see you tomorrow.’ Stay there.
Stay there, Lisa. No. [intense music] Thank you.
Oh.. No! Oh, my god! I told you I’m not crazy. Get up. Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go! ‘Call the police!’ Don’t you move! – You alright?
– I don’t know. Oh, God. What did you do
after I left the office? What? – I–
– What did you do? I copied the evidence
against Denk. On to a disk? – Yeah.
– Have you got it? No. I left my briefcase. Oh, God. [tires screeching] Oh, God. [Lisa screaming]
Watch out! [screaming]
No! Hold on. Move it!
Back it up! Get it out of there! [dramatic music] We’d better call Washington
or the police or somebody. There’s no phone in there. – I’m sorry?
– My mom’s idea. The old man brings
his mobile anyway, you know. – What?
– Eh, you know. There’s no phone,
there’s no disk. What are we supposed to do? Mail in a complaint? We have time.
We’ll think of something. Oh, it’s, it’s beautiful. You know, the last time
I was in the woods I was nine years old. I was burying my pet canary and I, I made a gravestone
out of a paper plate. And I wrote on it “Fly to heaven.” I haven’t told
anyone that in…20 years. Why do you remember? What makes you different
from the rest of us? I don’t know. My memory’s
not that great anyway. I don’t know. Something happened to you,
or-or you did something. What, what did you do
that first night? Well, after you got shot,
I got drunk. Came home.
I knocked a bunch of stuff over. I collapsed in bed
and I woke up. – It was the same day.
– No, you’re missing something. No, that’s it.
Believe me. My life is that exciting. You drove through
something unusual. You were near metal or
a chemical or something. You were hit by lightning.
Come on now. Use your mind. Okay, alright-alright. I-I collapsed in bed my-my clock said 12:01 and I got a shock. – A shock?
– Yeah. My lamp was broken.
There were some loose wires. I tried to fix it,
but it was plugged in. ‘I lit up
like a Christmas tree.’ And then? Then…it was morning. There’s a theory. Scott’s theory has a corollary that says consciousness exists
separate from the time bounce. You could’ve gotten
that bad shock just when the first
bounce happened. Then maybe it changed
your energy level. It pushed you
out of the loop just enough so that you can remember. I bet you that’s it! Lucky me. Barry, I’m-I’m sorry. No, no. It’s.. I mean, you saved my life. Self-interest. I.. I’ve been watching you out of my office
for such a long time. The other day,
I gathered up the nerve to actually speak to you. I made a fool out of myself. But I thought, “Hey,
I’ll-I’ll have another chance to speak to you someday, right?” But then you…well.. – We spoke?
– Yeah. Yeah, we did. How was I? You were great.
You were very nice. You threw me
out of your office. I’m sorry. I, I guess I was having a bad day. That next morning
when I saw you…alive.. …I realized
I had a second chance. A chance to save you. [instrumental music] – I’m sorry.
– Hey, hey. I’m not going to
let you die again. – Hi.
– Hi. You know, I’m usually
not this type of guy. I’m supposed to say that. What time is it? Oh, my god.
It’s 12 o’clock. No, we’ve got to do something. There’s no time. Quick. Tell-tell me
what your favorite color is. – What?
– Just-just.. What’s your favorite color? – Green.
– Uh, your favorite food. – Smoked oysters.
– Your favorite number. – 37-point-1.
– Favorite music. – That’s hard.
– No, come on. Just tell me. – I’m embarrassed.
– What is it? The Carpenters. The Carpenters. You got to be kidding. Lisa, I love you. [dramatic music] [thunderclap] [automated]
‘The time is 7:35.’ ‘Please wake up.’ 9:17, Lisa’s in corridor
with Denk. Lights cigarette. 9:25, Denk goes through Lisa’s office. 12:30, lunch with Lisa. Mom, I’ll call you back.
