2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Utility Custom Truck

we’re here for the debut of the Colorado zr2 but we’re also seeing some very cool support vehicles with me right now Todd hubber ride and handling engineer at General Motors look why are you here for the Colorado zr2 so that’s a good story I’m actually a ride handling engineer with a small car program to Jim but because of all my extensive experience with the Hummer and the h3 I got pulled in on this great program as a subject matter expert for the rock crawling aspect of this here too so I think we remember you from the h3t in particular which was a great truck we had it but now doesn’t exist anymore correct so talk to us about this vehicle this looks pretty special it’s pretty cool we we started this thing off it was a year to end a camp vehicle that was used for a lot of the development and as some of the newer pre-production models rolled in this freed up for us to do some cool things we started off by putting a one-inch body lift and some bigger 33 inch dirt track tires on it and there looks familiar those are what are those those are at h3 total AG so we built some frame extensions bolted those right in as a recovery point added a whole new cross member support for a recovery receiver hitch for a winch recovery hardwired the winch also put a hole here for a flag rack and when you go ahead over legs and do’s and yeah you like to keep the shields or Custer’s our stock everything else is Doc’s ear – so what kind of parts and pieces do you keep inside well right now we have a Afrojack toolbox in all our tool bags and we’re joking phase 2 of this project we’re going to have some custom storage units back there to hold but this is what I can talk about this oh you got a VR – 33 inch tires but this is a service can so it’s got you can put anything with the service body we actually recovered it from the parking lot at work it was used for some testing kind of love to die so yeah all sorts of compartments for ratchet straps and what are these I noticed that we made some custom where you want to maintain the integrity the Box off-roading so we have custom rocker guards and kind of the electrical center we added a second battery it’s tied into the alternator air compressor winch and to come are some spotlight fantastic so oh that’s excellent and we had to open up the wheel opening oh yeah I know so it’s a little bit longer this will be longer than he has two flares but lera ektu to make one but it you know it still looks like a zr2 so let’s guess again you did some custom work here on the bumper took a bumper we trimmed it off so it fit on the service body add a winch for recovery got a spare tire fair tire what’s in a safety bar with off fluids and things that we might need mileage and a spare driveshaft yeah bad idea so and so you can walk this all down this whole thing can lock down which we like to we don’t have to worry about our stuff in parking lots or whatever excellent that’s been telling ya we need thoughts about making this a production option of aux Delete on a zr2 you know I don’t I don’t think there’s any plans right now but I think you know there’d be a select few people to think like we do think it’s really cool I think you might be surprised they didn’t either he’s nothing like baby thank you very much I thank you very cool truck and well I’m sure we’ll be talking about so in the future as well – thanks for right now if you want more about this vehicle or any other pickup truck go to pickup trucks calm you

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  • jawhite991 says:

    saw a green gas cap so does that mean he was able to get the diesel on a extended cab? The online builder on Chevy's website will only let me add a Diesel to the crew cab.

  • Linamar says:

    I will take 2 , Great concept truck.

  • Matthew Schiebout says:

    That service body truck would be laughed off the floor at SEMA! GM, come one, the whole set up is so DYI!

  • Blue Horseshoe says:

    Install an engine driven welder for field work in the gas/oil pipeline industry. Field test it. And you've just unlocked a whole new niche market.

  • Erik Steele says:

    LOVE IT!! I'll take one GM!

  • Jim Perkins says:

    So 33" tires? Does that mean the offered ZR2 can handle that size? I saw a video on TFL with the chevy suspension guru saying 31's are max for it.

  • Kevin Smith says:

    Very interesting for farm and utility trucks as they do go on uneven surfaces.

  • Autos Fan says:

    This would be great for around the farm or for any remote industry like forestry – I think they'd be surprised at how this would do if marketed at the right businesses!

  • gavin gwinn says:


  • K. R. V. says:

    Wow that is so cool! I use my Colorado to tow our travel trailer and are constantly looking for storage room, secure room! I know the man said that body was hanging around just being wasted, but it is a metal box and they do weight a good amount even empty! So if I were to do such a thing as remove the bed off mine, a2016, ext cab 4×4,V6, Z71, OR trade in a while for a new ZR2 Ext Cab, (I'd like a diesel but that's not offered with the Ext Cab, you must buy a Crew Cab that makes no sense as the ext Cab is the work truck out of the two), but if I was to do such a project and had to go out and buy a new utility body, I'd buy one of the newest light weight corrosion resistant plastic/poly bodies on the market now. Sure the might cost more, but never rust, come in a variety of colors and are quieter and weighs a lot less! That would be the ultimate package for someone who has a travel trailer for exploring!

  • Nathan Day says:

    the electrical co-op world would love these

  • Uncle Fjester says:

    When Chevy engineers want a support truck for the new vehicles, it already make me question reliability.
    Reminds me of new car track days, Porsche would send a driver, driving the 911. Chevy would trailer a vette with a complete support crew.

