A Look Into Prime Fam's Programming & Understanding The Different Approaches

what's up wright-patt what's going on guys so we're in the gym today we're training we got the Coon going everyone supposed to meet this is their first heavy day post me but they did actually all of them Louise and drew pretty much everyone except for Kristin who probably wouldn't last because she got to keep the infection unfortunately from the water cuts she's been out of consentire out of the game a little bit but everyone else the reason all of them have been training since Tuesday this is their first primary heavy day though since the meet and I want to kind of go over what we're doing with all their off seasons as well as like what I'm doing with training and just kind of do a vlog recap of today so for me personally today on squats I had singles I built up to a single @rp seven on the squat I hit 540 pounds killed that set and this actually gave me a lot of confidence my squats honestly for the last like six to eight months due to injuries has been in the dump but it feels like it's finally coming back and I'm learning to grind then I had triples as back off I believe that minus 10% load and I think that was at 484 pounds or 485 pounds somewhere around there those actually felt really good the triples got easier as it went on and I got more control over the weight as we kind of went through them and I was really working on depth like I was trying to sync up as deep as I can and stay as steady as I can I was really cueing to come out of the hole like a statue then keep my knees forward and out and not like recede into my hips you never want to fall back into those hips until it's absolutely necessary at high exertion load so on my back offset something I often queue now it's getting to the rest of the curve so everyone there straining at me today and we did a different approach kind of with everyone so with Andrew his baseline sweep especially on squats right now but really not everything is through the roof so for him we'll take you volume based approach my other guy someone's missing the smaller weight class guys like Louise and then Kristin there's someone mean I like to be a peb you want to all the time but we did slight variation so I'll get into that in a second but you really need to know what to do with your athletes right away so you know you're a lotta different methodologies you know guys like RGS and like some of the other guys who are more into life Westside and things like that they like heavy here around art CSS using Westside but they do a lot of do PE with a lot of high exertion high intensity lives kind of here around and it seems to work out well for a lot of their athletes and then other people they take more of like a pony based approach you see Chad listen smooth rich through they always start off in high high volume and linearly work to block your decision to heavy loads we always do some kind of form of linear periodization but mix with DP so it's you have to understand that linear progression and linearization are different in every program in some extent so it's linear but what we do differently here is we have primary strength days and those usually range from one to five reps in nature and then we have secondary days which usually range anywhere from three to seven reps and then sometimes we have tertiary days but on these days depending on how the athlete is responding and what state they are in we will dictate the programming around kind of what I deem will be the most responsive or what they will be the most responsive to so because Andrews baseline squat strength especially when really all of it is really high right now you have completely vulnerable to a triple this is the first heavy day that walks is when we are at these sets we're gonna get them all the way to a triple of the end of the block Hepburn e8 now he's focused on bowling in his back op survives Kristin and the least they were kind of different Chris and she's both in competition style squat but it was a single and article e6 and releasing today pause squat today also a single and archaea six the idea here is with them we're keeping a little bit more specificity in and I don't want to detain them from heavy loads they're both athletes who both right now and kind of long term they always be some kind of heavy stimulus and I found in recurring past blogs when we pull away those heavier singles they get a little Tooty uh uh Nakhla mated to those heavier intensity zones so I'm keeping that in for them however because we are still in the offseason they're backups are higher volume both of em have sets of five whether it be possible odds for Louisa or christening and hurricanes competition style squads they have sets of fives out there so they're killing out a lot of volume and we're literally going to increase the load and drop the reps on those backups as we go through this first initial training cycle so next block Louie's might move on to a competition style squat crystal keepers at competition squats and we'll undulate the reps downward by one or maybe even keep it the same on Louise but really focus on getting him doing some cop specific cop specific work which will naturally elevate the load without having to adjust the rep range okay so there's different ways to progress athletes after that we had them doing some bench press and some deadlifts I'll talk about the deadlifts in a separate clip that I filmed that I'll talk about the bench especially with Adriene and what she's doing and kind of what we're focusing on with her and technique and some separate clips coming up but the idea here that I'm trying to kind of paint with everyone is that everyone's trim these a little bit different okay keep that in mind um now focusing back on me I think after my squads I couldn't deadlift to make it's this strain of my Terry's that really got bad so no dead lifting that's some video on the story for another time I'm always these dude I'm always up guys but I did hit a bench Bri long pause 374 and I even switched the kilo plates like mid-workout because they weren't available when I was building outside just decide to work up on the medals but I wanted to make sure the weights were specific because metals will weigh light a lot of the time and I can actually build a difference myself with the complex but I got in that heavy single at 374 and then I get some back offs at 325 and add a couple sets of four followed by an AMRAP which I think I got seven or eight reps on I'll play that though and then after that the rest of the crew is kind of lifting all finished with those clips and letting to let those kind of play out now oh we're going up jump rock BAM so we got a dude in here we're gonna make her an elite pack so this is a lift that's always plagued her and when she came to us from another coach she came to us she came to us like off a bomb out mean on benchpress and her technique was very inconsistent now we've made her honestly probably one of the