The day’s repeating. One o’clock,
Lisa’s beeper goes off. 1:40.. You’re pathetic. That’s not
how you throw the ball. What’s wrong with you? [tires screeching] Well, look who decided
to show up. Oh, Anne, don’t get
your panties in a bunch. If you just left us alone
the work could get done. But no, you’re
so damn invasive that no one could concentrate
around here. So, just stop assuming that
we’re all idiots and don’t you judge people
by how cute they are. Well.. …this is what I get
for covering for you all these years. Thank you. It might be time to take a look into your performance record. You do that. Well, nice knowing you, Barry. (Lisa)
‘Excuse me. Barry.’ – Lisa.
– Yeah, I’m a little confused. How do you,
how do you know me? Okay, I know you like it compact
without the crap so here we go. I’m gonna tell you something that sounds impossible but then I’m gonna back it up with some facts. The time bounce has happened. And we have met before.
Three times now. And you’ve told me that
your favorite food is oysters. And your favorite number
is 37-point-1. And your favorite music
is The Carpenters even though I think
you could do better. Now, Denk has been illegally
firing the accelerator. You’re gonna find that out
later this afternoon. Then you’re gonna transfer that
proof on to a computer disk. Now, here’s where it gets
a little sticky. I’ve seen you shot, twice now.
Because of that disk. But yesterday-yesterday
I was able to save you. But then the time bounce happens and-and I wind up here
at the beginning of each day with my memory intact. You see, I’m the only one who remembers anything around here. I made you a time map. You just sit back and watch the whole day unfold. It’s 9:15 now. – Lisa?
– Thadius. – ‘Barry Thomas?’
– Yes, doctor. I’ve gotten your memos. You, too, Lisa.
Are we all losing assistants? Uh, actually, I– Dr. Moxley your two assistants are back on the computer. They’ll have their passes
back by lunchtime. Thadius, Barry– Dr. Fredericks was nice enough to explain the whole thing
to me. Weren’t you, Dr. Fredericks? I appreciate that, Lisa. Dr. Moxley, you look great
on TV. Anne Jackson– Anne, Dr. Moxley’s
a very busy man. I don’t think he has the time
to listen to you suck up to him. It’s sad. Dr. Moxley, if you ever
have a problem please, come to me personally not to my low-level staff. Well, everything seems to be
under control. Thank you, Lisa.
I’ll see you at the 9:30. – Good day.
– Good day. Good day. Howard! Look. Over there. See that? He-he’s about
to light his cigarette. ‘He’s met you in the hallway
these past few mornings.’ But today he can’t ’cause
you’re here with me. What we have to do is keep Denk from finding out about the computer disk. So today I’ll take all the information, alright? I-I can’t just accept this. The epitaph
on your canary’s grave you made when you
were nine years old was on a paper plate and it said “Fly to heaven.” [computer beeping] [dramatic music] Oh, my god. [telephone ringing] Personnel. Oh, yes, sir. ‘Why, yes, they are.’ Excuse me? Okay. – I don’t think so.
– You trust me. You may not realize it yet but you trust me. Now, let’s meet out by the front
entrance in a half-hour. Okay? Okay. Big daddy,
that was great. How did you do that, man? Shake it, baby.
Shake it. Barry, I want you
in my office immediately. Relax, Anne.
I’m quitting. Okay? It’s something I should’ve
done a long time ago. No, no, no, no, Barry. Dr. Moxley just called. – You’re under arrest.
– Well, what for? For stealing classified
computer information. Come this way, please. Hey. Howard.. – Marital status.
– ‘Single.’ – And occupation.
– I don’t know. What time is it? (Barry)
‘Just put down unemployed.’ Hey, at least it’s not
murder this time, right? Social security number. Really, you should learn
to type. I mean, we may be
doing this for years. Well, I could always
start again in six hours. Hello. How are you? Thomas. You made bail. You guys got nothing on me.
It’s a bum beef. Hey. There are second chances. Yes, sir.
That’ll be fine. How did you get the money
to bail me out? Don’t-don’t even ask
why I’m doing this. Okay? I don’t even know her. You’re not killed today!
That’s great news! Barry, um.. Look, we.. You really like me a lot.
You just can’t remember it. You know I’d love to stick
around but that would be a lie. Barry, call me when
your insanity clears up. Close the door.
