Autism Homeschooling Is Hard

– [Asa] Is that from school? – [Priscilla] It is. – [Asa] You don’t wanna hear it? – [Priscilla] It’s your morning meeting song. – [Asa] This is what you guys listen to in the morning at school. – [Asa] Okay, it’s time to work out. – [Priscilla] You ready, warm up your neck. – [Asa] You gotta stand
up, do your exercises. Here we go. Go Abbie go, go Abbie go. Squat, squat, keep going. Kinda, wait a sec we’re not done. There you go, get moving touch your toes good job. High knees, high knees. Do this, look, do this, do this. Yeah, come on like that, keep going. (laughs) Keep going, all right. Oh, look Priscilla, look! – [Woman] Good job, Ab! – [Man] Good job. Jumping jack, jumping jacks,
jumping jacks, jumping jacks. Keep going. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. – [Woman] Keep going – [Man] Yay! Squat down. Jump shot! And then jump, jump, jump, jump, jump! Jump, Ab! (TV playing in the background) Kick! Kick! Come on you gotta keep up with mom. – Put your hand over your heart. You ready? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America with liberty and justice for all. You may now be seated. (Tv playing in the background) – Dry them off really good! – Y’all mad I called you cute. – Okay. Come here, come here. You’re a difficult student. You’re so busy. Okay, you ready? We have to get our ingredients. So we’re making an easy dinner. Okay? We have to get one stick of butter. – [Man] Go help Mom! – Come here. Put that on the counter. [Humming]. Put it on the counter. Okay, go put that on the
counter, and then come back. Okay, so you have to be very careful. Use two hands. Be very careful. It’s our Au Jus gravy. Okay? Go put that on the counter. Okay, are you ready? This is super easy. We’re gonna to get our crock pot. Come here. Look, so we got two roasts because we’re gonna have leftovers. Then we have one day
you don’t have to cook. How fun is that? So we’re just going to take this. I’ll do this part, okay? I’m going to have you did the other part. We’re going to put these in our crock pot. This is for when you wanna cook dinner, but you don’t really have time, but you still want your
family to have a good meal. Come here. – [Man] Go help mom. – Come here. Okay, you ready? You gotta keep your
hands out of your mouth. Can you open that? Open that. Take the peel paper off. Put it in the crockpot. Not the paper, just the butter. Look, sweet girl. – This goes in. – Yeah, that goes in there. Okay? Here, let’s open this. Come here. I’m gonna open it and then I want you to
dump that in the crockpot. Ready? Sprinkle it around. Here, you have to look
at what you’re doing. – Good job – Dump it all around, okay, hold on. There’s some more in there. You want all the, you want it in there cause
it’s gonna make your gravy. Okay? Then open that one. Can you open it? Look, ready? Hold on. Okay. Sprinkle that one around. Good job. Hey, good paying attention. Okay? Hold on, I’ll get the rest then can you get our jar of pepperoncinis? So typically, I would do
like the banana pepper rings, but I don’t have it. So, dump the whole thing. Shake it. Shake. – [Man] Two hands. – Hold on. Go ahead. Nope, it’s not going to come out easy. You hold it, hold it like that. Hold it. Yeah. There you go, shake it. – [Man] Shake, Ab. – Here, we’re gonna use some tongs. Can you put our lid on? Be careful this has a
different color thing cause you broke it. Did you know that? (chuckles) Okay, look and we’re
gonna take it over here. Come here. I’m gonna have you push the button. So it’s almost 11, so we’ll do it for eight hours. Okay? Come here. So hit that button until you get it to the eight hour mark. Look, keep pushing it. There you go, it’s on eight hours. How cool is that? And then we’re going to have
mashed potatoes with it. Hey, thanks for helping me cook. Come here, let’s take a picture. You helped me in the kitchen. How cool is that? – We’ve done morning meeting. We’ve done home ec. Look at you, rocking it out. Later on we’ll do PE, go to the park. – Yeah. – Yeah. – And we have speech. We’re doing all the things. Keep you busy. – Homeschool, homeschool. We having fun with homeschool? Is it fun? Are you enjoy yourself? – Do you want to package some orders? We need to do that. – You can learn or we
could call that a class retail and commerce. (laughs) Yummy. Isaiah is doing online classes and his school doesn’t
start until next week. Then he’ll start doing that. We’ll actually set him up in the office. He’s still sleeping. Hey Isaiah? I think his door’s closed
cause the cat has a cone on her head so she can’t
really function very well. She got spayed yesterday. She went to the vet. Snack time before outside time? – Yep! I figure if we just keep
