A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (on Vacation) | Episode 1

lately I’ve been feeling kind of
burnt-out living and working in Silicon Valley everything is also rushed so
naturally as a software engineer I went to Google to find a solution and I got
an answer so I put my computer away took some time off and flew a few of my
friends out to a west coast road trip the framework I like to use to define my
vacations are that they need to be cheap adventurous and there needs to be room
for things to go wrong because problem-solving is pretty fun so here’s
what went down don’t forget to Like and subscribe Absolutely not put my stuff in your
trunk I’ll give you a GoPro in like 30 seconds let’s get this stuff in the car
and go to Costco so we were reading the side I was like
this is kind of small you know like I can’t believe this is gonna turn into
like a tent alright let’s open it up the item that was sent is not an eight-person
tent it’s for beach shades so how are we gonna resolve this so we
had to go back to Costco and buy a tent now because of the initial issue where
we opened the box and there were no tents in it zero out of four
amazon didn’t care how’s it going this is a good amount of room this is
great I feel like I’m in one of those ads where they’re like is that a Buick yes of the latest yeah you know we’re in
a car came out late and it’s pretty late now as of 10:00 p.m. so I don’t know if
we’re gonna leave here tonight we’re gonna try to leave and be up at the
redwood forest by midnight but that’s totally not how I’m gonna do Mount Tam
it’s 30 minutes away the next morning are you excited for your
first Redwood experience Ben is like the tech king he just has a little bit
of everything beautiful moment of Trevor tripping over the root yeah feel the tree so far trips definitely been kind of a
disaster last night we got the got the car late we got to the campsite late we
didn’t reserved the campsite yeah the tent was four beach shelters we set up the
tent at one a.m. we got like no sleep then we came out here we
couldn’t get the Airbnb mad at each other at times but it’s working out
right guys it’s working out we only partially hate each other already never
ever never ever never now up to Samuel H Boardman in Oregon let’s go finally got
to Oregon what do you think Ben it’s beautiful
bro it’s working out with that sunset wake up Trevor wake up wake up we’re
headed out for an Oregon sunrise it is it is foggy right now

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