A backpacking trip failure in the Canadian Rockies: Molar Mountain Loop attempt, Banff 2018

after what feels like three years of
trying to book this trail… we’re actually finally hiking on this
trail just left the trailhead for mosquito Creek got a short walk today
into mosquito Creek Campground cap in there tonight should be alright
pretty smoky hazy drive-in but soon as we parked the smoke starts to lift a
little bit so finally break the trees here we gotta
bow maybe to two and a half Palmer’s I haven’t really turned the GPS on the
track much yet so I figured yeah about two klicks you break the trees come out
this is mosquito Creek just to the side of me here it’s a better views up ahead
of it and now we get some views this is all right let’s pick their way down the creek here pretty sick it’s over the element Mosquito Creek Campground yeah
easy walk in but holy Dinah she is hot as balls Oh today trying to find a spot
here some good some good trees for that hammock all right here’s a shot of camp
here at Mosquito Creek so I know the girls to show up but I’m assuming
they’ll probably pop up somewhere in here and it’s quite unfortunate that the
fighter ban is on right now because there’s a bunch of cut-up wood here
already gorgeous fire pit that I know Brett’s crying inside because he can’t
use it so I do believe tomorrow morning we
crossed this bridge here on our way up to North Moeller pass Oh mosquitoes are thick here I mean a
mosquito creek I guess makes sense but I hike for the dinner time views so
we got get out of here needle buzzing around my face yes is RIT no tonight for dinner we got
the mountain house beef stew it’s actually not too bad
but we’re gonna kick it up a notch this is ghost pepper Eric hooked me up with
some ghost pepper here so we’re gonna throw that in and get a little stir see
how this goes I don’t know I don’t know man last time I tried this
his ghost pepper stuff it really really sucked
well it depends how much you use be happy you didn’t have those potatoes
with us what I thought was cleaning peppers well that’s good that’s a good
amount of spice to it I like that when I thought was 20 proposed pepper
and I loaded the favor neighborhoods nice use though man just finishing getting camp packed up
here you got all my shit packed up and everybody else pretty much ready to go
cool little spot here mosquito Creek very pretty here very cute little spot
she’s smokey this morning but super pretty here man Wow so we’re just
following mosquito Creek up still just got this gorgeous rock face to the side
of us here man this is cool this is really sweet is this sweet oh it’s cool very pretty
here very very pretty Wow and here we are at the turnoff for
fish lakes in Boulder pass we are going to fish lakes tonight some views here
though wicked glacier up top this cool little arch I got a really good zoom on
this camera shark wow she is pretty here so both three kilometers toss mosquito
Creek Campground nothing but a steady dose of switchbacks and then you just
open up this is just where kid here so the V in the mountains you’re seeing
up ahead of me as the north wall or past that’s where we’re headed so for now
you’re just picking our way through this meadow and we’re gonna start pretty
serious climb right away here but this is just unreal here I mean even with the
smoke she’s pretty hazy she looks pretty eerie but you can’t
take away the beauty of a fucking place like this this is wicked yeah this is
awesome so we’re gonna cross the creek right here across this is pretty awesome a horsefly seer insane killed about six
party today come on shoot on my leg right now yeah this spot sure is
freaking out about it so well catch this on video this is pretty sick though hey
Jess oh it’s like I’m actually looking forward to this climb it looks horrible
but I’m looking forward to it this rocks are this is wicked this is spectacular
there’s tons of black flies and tons of horse flies here but so in behind me
there you can see the trail along the creek that’s where we’re headed we’re
gonna just gonna make our way down to the creek here find a nice little spot
sit and have some lunch but holy this the smoke sucks you’re really looking
forward to some stinky is this way but this is amazing absolutely amazing here
oh my goodness this place absolutely exceeded any expectations I ever had for
it unreal so the the Kurt there behind me that was Northmoor where we just came
down from we are making our way down this way wow this is absolutely
phenomenal this has blown away all the expectations I had for this place
Wow I always find like more often than not you get really hyped up for a trip
and you think oh it’s gonna be unreal and outstanding and it’s I’ll be honest
a lot of times it’s it’s underwhelming but this is this is far from that yeah
this is wherever situated for lunch here this isn’t all too bad it’s got 360
views here guys their nachos where we came from some more stellar views here Wow see still reviews I got shark to me
oh this is wicked just following this Creek down just like
surreal shit this is awesome views behind us just outstanding this has hands-down been one of the most
scenic hikes that I’ve done in a long time I’ve hiked a ton in the Rockies Wow whoo yeah this works kids all right holy
oh holy smokes it Parton guys unreal oh we have got to the fish lakes
campground and just got set up in the nick of time because it’s raining and
we’re hearing thunder coming in so should be pretty fun yeah they look forward to this one
but I don’t know if we got a pretty good setup here
get the girls in the green tent here Brett’s got the tarp over his tent there
and then and then the lake is just there’s a little path beside err tannic
down that way to the lake you kind of see through the trees here but there you
go stash the camera underneath and see the boat they get nasty in here trees
are just swaying thunders going yeah oh we got thunder rolling and rain is
coming down pretty good we’re all just kind of hunter down in
our little shelters here and this storm 3:30 I’m gonna take a little nap what
else is there to do still raining like this for like two
hours literally just watch the movie they got this little contraption here
for my ridgeline like falling into it and above me is kick back and enjoy
that’s pretty rad yeah awesome more than the rain Oh morning day 4 as we spent two days
here at fish lakes because we got stormed out yeah hail and storms all day
yesterday just really not to get idea I get to that Valley so you know I go
today it’s a little socked in by little I mean a lot but this morning can’t see nothing yeah
three of the weekend started off with small cats clouds this here it’s definitely pretty Oh last little push up to North molar
she is up ahead of us a little bit of snow still this crazy socked in though but the advantages being it’s been nice
and cool we’ve been able to cut a really hard
paste this morning which is good no he just got nice Kelly to climb up and
she’s all downhill from there but hey maybe maybe she’ll be blue on the other
side heavy sweet she’s gonna be blue on the
other side she our family made it here to North Boulder pass it’s pretty cool spot so down there so we’re going we’re
gonna skirt that little lake there and down those where we came from I’m pretty
freaking sweet it’s a hard part’s over so all downhill from here finally decided to come out
give me some pretty nice youth here so a couple days ago I really couldn’t see a
whole lot of this she’s pretty clouded in you can see the
pass up there that little notch that’s a Rakim out of right there and a
sperm headed very sweet here you see char coming down the hill over she there
she is there char there’s Kirsten Bret and Eric must be
still on the other side amazing here they finally made it over
the hill this is really hard to hold a stable when you’re zoomed in this far
mm-hmm take 30x zoom on this thing yeah North molar path does not disappoint
this is absolutely phenomenal Wow this is pretty this is pretty bright
very pretty dude Emily Creek Campground on our way out
it’s pretty without the smoke very pretty with the smoke like I felt like
Robbie great views a little bummed out at this point I mean
ha BC suspected to be doing a little bit different of a trip than just did but
tried to make the most of it absolutely phenomenal area though 100%
will be coming back here this loop is this loopy particulars been on my radar
for like four years I just haven’t been able to do it for one reason to the
other so hopefully next time I come back I’ll be able to do it but yeah you can
enjoy first time I walk out thank you guys so much for watching

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