Get-get in. I don’t mean to be realistic
about this or anything but shouldn’t we call
like a professional to take care of this? Howard…look, we got to
think of something. He-he’s going to fire
that thing tonight. I may be back in the hamster
wheel. You’re gonna– The police
kept the computer disk. Okay great. We call the police. They’ll come here
and take care of it. It’s out of their jurisdiction. We need Washington,
and we don’t have any proof. We need to get back
in that building. Is there any way
to get us back in? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. The accelerator needs
a two-hour warm-up period before it can fire. And that means he’d start it,
uh, in three hours. If we can get security
to tape the lab through their
surveillance cameras we could get the proof that we need, we could stop them. – Pay the lady.
– What? I don’t have any money.
Barry? You know, we had
a lot more fun last night. – We did?
– Yeah. We took a walk in the woods. Then we sat by a fire. We sat by a fire? Yeah. Are you saying
that you.. That we.. I mean,
did you get lucky? Oh, my god,
you got lucky. You got lucky, too. It wasn’t just me. This is so strange. I know, but it was
also tremendous. Oh, the earth moved. Want to step
in the alley, please? Let’s go.
You, too. Move. ‘Over there.’ These are the guys that
have been killing you. Where are the other disks? – Who are you?
– Shut up. Oh, come on. Why don’t you
just leave– Listen to the question. Did you make any more disks? Excuse me, sir,
I’m not really a part of this. Shut up. You.. There-there’s no reason
to have me here. Shut up! There are no other disks. I’m sorry. Barry, you tell them that-that ‘I don’t have anything to do
with this.’ With anything, okay? Any information I would give would be useless, okay? I-I don’t know anything. Oh, my god! [intense music] Hurry up! [gunshot] (Lisa)
Help! Check down there. I’m sorry about
your friend, Barry. I-I know you cared about him. That’s funny. He said the same thing to me when you were killed. (henchman #1)
‘Nothing.’ – What?
– I didn’t leave a light on. Lisa.. – Thadius is in that house.
– What? (Robert)
‘I’m sorry I wasn’t able
to tell you this before’ but six months ago the justice department asked me to help them in their
investigation of Thadius. Why are you
investigating Thadius? Because they suspected he’d broken safety regulations trying to get the accelerator up and running on budget. What are you talking about? Lisa, he was the one who broke those seals today
to stop the dismantling. Moxley broke those seals? – That’s right.
– Uh-huh. And we don’t know
what else he might do. I think we better
talk to him. I don’t think so. I’m afraid I’m gonna need you as material witnesses. Shall we? Okay. – Thadius, what are you doing?
– I’m sorry, Thadius. It’s over. – Thank God, Lisa, you’re–
– Thadius. Now, Robert, you’re not gonna
fire that accelerator tonight. ‘It’s much too dangerous.’ What are you talking about? ‘It’s true, Robert.’ Your name
is down in the computers authorizing the firing sequence for tonight. That’s impossible. Dr. Moxley,
with all due respect what are you doing
in my house? I’m sorry but I’d hoped
to find another disk with the proof
against him. ‘He crashed
the mainframe computer at work’ ‘before I could
retrieve anything.’ He’s lying. Who were you waiting for? Who were those two men in
the truck you were talking to? Who are they? Hello, Ted? It’s me. – ‘Where the hell are your men?’
– Who are you talking to? Don’t move! I’m just, uh, taking off
my coat, okay? Oh, thank God, you made
the right choice. He set me up. Don’t you understand? The accelerator is going to
be a $50 billion industry in five years. He doesn’t care about you! Thadius, you said– I said what I had to. Sometimes you do
what’s wrong to do what’s right. ‘I’m sorry.’ No! Oh! I truly am sorry. [automated]
‘The time is 7:35.’ – ‘Please wake up.’
– You bastard. What kind of a man are you? I can’t believe it. You shot her and him and me in cold blood! Well, that’s it, pal.
