Algorithm Classification Simple Recursive Algorithm

in this particular session we are
discussing the first category whatever we have mentioned in the algorithm
classifications and that is the simple recursive algorithms we know the
recursion in case of recursion the recursive algorithm will have a base
case that means for certain situations for certain inputs outputs are known to
us where the algorithm will terminate and then in the next part we’ll be
having a recursive call which will be calling the function itself either
directly or indirectly okay so that is our recursion but here we are calling it
as a simple recursive algorithm we are using this term simple because here we
are having multiple other algorithm types which are inherently recursive if
you consider your backtracking algorithm that is inherently recursive so here we
are considering the problem which is very simple okay solve the best case
directly we know the base case I discussed that for certain situations
for certain inputs outputs are known to us
so here the solve to the biscuits will be done directly it occurs with a
simpler sub problem that means the problem will be will be made very simple
and then the problem will be solved through this particular simple recursive
algorithms extra initiatives may equate to convert the solution of the solution
to the simpler sub problems into a solution to the given problem so that’s
why we shall solve the sub problem we shall make the sub problem very simple
and that sub problem solution will contribute towards the solution of the
main given problem it is a simple recursive because some other algorithms
are inherently recursive so I mentioned that one if we consider the backtracking
algorithm that is the in a inherently records it but here this in this
particular category were talking about a very simple recursive algorithms as an
example we can go for this let us suppose it has been asked that to count
the number of data items in a list present so we are going to count a
number of data items in little is present so now you see the
business will be if the list is empty then count will be zero and the Z will
be returned so if the list is empty then returns zero otherwise I shall go for
the recursive call other than the first item that means if you consider the
first item I’m just taking the first item away count the number of remaining
data items in the list and if we can count the number of remaining data items
in the list then add one to the result because the first item count will be
added and that value will be returned now while counting the number of
remaining data items in the list we’ll be calling the recursive function we’ll
be calling the recursive algorithm again and that is the source of this recursion
so here we have discussed what is our simple recursive algorithm and we have
explained that one with one a very simple example so please watch our next
videos there will be going for other algorithm classifications thanks for
watching this video

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