Base Assault with an APC | Ghost Recon Breakpoint

welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome back
to another episode of Ghost Recon Breakpoint this one we are gonna be
going ham with this tank let’s get moving inside the base got him they
might have a sniper somewhere hopefully there’s no civilians oh boy
kill everything that’s not good that’s not good that turret is not dying to get
out moving moving behind us I’m gonna get behind this rock to keep my sniper
out well that was a really quick run with that thing got him
where is he somebody else over there how many buddy pop your head up come on pop
your head up dead dead they’re kidding kidding somebody’s way down there I’m
gonna pop I got him oh boy oh no scope oh boy they got a mortar on top of that
building if you get close to me got him got him got him
oh he dropped a purple Breedlove see you’re dead that mortar can I hit it
from here yes I can let’s take it out there we go mortars
down look see they got another commander up there I’m gonna go try and grab them running around cover I’m here buddy got
so much stuff I’m your buddy oh that’s commander shoot didn’t try to
get him in a second knife get a shotgun dude cover oh boy
wow you got a sniper somewhere or I’ll clear them out for you buddy
all right thank you commanders coming to me all right you
get the commander I got everybody up come on grab them grab the commander not
the freakin stuff on the ground there we go okay I got him come on come on
I can’t interrogate him that blows okay I’ll just knock off ours vest from them
though all right I’m gonna take cover here get my drone up see those guys on the ground they got
another commander over there you’re right
oh fuck no bandages no bandages I’m coming to you hang in there
no I’m telling my dude don’t use fucking bit use the trip you’re gonna get some
Anders hang in there I’m in cover got him
Oh what was that nope I got him your executor nope nope I got him but he
doesn’t have any info he’s down where’s the guy in the building here
moving in there’s one left I’m going inside here
going upstairs at the top of the building where the guys oh I think
there’s a church somewhere oh shoot come here bitch got him yikes
okay there we go and uh sleep tight he’s down I think okay I’m in the server room
now got a weapons-grade in here no I got a denied all right see what he got new
gloves 93 okay that’s five two tiers higher so we’ll get those equipped the
vast it’s a 90 oh this one’s a 91 I guess I’ll equip that didn’t realize
ahead that I would say okay got a FS mm k nice well it’s not I’ll stick with
what I have and I’m walking this dude into this security all right coming down
to you see there you are okay nice it’s going sad we got some grenades
and stuff jammers there’s another door that opens there we go just some more
grenades and whatnot destroy the servers Roger that alright that should be good
work doing it’s worth doing Rider exactly you got another door here that’s
locked Oh that’ll work let’s get Dan I want to go look at and
they’re all in perfect condition yeah welcome to video game we’re gonna
create out here I’ll be right back alright gonna go check the cream this
way I hope you guys are enjoying the episode so far again if you do seriously
hit that like button that really does help me out when you do that you don’t
maybe consider subscribing if you haven’t already okay it’s only two
levels higher I’m gonna stick with what I have right now let’s Dec get over
there climb up that and let’s see you guys got
some credits on them 42 credits go ahead quite a bit all right to hire it’s fine now get up
here go on the roof got look at that we got a sniper right over there doesn’t
even know I’m here and pop headshot sniper down all right that crate is on
top so we’ll get around the swag off the letter come on climb thank you oh this
one I destroyed yeah that is destroyed okay do we get something good please okay it’s a blueprint that’s not bad
get another guy down there hey Jett kind of blew off the side of his face then
that one let’s get the drone up we might be clear see looks good and then this is the
other thing too after we secure location we try to scan the entire area of all
these question marks to make sure we have everything located that we can
sometimes there’s two times it does it I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or if it
actually gives you more information looks like we’re pretty good on scouting looks like we mostly got everything I
just need to find where all these boxes aren’t yep
there’s Intel by the main gate there all right
looks like we’re clear what’s down there it’s not a collectible until you can
grip okay and we both share we got a sniper way out there let me see God oh
yes I did okay good shot thank you thank you okay
so that’s that by the way that blue crate is up here on
top of the building you can get to it from the side here boxes 111 level g20
damn there is something up there collectible go back up you do it from inside the building or
outside either way that’s coming off the inside I got the collectible USB drive
it looked like oh yes yes you collectible you got to get for yourself
yeah okay and then to get to that Creed off the top get go over this way now
right here there’s a ladder all right so let’s go back outside should be Yolo get
down this way all right civilian hopefully blue what’s going on
man where’s this crate it is it above us yeah I see it purple nice skull credits
2500 112 pistol nice starting to get up there here oh this thing is sick it’s like a
Tesla off-roader I forget what whoa yeah
oh my goodness okay so no it it’s definitely an engine it’s not okay see that’s what I’m talking about
though like running over that did that much damage like come on listen to this
thing look at it soon four-wheel drive burnout oh that is sick damn and the suspension
on it look at that it’s like it’s got hydraulics let me go pick up this over
here geez the physics in the game all right
what’s this ooh I got a PDW player I bought 100 this is the vehicle you
bought one of them we can deploy that at any any Bibble no I see yeah this thing
is sick got the Intel get in it and compensate
look I’m pretty sure that this game’s kind of like violet okay in that like
when you get choices of what Intel you it’s not like if you don’t pick this
you’ll never find and yeah that’s why I’m saying you know always focus on the
map all right guys I’m gonna leave this episode here I hope you guys enjoyed it
let me know what you thought in the comments below
maybe kids are subscribing if you haven’t already and be sure you hit that
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alright guys take it easy

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