  • Malifestro says:

    Wow that is very cool!

  • Ethan ridesbikes says:

    I'd absolutely take one of these…. Capable utilitarian vehicles. I eventually want to build my own version of this

  • Jesse Oaktrees says:

    coolest thing out! some people have crazy good imagination..

  • planbenterprise says:

    Answered that question, a one inch lift is needed to fit 33"'s.

  • Henry A. says:

    yes GM you would be surprised….. not kidding btw this needs to happen

  • stephane matis says:

    Coolest ZR2. Would love the front setup, it would answer the need for a trail winch. And the kudos for having a ZR2 without leather seats.
    And thanks for the hint on how to get 33s in there.

  • The Opinion of Matt says:

    I really like this work truck body. I expect that service people working at remote cell phone towers or along power line tracks would be the most likely people to use one of these. But as a few other people said, if it is a service truck they are probably going to want the 2.8L Duramax.

  • Brendan Kong says:

    Is that a diesel (green fuel cap)? If so, aside from the fact that he's GM, how did he manage the body lift without the fans getting in the way, and is this going to be a GM accessory?

  • House of Diesel says:

    I love my H3T Alpha for it's uniqueness and power but it's a compete pile of shit as far as body and interior fit and finish. Half of the shit is falling off it and I can't find replacement parts.

  • YotaTRD 5.7 says:

    Dude this is perfect for servicing cell towers out in the field. I will never have to worry about getting stuck again. There are a lot of spots where my 4×4 van is just too big and I will be buying one

  • 1978JWJ says:

    make it a quad cab with a rugged basic interior, deisel engine, plenty of gearing and I'm game!

  • Man O War says:

    Just needs PTO for the diesel model. Then it'll be ready for the locomotive, gas, and power industries.

  • Ghandi's Garage says:

    I cant wait to pick one of these up for like 25k in a year or so

  • mixflip says:

    I'd slap a bed rack system and a rooftop tent and convert it into a blend of service truck and overland vehicle!!!!

  • Ben Kuhstoss says:

    It would be great for loggin

  • The Flat Garage says:

    Perfect for HVAC guys

  • mange de la merde says:

    wrong truck

  • Brandon Warren says:

    Love it. Would be even better for a Toyota Tacoma.

  • Jeramie Carbo says:

    I’d get one

  • Bob Vincent says:

    if that shows up at my local dealership, I'm buying it

  • Benjamin Masters says:

    wish they had regular cabs again

  • qcn_ cummins says:

    Who couldn't use that! I see fire departments, power companies, gas and oil, agriculture, construction, forestry, and really any one who goes off road for work using such a truck. Only concern for me if GM put that into production would be cost. I wouldn't mind adding a couple to my fleet for my company!

  • davkenrem says:

    That is an awesome truck, you could probably sell that.

  • Marty Ray says:

    That’s a cool work truck !!!!


    Love it

  • CrawlerJamie says:

    Needs 35s or 37s

  • Errror404 says:

    Build it!

  • Zachary Smail says:

    I'd rock it

  • Rane Ferretiz says:

    4 door an its perfect

  • Zachary Trinagli says:

    Make it for Chevy Colorado as a option for the utility body

  • Conor Court says:

    Yea this is pretty sweet, wouldn’t make much sense for plumbers or electricians as they need to carry way too much but for niche things like welding or forestry or remote work this would be a killer setup. If GM doesn’t do it somebody else needs to.

  • hearsay henderson says:

    I want one

  • Test Test says:

    That is sooooooooooo sick

  • ham brgr says:

    Send one of these to an australian overlander shtuffs

  • phục êwê says:

    What I'd like is a utility body for off road that I can fit a standard popup truck camper on. 8 foot bed, aluminum. The side boxes could take advantage of all the space that's wasted in a conventional long box pickup bed. Color matched to my Ram 3500 SRW CC of course. I'm thinking about a 4 Wheel Popup Truck camper or maybe an Alaskan camper, and that would ideal for extra storage. The sides would also have to be shorter than a normal utility bed for the camper to sit at the right height.

  • mirrorimage cattleco says:

    Who makes the bed. Been trying to find one for my Tacoma.

  • Mr Lariata says:

    That is a nice set up right out of the gate

  • Steve Cupples says:

    Funny! A GM guy wearing Eddie Bauer!

  • jet boater says:

    Lol I just seen something on Facebook where a guy had a nice new Colorado and the frame bent from hauling 2100 lbs on a trailer apparently. 100 over the " recommended" so Chevy won't back it.. Chevy junk

  • Ira Jackson says:

    Perfect hvac truck or tire changing rig

  • JohnnyBDyer says:

    This never happened , did it?

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