ALAN BECKER – How to Get Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate

This video answers one of the most frequently asked questions on this channel How do I get that program that you keep teaching me how to use definitely a sad situation to learn all about Animating in a certain program and not knowing how to get it I’m sure most of the people who asked the question eventually found their answer through Google But here’s my official explanation on how to acquire the program that I animate with to be clear the program We are referring to goes by a few names Adobe Flash is the old name Adobe animate is the current official name but the names are Interchangeable as the program was essentially the same back when it was called Adobe Flash as when they switched it to be called Adobe animate So first of all this program is not free in order to get this program legally you will have to pay money for it obviously People have figured out ways to illegally download this program for free, but in this video I won’t be promoting nor explaining how to do that the official place to get flash is on Adobe com the full link is in the Description so you can click here to get a short 7-day free Trial if you want to see how well the program will run on your computer Or if you want to try it out to see if you want to keep it Or if you want to spend those seven days not sleeping and invest all your waking time into making a fully finished Animated movie before your trial expires up to you after the seven days you will have to pay to continue the price in u.s. Dollars is $20 a month if you commit to it for a whole year, otherwise It’s $30 a month if you go month-to-month if you are a student you can get flash as well as all the other Adobe apps for the same price of $20 a month for the first year and Then $30 a month after that unfortunately There’s no student discount for flash by itself But this is good if you want to take advantage of the other powerful apps like Photoshop Premiere and After Effects all of which I use on a regular basis. Do I think it’s worth the money Absolutely did Adobe pay me to say that no But I do think that you should consider what you’re going to do with the program and consider the benefits versus the cost Before buying it for example if you’re planning to work freelance as an animator then the cost is completely justified because you can make a lot of money as a freelance animator if You just want to make animations to show your friends There are other ways to do that without emptying your wallet that brings me to my next topic What if you don’t want to pay money, but still want to animate there are many free alternatives to flash? I’ll be making a separate video to go into detail each of these alternatives, but just to list them out. There’s Victorian Giotto synfig wick editor 2p Animation desk and I motion none of them are quite as powerful or efficient as flash in my opinion But they are free and can allow you to animate stay tuned for that video where I go into more detail about each of them Bloop animation just released a new animation course about storyboarding And if you were thinking of getting one of their courses now is the time because their prices are going out Permanently on September 7th this guy really cares about animation, and it shows in his courses So I highly recommend checking it out So if you have any suggestions for what you want me to teach next leave it in the comments And if you are learning a lot from these videos, please consider giving back through patreon other than that – thanks for watching And I’ll see you guys in the next video

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