Avoid Massive Downtime for Google Ads [ep 46]

As many of you know KND Digital also
run Hack Rescue, it’s a high response repair service for websites that get
attacked and so what we’re seeing recently is a disconnect between Google
Ads and your website and how it’s seen after it is attacked. There’s a huge
moral to this story which I’ll cover soon but here’s the scenario that’s
happening every day pretty much every site that runs ads this is what’s going
on so your Google ads are running they’re pointing to your website and
that’s all running all fine. So one day are your website gets attacked, by
hackers and Google’s scanners recognize that it’s been attacked. You might see a
flag in your search engine “this site may contain harmful content or malicious
code’ or something. So that’s all bad, but it can be fixed really easily so our
service and other other services come in and we clean the site and usually that
can happen within a few hours or at least within within a day in a good
scenario. So the site is clean. And we then submit back to Google so we go to
Google and we say hey… scan your site so we do this in Google’s search console.
Otherwise known as webmaster tools. So we tell Google that it’s clean, so usually
that’s a three to five day even a bit less maybe two to three day period where
Google will come back and scan your site and go yep okay we’re happy it’s all
clean good to go. However, what’s happening at the moment is that can
actually come back and say yep tick we’re all clean but your Google ads
account will still say that your site contains malicious code. So it won’t run
your ads! So there’s this massive gap and this isn’t just for three days or five
days this can be I’ve seen maybe at least one to two weeks of pain, so
people who have their sites they’re coming back to us going Google still
thinks our site is hacked and but it’s not all our scanning tools are
all saying it’s clean and it is clean it’s just
Google’s caching tools that it uses to run these scripts is looking at an older
version of your site the hacked version of your site. So… the moral of the story
is do your hardening first before you get hacked! Please avoid getting hacked
keep your updates running, run all your plugins get everything up to date,
security in place to talk to us to get it done and you won’t get into this
situation when Google actually will take your ads down for at least you know one
to two weeks! That’s very, very painful a business that relies on Google Ads. So
don’t wait get your site hardened have a look at the insides of your website and
see what’s going on. Get an expert in and get your site clean otherwise you’ll end
up in this pain it’s happening a lot there is so much hacking hacking going
on on websites these days but you need to reach out to an expert to make sure
that you are protected.

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