Well here I am at the junction of the Pacific Crest Trail. If I go that way, I’m going to go to White Pass. But I’m going that way toward Chinook Pass. I’m here at the parking lot for Grove of the Patriarchs. getting ready to do my next loop. I’m going do east side trail and up to… let’s see… east side trail up to the PCT and up to Chinook Pass and back down east side trail to make a big ‘ol loop. I think it’s about 30 miles. I’ve got three days off so it should be a great backpacking trip. So, I’m going counterclockwise, East Side trail up to the PCT, and not too far from the car from the Grove of the Patriarchs there’s this really cool series of water, of cascading waterfalls it’s pretty cool. [Music] Looks like there is an overlook for some of these amazing falls, so I am going to go check them out! [Music] Pretty cool you can actually feel the spray [Music] There’s Silver Falls again… pretty cool I’m merging onto the Laughingwater trail, it’s going to take me to three lakes campsite for tonight, and then on to the Pacific Crest Trail. I have no idea how they call this a share size. It’s like one serving right there! Part of what’s so cool about the Pacific Northwest is all this green ground cover it’s all… it’s really cool to see. [Music] So there’s a little lake down there. I’m hoping that’s the campsite. So, that indeed was the little lake where the campsites are. So I am at camp. There’s a ton of flies out here so I put the little head net on to keep them off my face it was driving me crazy! Luckily, so far it doesn’t seem like tons of mosquitoes, but maybe that’ll come later, we’ll see. [Music] Well, day 2 – time to get up. I don’t feel like getting up, I could use another hour of sleep, but I’ve got like 16 miles to do, so I should probably get going. But, yeah, day two… I’m going to connect with the PCT and go up towards Chinook Pass, and then connect back with East Side trail, and then to Deer Creek campsite. See you on the trail. It’s about 7:00 in the morning, finally ready to hit the trail. I’m going to connect up with the PCT this morning, which I’m really looking forward to doing a little piece of that. It’s a little mosquito-ey out this morning so I’ve got the little bug net on, hopefully I can take it off in a bit, but I’m gonna leave it on for now. So this must be the the third lake. It’s super beautiful out here, super quiet. I think next time maybe I’ll bring a little fishing pole. It’d be pretty nice and peaceful to sit out here and go fishing a little bit. Here’s the park boundary. I’ll be going outside of the park now and probably hitting up the PCT in about another mile. So I guess we’re going in and out of the National Park so we’re not out of it out of it. There’s a really nice lake… no camping. “Hey mr. frog, what are you doing down there?” Really great view of Mount Rainier as we get closer to the PCT. Well here I am at the junction of the Pacific Crest Trail. If I go that way I’m going go to White Pass, but I’m going that way towards Chinook Pass. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] There’s a pika up there, I don’t know if you can see it. There’s a nice lake down there. I’m wondering if it’s Dewey Lake. Might be a little too soon for that. I guess we’ll see… there’s a trail sign down there. So I was right, that other lake was not Dewey Lake. It was past this, or before this. This is Dewey Lake. Looks pretty sweet! I’m going to go check it out. So, I can hear elk across the water there but I can’t see them, so they must be in the trees. So it’s not super obvious which way I need to go, but I’m headed towards Tipsoo Lake, that goes into the park, I think that’s right. So, right before getting to Tipsoo Lake I took a quick little left onto East Side trail, thank goodness because Tipsoo Lake looks super crowded. It’s right on the 410 highway. So, now I’m on the Eastside trail, which right now looks like it’s hardly used. Finally made it to Deer Creek Campsite. Felt like a long day, I made decent time though, I left at 7 it’s 4 o’clock now. I haven’t added up all the miles, but somewhere between 15 and 16 miles. So, I’m going to set up my tent and cook some dinner, and actually, I’ll probably get some water first down the way, there’s a creek, I’m assuming is Deer Creek. Looking forward to some nice icy cold water. I slept in this morning, felt great! It’s about 7:30 right now. I’ve only got six miles left to get back to my car, back at the trailhead, so easy peasy. I’ve done this portion of trail before and it’s pretty flat. Not flat flat, but no real ups or downs, so should be an easy hike back to the car. All right, day 3, the last day of this trip. It should be a quick hike out 6.6 miles. I’m going to take you down to the creek real quick, straight down the hill from the campsite. [Music] [Music] Pretty nice spot for soaking the feet after a nice long hike, which is what I did yesterday. It’s pretty nice camp spot. The only thing I don’t like is it is fairly close to the road. There’s a little side trail, it’s only about a half a mile to the road, but I had the whole camp site to myself so that was good. So, there are these plants out here called Devil’s Club, I believe, and they have spikes all over them! I would hate to fall into one of these. this is all, well, not all, but a lot of Devil’s Club [Music] [Music] [Music] Getting really close to the end of this hike, I can hear people, which means we’re getting close to the parking for the Grove of the Patriarchs. Actually, I can see the bridge from here, so I guess like maybe 3/10 of a mile left. It’s going to start getting really crowded up ahead so probably going to put the camera away. But yeah, this has been a really good loop it was amazing seeing part of the PCT. Got some really great views there. Made me want to through hike it even more, but yeah it’s been a great trip! See y’all in the next adventure!

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  • Micah Shull says:

    Awesome!!! Really beautiful. The music makes it especially enjoyable to watch.

  • Adventure Plus Me says:

    If anyone has a favorite loop trip that includes part of the PCT in the pacific northwest please leave them in a comment, I'd love to hear about them!

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