You’re finished. No more hamster wheel for me, you slimy son of a.. [screams] [automated]
‘The time is 7:35.’ ‘Please wake up.’ ‘Please wake..’ (Mary)
‘This cutting edge project’ ‘by researchers
in particle physics’ ‘has been shut down by
government order. Hosea?’ (Hosea)
‘Mary, big news
at UTREL Corporation.’ ‘Researchers here working
on particle physics’ ‘believe they’ve discovered
a way to accelerate..’ [telephone ringing] Hi, mom. No, we haven’t spoken
in a while. Yes, I have met a girl. [sighs] I just don’t think
it’s gonna work out. Tell me, mom. What? What’s all that matters? Yeah? All that matters
is how it feels? It does.
It.. It feels right. Yeah, you said it.
Nothing good comes easy. Mom, I’m-I’m running late but I, uh, I promise
I’ll call you later, okay? I love you, too. Bye, mom. You’re pathetic. That’s not how
you throw the ball. What’s wrong with you? Treat them with respect. They are human beings. You know,
you’re not such a bad guy when you get to know you. What the hell are you doing? I know who you are. You’re helping the justice
department catch Moxley. And I want to blow him
out of the water. You want to help? – Morning.
– Morning. (Robert)
‘Come in.’ Robert, what is this?
I’ve got a report. You, uh..
You better sit down. Barry here
has something to tell you. The time bounce has happened. Excuse me? The time bounce.
We’re in it. The Earth has stopped
as we know it. ‘Children don’t grow up,
people don’t stay dead.’ We’ll never have another holiday and you’ll never see
another flower bloom. What are you talking about? And I’ve fallen in love
with a beautiful young lady and, so far, I could only
see her for a few hours and it breaks my heart to meet her every morning
a stranger. ‘You see, I want her every day.’ ‘I want her
to grow old with me.’ That’s why life
is so precious because time passes. Who is this.. Who’s this girl? 37-point-1. Oysters. Green. The Carpenters. Fly to heaven. [instrumental music] Alright, look.
We play the day as normal. When he goes to warm up
the accelerator tonight I’ll call for backup,
you two will be out of it. And it’ll be over. ‘Cause if I wake up tomorrow and it’s today I’ll kill myself. Well, look
who decided to show up. I am Robert Denk,
and this is Dr. Fredericks. Oh, yes, well. Of course I knew
that. And may I say what a– Ms. Jackson,
we need more men like Barry. He’s an excellent worker and we would like you
to treat him accordingly. Sorry? – Barry?
– Yeah. I’d like that evaluation report of Ms. Jackson
on my desk by noon. Sure thing. Evaluation? Oh, we are like this. Hey! Howard, you’re alive. What’re you talking about, man? I wasn’t in the bathroom
that long, was I? – Huh!
– Oh! Oh, oh, I’m sorry. – I’m sorry.
– Careful, guys. Oh! Oh, Jack. Oh, Jack, I’m..
I’m so sorry. [whirring] (Thadius)
‘This is a terrible
embarrassment for me.’ We told them we’re safe
and now we can’t dismantle the core for at least two weeks. Well, no one was hurt. The radiation is contained
in the core. I think people will understand. I’m gonna double-check
on those seals for you, Robert. Thank you, Lisa. Thadius, I take
full responsibility. I’ll get a clean-up crew and I’ll deal with
the press immediately. Well.. I admire your attitudes. [instrumental music] [keyboard keys clacking] [computer buzzing] (woman on phone)
‘Dr. Moxley?’ No disturbances.
Thank you. [keyboard keys clacking] [computer buzzing] [dramatic music] [keyboard keys clacking] [computer buzzing] [dramatic music] [keyboard keys clacking] [computer buzzing] [keyboard keys clacking] [computer buzzing] [indistinct chatter] It’s just, I’m an individual who really loves red roses. – May I?
– Senorita. Hi, Renaldo. I got it. I got it. – Really?
– Yeah. It’s my pleasure. [car beeps] [door slams] [engine cranking] [car door opens] (Robert)
‘Hey, what the hell do you–‘ [muffled gunshot] [music on radio] Thank you. Are you aware that coffee
is one of the five all-time great smells
in the world? – No.
