A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer Intern | Student Edition

all right I'll be working for a couple hours now but in the meantime here's some shots up so whilst we're shooting for this video I found out that a lot of these Dana lifes don't really talk about the company that they work at or go in-depth on exactly what they do there and honestly that was a little disappointing for me so instead you know I'd like to spend a little bit of time talking about what I do at open sex and kind of what they are as a company but I guess for starters I work as a software testing intern at OpenStack so what happened on a day to day basis is that the devs would push out code throughout the week for the next release or the next update and then I would then go through write scripts for it create new scripts to run through edge cases do testing on it to make sure that you know it doesn't break any systems or doesn't break anything on production but throughout this internship I've also worked with some devs on the actual code portion of it and I'm also working on coding a internship project there are two other things I want to mention one is probably the explorative testing and then education testing which I've already touched on but you can kind of reduce those from their names education testing is just where you go do like just random things that think no one will do to try to break the system and then explore the testing kind of just go about any software that open sex has and you know you can write code for write scripts to run through its automated kind of also manual testing which involves just you going through their production and seeing if stuff works that's a little bit of what I do on day to day basis but what is this all leading up to so I guess I'll start with talking a little bit about open sex in general and from my knowledge basically what they are is Rice's nonprofit textbook initiative and essentially they provide you know free open-source textbooks online that are peer reviewed by professionals in the field and I also know that they do provide an online learning course management system which I've actually worked on and it's gotten quite big actually you know for a nonprofit that was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as some other foundations I think I read somewhere on the board or the habit on in the office somewhere that they've saved like students over six hundred fifteen million dollars and then may like six million students or so are using the textbooks right now but yeah that's basically one of the main reasons that I chose to work at open sex instead of some other place it's just as a college student I really agree with their mission I really agree with how they're doing things you know open resource textbooks open education all those things touch home to me as I guess like I said as a college student so if you haven't already go check out their website it's just open sexto org and now I'm gonna head to the gym [Applause] yo will ready to make some dinner oh we did it closed the day in my life as a software engineering intern at Hilton sex thank you guys so much for watching and I hope this kind of gives you a little bit of insight on what the tech industry is really like in terms of the amount of work you do really exactly like what people do in general and the industry I know for me having pretty much zero background and cs0 background in a tech industry before coming to rice before coming to college getting this experience has been really incredible and letting me know exactly what the tech industry will be like and have a feel for what my career path will look like in the future but it's getting late now and I have work tomorrow as well so I'll probably go to bed once again thank you guys so much for watching everyone has a great summer I'll see you guys in the next one what was a lot so I I get I start in Albuquerque then I go to Vermont and save it for one day yeah then I go wait wait wait wait Albuquerque for about one day yeah I go to Albuquerque then I go to Vermont it's in Vermont for one day then I go to Colorado and save it for another day then I go to Denver and stay there for four days or Maya now California yeah until I start because you want this to be Harvard easy hard all right okay so I started Sacramento say that for a day then I go to Kansas and stay there for five days it's longer stay then I go to Russia and see the per day

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