her busy, she’ll be happy. – Yeah so, well, I guess this, this vlog is like homeschool
day in the life today. What we’re doing kinda turned into that. Started vlogging and it’s going to be. Ooh, that cream cheese. That stuff is amazing. It’s like a, yeah. What is it? What flavor is that one? – Honey pecan. – Oh, you just suck that down, huh? – I was giving her
little pieces at a time. – Got it on my fingers. Look at you? – Yeah. – What do you think? – I mean, you know, it’s not terrible. It’s warmer than the
ocean was that we went in. – Yeah, you gonna get in Sandy? – Come on. – We’ve been putting her harness on her and having her get in and try to swim. We did a couple of times yesterday. – Yeah, you got the hiccups? Come on. Come swim with me, come on Maverick. – You can go right here on the edge. See, there’s a step there. Come here, come sit on the step. You got it. (laughs) – Oh my goodness. – Come on. (laughs) Knocked me over. Watch my phone. – Watch out, Sandy. She’s sitting on you. (laughs) Come on, swim with me. – No I’m good. You’re, you’re good. You’re doing great. – The sun’s 78 that’s good – No that’s not good – Why? What do you want it to be? – It’s still 80 (laughs) It will be 80 soon, let’s give it time the sun’s out. (intense music) Stay out the water, stay out the water. (humming) – Drive safe. – Do good. Bye. – Do so good, Abs. – Bye. – She’s so excited to
get out of the house. – By, Ab. Have fun at speech. Thanks bud. Abby went to speech therapy. We just got a little more cleaning up oh, kinda grungy, that’s better. A little more cleaning up to do out here. I got to organize a little bit. Here’s where the old pool floats. We’re going to get some
new pool floats this year. Those are just, you know
they get all dingy and gross. The pool, it’s 80 degrees. I think I’m getting in it today. It’s happening. A little reorganization out here. Move the table, closer to the door need to have more meals out here, I think. Get a little, you know, fresh air, outside time, stuff like that. Especially with everybody being
all penned up in the house. Isaiah went and got, I
know he went and got lunch. He’s, he’s already got cabin fever. Everywhere around here is
just doing like you order either on the app or whatever and they they like hand it to you from a socially
appropriate social spacing, whatever it’s called. From that distance holding
their face and all that. Okay, I’m doing it. – Okay. – Oh boy. It’s not that warm. It’s not as warm as I thought. (laughs) – Hey Maverick, you wanna get in the pool? – Oh man. Hee, hee. – Honestly it felt warmer earlier. – They stay right by the jet,
that’s where the heat is. I don’t know. I don’t know if I can do it. You’re tougher than me. Confirmed. – Mom, just hold me here. – I’m up to my my thigh. (laughs) It’s just not quite ready. Go ahead – Good girl. – Good job. – You know we wanted to teach her where, – Oh, well, my phone’s fine – Where she could get out
in case she did fall in. – Yeah, keep letting her
go and then what we’ll do is we’ll move further away. – Yeah. – And have her swim to this corner – She loves it though, she keeps walking over
and putting her feet in. – Yeah. – Maverick’s like, what are you doing? We don’t do this. Sandy, hop in! – You get in? Look, (splashes) get in right there. There’s a step there and you have to get your ankles wet. – That’s what you do at the dog park. He loves getting in their pool. – No, we should put a kiddy pool out here for him in the
summer so they can cool off. – Squeeze you, squeeze you out. See, Mav? I got you, girl. Hey, I got you. Come here, Maverick. (dramatic music) – Hey, dinner’s ready. Are you so excited? Come on, Ab, let’s go eat. Oh, on top of the potatoes. – Yeah. Mississippi pot roast, it’s a go to. – It is. – It’s so good. Good job today, homeschool mom. – Thanks! – It’s a struggle. Huh? Mad respect to you homeschool
moms out there, and dads. – Yeah. – Mad respect. – It’s a lot. All hands-on all the time. – It’s a job and we didn’t even do like, it was like, you know, hours
of instruction or anything. Just you know, adding in some activities and the normal things that
we do throughout the day. Getting Abigail involved
with them, stuff like that. I think tomorrow I’ll have her do a little bit of laundry with me. Again, it’s those little things, you know, like not having
her do like hours of laundry, have her do like a few minutes of like helping out with things. Yeah. So you’re a homeschool parent. – Mad respect. – Mad respect. It’s a, it adds a whole nother element when you have to add that
educational side to things. For sure. All right. Dinner time, and we will
see you guys tomorrow. – Bye. – Bye. You’re an unruly student, Abbie. – I’m gonna send her to
the principal’s office. Who is that? You want to be the principal? – Nope, that’s you too.