– Well, it is. Then you have, um,
home-baked sourdough bread. Opening day
at Wrigley field. New shoes. Fresh roses. Rain. Your perfume. Um.. I don’t know what’s happened
the other days but I-I think
we just have to take it a little slower this time,
okay? It’s too late for that. I’ve died for you already. [radio music continues] I gotta get used to this. It’ll work out, you know? It already has. (man on radio)
‘And now for the local news.’ ‘A man identified
as Robert Denk’ ‘research scientist
at UTREL Corporation’ ‘was found murdered
this evening.’ The victim was discovered
in his.. [dramatic music] Moxley hasn’t
changed the codes. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. – Dr. Fredericks?
– Yes. – You must be Barry Thomas.
– Hello, how are you? We’ll have to ask you
to step inside. You’re wanted in connection
with Dr. Denk’s murder. – What?
– ‘Dr. Moxley’s orders.’ Listen, fellas, it has been a really tough week. – It has been all Tuesdays.
– Sir– I have already been
killed today. – Sir, I understand.
– ‘Twice. So please.’ – Stop giving me a hard time.
– Mr. Thomas– Because I’m gonna have to come
back here in the morning.. Sir, there’s no need to– and make sure that you’re fired before we get here tonight. Don’t think I can’t do it. I am in Personnel. [alarm blaring] Please give her the gun. Please. ‘You guys don’t seem
to get it.’ ‘I wake up every morning
clutching the pillow’ and it’s not Lisa,
and Jack still gets hit with the coffee! So, please, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to step inside. Go. Now. Move it. One, two, three, let’s go. [alarm blaring] [beep] [keyboard keys clacking] So much for the surprise visit. [dramatic music] [beep] [beeping] How about a little
something special at 11:59? [keyboard keys clacking] Okay. [music continues] Hold it.
Give me the gun. Thadius, you can’t
fire the accelerator. – Why are you trying to stop me?
– The time bounce has happened. You know what they’re asking me
to do is wrong, Lisa. – You know that–
– Listen to me, Thadius. The time bounce,
it’s real. Go ahead. Fifteen years ago they stopped work on my superconductor. Thadius, you’re not listening. Ten years to, to design a phase-gravitational field. – The Germans beat me by–
– The time bounce has happened. And now they’re gonna dismantle
my accelerator before it has– It doesn’t work! No! No, I have no more time. Thadius, it doesn’t work. Go ahead, get up there. Go on. Go on. [dramatic music] [beeping] [whirring] Is there an abort switch
on that thing? There’s a yellow button. Please, don’t. – Ah!
– Barry! – Are you okay? Oh, my god.
– ‘Ahh! That’s alright.’ Hey, doc, tomorrow
I may shoot you first. I’ll just keep coming back
till I get it right. [alarm blaring] (Barry)
‘Got you
a little surprise, doc.’ [automated message]
‘Warning. Power fluctuation
now at 30%.’ – ‘Did it abort?’
– ‘No.’ – ‘Is there any way to stop it?’
– No. He disconnected it. Damn it! Damn it, get away from there!
Get away! [beeping] No! [grunting] Ahh! [grunting] – I can’t get it!
– I’ll get it. (Lisa)
‘There’s not enough time.
We’ll never make it.’ We’ll make it. We’ll make it.
We have to make it. This is it, no more,
no more second chances. – Ohh!
– Oh! [grunting] [beeping] [groaning] [Thadius screaming] No! [explosion] [beeping] [machinery whirring] My god. Lisa, I love you. [beep] [instrumental music] It’s Wednesday. It’s Wednesday. Don’t move! Don’t move! Yes, sir. This man’s been shot.
Call an ambulance. – Who are you?
– I’m, I’m Dr. Fredericks. Dr. Moxley tried to fire
the accelerator illegally. He tried to kill us. That’s not what we were told. – You’re under arrest.
– ‘We have proof!’ Put the cuffs on them.
Read them their rights. We’re under arrest. How about that? We’re under arrest. Every minute will be brand-new. We’ll never know
what will happen next. I know what will happen next. You do? [instrumental music] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues] [music continues]

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