App Builder Pro Left menu part1 nomusic

Here is an overview of the editor’s left menu 1. Promote Here you can enter the URL to the app stores. Then a QR Code is created based on these URLs. When a user flashes this code he will be redirected to the Store associated to his device in order to download the app. 2. Analytics In “App Analytics” you can see the detailed analytics of your app. In “Feature Analytics” you can see the analytics of specific features,
like “MCommerce”, “Discount” and “Loyalty card”. 3. Users Here you can see and manage the users who have created an account in the app. You can edit them. If you check this option,
the user name will appear in the “Contest” feature in app. If you check this option, the user will have access to the pages locked by the “Padlock” feature. You can also delete a user. And you can create a user by clicking on “Add”. That’s it for the first part of Left menu.

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