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  • Tressie Markhieh says:

    Percilla you are looking and doing great 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Abbie is just precious❣ Things are hard in the whole world right now💔 I pray for those already infected and for those that are staying home and away from our normal life. I'm going on 66 yrs old and I have been home except the absolute have to go into town…

  • Dawn Karlicek says:

    Love your swimsuit Abby

  • Joy Bering says:

    💘 the vlog keep being awesome !

  • Aviana Jupiter says:

    Where do you get your swimsuits Priscilla?? So CUTE!!💙💙💙

  • Kari M says:

    So jealous!
    Chicago is still pretty cold, were at 30 degrees.

  • Marisa Fernandez says:

    Oh my gosh you must have loved that background bird noise at the pool😂😂

  • Nancy Rickman says:

    Love the bun sisters!

  • Nicole Martin says:


  • Taryn Albert says:

    My 13 year old son has high functioning Autism, I’ve been home schooling him since he was 7. This year I started my daughter also so now I’m home schooling both!!! It’s definitely a lot of work and takes complete dedication to keep a routine!!!

  • Mark & Becky Griffus says:

    Best dinner ever. Our family eats this often. It is a fav for even our youngest eaters. We have it with Rice.

  • Haley Ryan says:

    That was the most precious moment with Priscilla dancing around doing exercises! I just love picturing that happening at some time every morning!!

  • Kristen Donovan says:

    We've been doing some school worksheets with our Little, but are starting a schedule for doing schoolwork and therapies tomorrow in earnest. It's frustrating.

  • Rachel Dickinson says:

    In LOVE with Cilla's bathing suit!! Thanks for all the content recently, definitely helping with quarantine. Love you guys and the positivity! Stay safe

  • Amber Holmes says:

    I just made that dinner 2 nights ago the only thing I did differently was use shredded chicken.

  • Susan Rogan says:

    Won’t the dog leave a lot of hair in the pool?

  • Moe Stein says:

    She could tear newspaper and make a paper mache egg for Easter. Might help her learn to tear open paper packets.

  • momma Godes says:

    Homeschool isnt for everyone. It was a safe choice for us after the school district here lost our daughter.

  • Von Charleston says:

    I think Abbie did amazing. She doesn't seem to be too confused with the change. Well done with trying to make it like separate activities without overloading her. Love to see Sandy in the pool. I wish our pool had a heater. I cant wait to see if our new puppy likes it. Our schools have been off for over a week now and the pool is calling but it's just too cold. Hopefully another couple of weeks and we will be in. We should have been coming to Orlando in 2 weeks time for my daughter's 14th birthday surprise but we will get there at some point. Hopefully you will be having a meet up when we get there. Stay safe everyone. X

  • sindy speechley says:

    On Australia we are starting to lock down. However I work in disability, this is classed as an essential service. Therefore we are still working. Our schools are open for those with essential services. I feel so bad sending my son with autism to school so I can go and look after others with Autism. I have had a major increase in meltdowns and sleep insomnia. Hard times everyone. Stay safe 😍

  • Cherie Dee says:

    Great job Mom! One suggestion, you should rinse your meat. My daughter is a butcher in a store and says you should, but she wouldn't tell my exactly why. I probably wouldn't want to know.

  • Kelly Casbolt says:

    We home school my 2. Eldest is verbal, and it was so hard to begin but now she is thriving. Saying that we're into year 3 of homeschooling so it's routine now. I remember the early days painfully 😭😂

  • Ela Mongrella says:

    Maverick probably still remembers the time he almost drowned on the tarp. lol

  • Straight Fruitcake says:

    Abbie has the prettiest smile 💜

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    I’m starting my home schooling today, and I’m watching this on my break, it’s nice to finally be able to keep my brain active

  • Pythagoria1993 says:

    I find her stims adorable. 😊

  • REMI says:

    78??!?!?!!?!?!!? That’s 25 in Celsius. (Canadian over here) I live on the west coast of Vancouver island, BC. and that’s our temperature usually for the summer(late June -late August)! YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY. ITS 50f HERE!!! And I’m wearing a t-shirt thinking it’s hot!

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    So cool and love the ladies matching top knots!!! 🥰

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    I miss summer 💗💗💗

  • Ivanna Soputri says:

    Maybe there are tons have said it but I think Abbie has a sweet smile

  • Marion Ann Bays says:

    Schools in England are probably staying closed until September x

  • Marion Ann Bays says:

    England is in near loked down y isn't the usa I hope you don't get the virus as they are saying that u aren't meant to go out at all x

  • john martin says:

    It gave me chills that y'all still do the national anthem at home school. So
    Many do understand. I've done two tours and I look at a flag and anthem differently than most. But I smiled to see her try.

  • Jessica Smith says:

    I love when Abbie is proud of herself after she completes something. It’s a different grin than her normal happy grin.