more most technically consistent ventures in our little group here in the Bay Area so I want to show you some of the things we do with her so she's going to use a feet forward arch so you're gonna notice her feet are gonna go forward but she memorizes where she presses her feet into the ground every single time and where his shoulders go into the pad so the bar is in the same position under her face or she's made over her face every time and what she's going to do is once she's as tight as possible she's gonna lift her ass way up in the air she's gonna unwrap like that and then she's gonna use the asset position to push over her soldiers and see how she shoves over her shoulders with the ass then she's gonna set the ass down she's gonna squeeze the pad with her adductors heat her in position and big breath and she's got that long press photographic so the main shoes with her are adductor squeezing the benches she happens to be one of our shorter athletes and something we do with a lot of them is we get their eyes to actually squeeze against the bench this allows them to use more leg drive without the ass coming up now lanky guys you can't do this but if you have shorter femurs or you happen to be short you're gonna be able to squeeze that bench while driving your legs really hard without they ass coming up the other thing she's really focused on is using her legs on the unrack because you can unwrap the bar with your ass up in competition you use that to push over your soldiers to create almost like a decline position a decline bench is much easier than a flat back or an incline bench so the more you can get your shoulders at a downward angle the more you're gonna benefit in competition so those are the things we'll focus on with her and we're preparing her for competitions super long pauses she killed out her last competition she's doing another one here in 16 weeks and we just want to prepare for long pause cop specificity and just killing the benchpress we got her benching four times a week right now because the frequency is going to give up practice like crazy on this movement so to kind of contrast Kristen's approach with lluís and what we're doing with them to kind of fix a similar problem but they're slight differences is with Kristen she also deals with flexion when she calls heavy it's kind of a subconscious thing with her though she always stays rigid throughout the pullets like we don't see her back flexed more as she falls we just see when she gets too heavy low so consciously she knows if she kind of Fletch's over and gets more crane like that helps her speed off the floor and so when she approaches her heavy its abs so naturally start a little bit more folded instead of getting into that extended position and this kind of screws with their lockout we don't need to speed off the board with her we have plenty of that we want a nice smooth walk out of Kristen however her hips opened up very well so with Kristen we're doing the beltless deadlifts not about the spa's deadlift so the difference here is Louise he deals with his hips kind of closing off though she has these kind of come in as he breaks the floor sometimes and that helps flex him over if we get his hips open that helps him stay rigid and tight and so we are using that pause to focus on breaking the floor nice and even and opening up into the pause and then finishing the lift Christiane's hips open up very naturally in her deadlift you're never worried about that even when she flexes over the thing we're trying to promote those extension when you go beltless it kind of forces you to become cognitively aware of your back because if you don't really fight into extension you know and actually kind of pulled over and when that happens that's when we see a goofy lock out in the sumo so we're using that beltless deadlift to really promote extension in her but we don't need to worry about pausing with her her hips already operate very well so this is kind of like a good way to contrast our bridge with Chris and our approach with Louise and even though there's similar problems we're working on the approach being a little bit different to fit the athlete I so you saw there I was kind of talking about the difference in approaches with Kristin and Louise now the compound on that even further again like I mentioned beginning the video Andrew he's more focused on it on volume on the strength day so it's what we what I kind of coined strength volumes so he was doing triples on his comp deadlift now him we are actually fixing technical issues too I don't always fix technical issues with a fancy drill that's only if we get something out of that exercise so I see a lot of guys like programming like heavy singles or even have you only work on like a passe deadlift but their pauses are they then let their knees close off their form goes a crowd that's just throwing a variation in there for no reason now again Andrew he just needs some comp specific volume and technique practice on the conflict itself I don't think he's going to get very much out of pausing so we had him do a triple up to I think you got up to like five points what are these six and he killed that out super easy and we're working on back accenture you can see this back we really try to fight on staying tighter and we're also trying to queue a bigger slack bowl before you just kind of rip into it and this block I'm cueing that lift his hips and shoulders higher that bend the arm part then get more slack out of there that way you can leverage off the floor and actually stains hider that's something that kind of gets him is on his max goals is back wow so we're fixing actually kind of the same problem on all three athletes but in different ways because I know how they respond to this the biggest problem I see coaching out there right now is there's only methods there's no foundation or application to individuality so what I mean by that is coaches really just focus on like oh this seemed to work for this person let's throw it out all the athletes I don't agree that I think everyone as much as they're not their own special little snowflakes I do think we have different ways we can think about things the way we execute it specific variations like I've given positive edge to people and they just are going to so I'll pull them really quickly and move them to a cop deadlift and try to fix a technical issue there you have to see how they're responding to it you're giving someone a pause deadlift either orange is getting worse that's not a helpful fix so keep that in mind that's the video for it or that's a video for today guys let me know if you have any questions leave it down below the video comes up it really actually got us help your channel when you guys need some feedback comment like the video all that good share it if you like these foul vlogs honestly even if you don't I don't care I'm gonna keep them going until next time I'll see you guys later

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