5 elements of a doctor’s online reputation

Nearly half of doctors, dentists and other health care providers are not sure how to positively affect their online reputation. In this video we share five components of a doctor’s online reputation so you can better manage your online presence. Nearly 90% of patients say that positive patient reviews and a strong star rating are important to them when choosing a healthcare provider. If you’re not actively collecting patient feedback consider implementing automated patient satisfaction surveys via email or SMS text. About half of patients use the information on business and healthcare directories to form an opinion of a health care provider. To make the best impression optimize your listings on sites like Google and WebMD with full business information and high quality photos. About 44% of patients say that a healthcare website helps form their opinion of a doctor. A well designed responsive website with accurate information about your practice its staff and its services is the best way to make a great impression. 61% of people say they are likely to trust information shared by a doctor on social media. Building a professional social media presence and regularly sharing interesting content will help you build rapport with prospective patients. Publishing articles on topics related to your specialty helps patients see you as a knowledgeable healthcare source. Adding a blog to your website is an effective way to positively affect patient’s opinions of you and improve your search engine ranking over time. Pitching articles to media publications is another option to build credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. Follow this advice to better manage your online reputation so you can continuously attract new patients to your practice.

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