Alumni Spotlight: Vivek Sudarsan, Master of Computer Science ’16

– I’m Vivek Sudarsan, I’m
the Chief Product Officer at Bowtie. I was a Cornell Tech MEng student and I graduated in 2016. Having a Cornell Tech degree
has been incredibly helpful in starting our own company, whether it’s trying to create partnerships or even working with investors. We started Bowtie out of Startup Studio which is David Tisch’s class. We’re an AI startup so the
machine learning emphasis at Cornell Tech was a huge part of how we actually built
and designed our product. And we still consult with
Cornell Tech professors to help us grow and improve our product. I would recommend
Cornell Tech to a student who has an entrepreneurial
mindset to begin with, who’s somebody who cares
about creating impact in the world using technology. I can’t imagine a scenario
where I would have been able to start a
company and meet so many incredible people without Cornell Tech.

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