AABB vs SAT – 2D Collision Detection

[Music] Well, there’s a couple of ways to check if
two objects are colliding. But this video will be focusing on the two
most popular for 2D collision. AABB and SAT. Axis-Aligned Bounding Box collision detection
only works with rectangles that are aligned to the X and Y axes. But it’s also very simple. The way to check if two rectangles are colliding
with AABB is by performing four different checks that compare the vertices of the two
rectangles. If all the checks are true, then the two rectangles
are colliding. Collision detection using the Separating Axis
Theorem however, lets you check if two convex shapes are colliding and also allows rotation. But, it’s also a little more complicated. To check collision with SAT, you first need
to find the normals of all the edges on both shapes. Then, for each normal you need to find the
“shadows” that the two shapes cast. If for every normal the shadows overlap, then
the shapes are colliding. Otherwise, they aren’t and the axis that the
shadows don’t overlap on is the separating axis. Now, for concave shapes, all you need to do
is split them up into multiple convex shapes and then perform the same (SAT) checks again. Now let’s say you have a convex shape and
a circle, how do you check if they’re colliding? Well, it’s easier than you think. Since a circle has infinite normals, you can’t
check it like you would with two convex shapes. Instead, you use *this* axis which goes from
the circle’s center to the closest point (vertex) on the polygon. Then you can perform the checks with SAT as
you would normally. But what if you have two circles though? Well, that’s even easier! You just have to check if the distance between
the two circles is less than the sum of their radii. Anyway, that’s the basics of how AABB and
SAT collision work. Hopefully, you learned something or understand
it a little bit better now but, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys next time. [Music]

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