  • Maliha Hansen says:

    Thank you for loading this ❤️ Do you do physiotherapy practice with Abbie at home? If so, could you make a video of it? I’m a teacher working with people with special needs and I’m very intersted in ex. physiotherapy and learning from it/others. In Denmark we practice with the citizens that we’re working with.

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    Abbie is adorable

  • Erica Sarat says:

    Show her a video of her making the food before you start eating. She'll be proud that she helped make it.

  • Pam Carballoca says:

    I seen this on FB…
    First day of home schooling
    I kid expelled
    I kid sent to the principals office
    2 kids fighting
    Teacher fired for drinking on the job…🤣🤣🤣

  • Fiza Aga says:

    Are you doing home schooling because of the virus and what homework did the therapists gave you?

  • Kimiko says:

    I wish you guys the best of luck with the virus situation, it's not going to be easy but you'll get trough it and remember that you are not alone! Love from belgium

  • Valerie Woods says:

    We are a homeschooling family. 🙂 Our second and fourth kiddos are on the spectrum (son with asperger's and daughter with PDD-NOS). We've had a fantastic time teaching them at home. It's not EASY but neither is sending kids to school – both have their challenges! Keep up the great work!!

  • Heartbreak Kid says:

    Why don’t white ppl wash their meat???

  • bbearss98 says:

    I love seeing the 2 step task Abbie! "Go put X there and come back" this was one thing we were working on with my kiddos before school closed!

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    Exercising with Cilla and Sandy the dog.😂😘

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    Abby touched the meat package then she touched her mouth 😝 Oh well probably won’t hurt her I guess, just my own aversion to touching meat without gloves etc gettin to me 🙈😜🤷🏼‍♀️ Might be a little OCD in me 🤣

  • Caroline Odell says:

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    Life skills 101, cooking, laundry, mailbox, moving garbage cans….. homeschool at its best

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    I love how much effort Abbie put into that morning workout, can't say I did the same today haha

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    Where can you find the morning meeting videos

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    This Vlog is a wonderful example of what many can do on a daily basis! Thank you!

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    Asa:"No, that's you too"

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    Abbie's fish bubble stim is by far my favourite, super cute!! well done on the home schooling!

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    My son is 5 years old and has non verbal autism and he makes a sound similar to the one abby is making when he is thirsty. My son does a slurping type sound. I think it's so cute. 🙂

  • Wendy Hanson says:

    I’ve made that roast recipe, delish.. today I’m making a crockpot pulled pork with dr. Pepper for sandwiches.. thanks for sharing your life..

  • tiggy says:

    wow Abbie did well helpin in the kitchen xoxox…love 'PE" in the morning hehe…that is really cool…findin things to do xoxo…take care all of you…love n hugs to you all…hope your parents are all doin ok xoxox…

  • Xxx Xxx says:

    Literally the cutest ever

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    Asa, is your guys' pool heated too?

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    Why was it so long for the kitty to get spayed ? I love watching y’all’s videos

  • Kim Gable says:

    I appreciate your family. Thanks for being there with positive thoughts

  • Tracy Tracy says:

    This is great. We are trying to learn this homeschool stuff as well as all therapy sessions being virtual. Quite interesting, and stressful.

  • chelseaCHAOS says:

    The things I would do to be able to swim in a pool right now. It’s only 40 degrees here waaay to cold for that 😂

  • A wild Aiden says:

    I'm autistic and I'm also really struggling with being home schooled, it's a huge change

  • rachael Worley says:

    I kept hearing clicking and realized that it was Abbie. My bad Abbie I'm still half asleep.

  • MistiqueLuvz 2020 says:

    It's so extremely hard!!! Especially for a single parent like me 😑 they're so lucky to have you and cilla together, y'all are amazing!! Any tips for a mommy stuck inside with a 6yr old who's meltdowns are like every half hour it seems like?!

  • soy lol says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you’re a great father and your daughter is lucky to be in your family. I’m 90% sure I have autism but my family does not take me seriously and refuses to acknowledge my sensory issues or obvious autism signs.

  • MistiqueLuvz 2020 says:

    We are not allowed to be at any parks😣

  • Serena Bromley says:

    I love Abbie's smile and laugh! Such a sweet girl ❤️💙💕💕

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    Gavin has a blanket he loves to wrap up in all the time. I'll post a video of him with his blanket. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I guess it's for comfort or sensory reasons. He loves it.

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  • Super Carla Regan says:

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  • elayna rice says:

    In the past year I have seen Abbie come leaps and bounds in her ability to communicate and for you all to be able to communicate with her. She seems so much happier and joyful and free. It's like you're finally speaking the same language and it is everything to her. <3

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    Sea Homeschoolers has rescoures! Curriculum for elementary through high school!

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