6 must-have Mac utilities

(slow music) – So in this processor video series we’ve talked a lot about
the future of computers but honestly most of the time I just end up going back
to my Mac or a Windows PC and I do that because
you can really customize the way that the operating system works but here’s a question why would anybody bother
doing that in the first place? So the reason I like
customizing my computers and I know that this makes
me sound really really corny is that it makes me feel
like I have super powers. If there’s something that annoys me about the way that my computer works I can just go out in the internet and somebody else is inevitably
annoyed by the same thing and there’s usually a
utility that I can download and install that fixes that annoyance. And I’m talking specifically here about utilities and not apps so I’m not talking about
stuff like One Password which I love and you should go and install or Dropbox which I also love it’s my favorite Cloud utility app. No I’m talking about utilities things that change the way
your computer actually works at kind of a deep level. And so in this video I wanna talk about my
favorite Mac utilities we’ll do Windows in another video later on so let’s get into it. So one utility that basically
everybody who has a Mac tends to install when
they get into this thing is a Window Manager and
there’s a million of these but my favorite is called Flexiglass and it does all the standard stuff that a Window Manager does
so you can hit a key combo to move your window to
the left or the right or full screen or whatever. But the reason I like it if we look at the preferences for it you can see that it has this
thing called a Window Mover and what that lets you do is you can hold down
buttons on your keyboard to adjust the placement of your windows. So let me explain normally if you wanna
resize or move your window you’ve gotta move your
mouse to a specific point like down here in that corner and it’s really hard to hit, but with the Window Mover you can have your mouse
anywhere in your window hold down a key combo and you can start moving
your window around, or another key combo
and resize your window. And so for £9.99 which
is the cost of Flexiglass it gives you a way
faster way to move around or adjust your windows on your Mac. Another utility I really like especially if you’re on the latest update of the Mac Operating System High Sierra which you really should be is (laughs), it’s got
a weird name actually hang on I’ll look it up here it’s High Sierra Media Key Enabler. This is a free utility and it puts a little dot in your menu bar and what it does is it
makes your play, pause, next, previous buttons on your
function bar actually work. So normally if you hit that it might start iTunes or it might pause video on
Safari you never really know but with High Sierra Media Key Enabler you can set it to prioritize Spotify so when you hit that play pause button it’s just gonna send
that command to Spotify and it’ll always work. Another utility that a
bunch of people install is a screenshot utility. Now I know that you can hit
Shift+Command+4 in a Mac and it’ll record a screenshot but I use this app called Annotate it was recently acquired by
Cloud App but it’s still free and when I hit Shift+Command+4
to take a screenshot I can then draw and I can
put little arrows on it, I can put some text on it, I can even like blur out
certain section of it and then when it’s done I can just hit the Twitter
button to tweet it, I can save it or I can even
hold down the option key and drag it directly to another app if I just wanna put it
directly into another app. It’s way more convenient than the built in screenshot utility and I really recommend if you don’t use Annotate at least some kind of screenshot utility. So the next utility I wanna talk about is one I’ve talked a ton
about it’s called Alfred and I’ve made a whole
other video about it. It’s basically a better
version of Spotlight you can hit a key combo and when you do a search box pops up and it’s better at internet
stuff than Spotlight is. And you can even do stuff
like clipboard history and snippet some text and
all kinds of customizations. But the tool that I use with
Alfred is just as important it’s called Karabiner Elements which is a funny little tool and let’s you assign a
button on your keyboard to something else. So for me I’ve assigned
Caps Lock to the F16 key ’cause if I wanna shout in the internet I’m hold down the Shift
key like I really mean it. So instead when I hit the Caps Lock key it pops up my Alfred search box and then I can search for
something on The Verge really fast and that’s great. Now for Alfred to get the most out of it you need to pay £19.00 for the app but Karabiner Elements which
remap your buttons is free. Now this utility is the
saddest nerdiest thing ’cause it literally
saves you like one click but I still love it it’s called Tooth Fairy
and here’s how it works in your menu bar it puts a little icon and shows you whether
or not you’re connected to Bluetooth headphones so this are Beats X headphones and they’re currently paired to my iPhone I wanna listen on my Mac so with Tooth Fairy I
just click this button and then it will connect up
to my Bluetooth headphones and it’ll even turn dark to show me that I’m connected to
my Bluetooth headphones and you can set it up for
multiple pairs of headphones. I know it just saves you one click but that click makes a
big difference to me. Okay so last utility you may have noticed that I’ve
got a million menu bar icons and it looks hellacious but there’s a couple of utilities that lets you hide most of them the one I like is called Vanilla and it’s really simple it just puts a little
carat in your menu bar and you can just tap it and
it hides all of your icons and then you can just
hold down the Command key to drag icons in or out
of the hidden section it just makes your computer
feel more comfortable. It’s nice. So those are my favorite
utilities for the Mac and I talk about this a lot but I really do think that being able to customize your computer
makes a huge difference it makes it feel like it’s yours and not this thing that
got handed down to you. If you’re using an iPad or a Chromebook if there’s something that you don’t like you basically just have to deal with it but with a Mac or with a Windows PC if there’s something you
don’t like you can change it and most of the time I prefer the platform that you can change. Hey everybody thank you
so much for watching and I wanna know what your
favorite utilities are ’cause I’m always on
the lookout for new ones basically all the time
’cause I’m an obsessive nerd. And while you’re there leaving a comment you could also hit that subscribe button it really helps us out.

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