Best FREE WordPress SEO Plugin 2020 – Yoast SEO Alternative

The best WordPress SEO plugin and it’s a
Yoast SEO alternative. Hey it’s Hoz here continuing with the WordPress speed
optimization series; make sure you check out all the videos in this playlist
because each one is a tip to help you optimize your WordPress website. And
when it comes to optimizing WordPress what better than a WordPress SEO plugin?
Or so you’d think right? Well many years ago when I first started using WordPress
I began using an SEO plugin called all in one SEO and it was great. Then I
discovered Yoast SEO back when that used to be a small plugin and I started
using that. Over time Yoast SEO became a rather large plugin; they just kept on
adding functionality and features. Unfortunately that meant a very large
footprint. So I fell out with SEO plugins and I haven’t used an SEO plugin for
many years. I do optimize my content and I did spend many years doing search
engine optimization for clients so I had the luxury of not having to rely on SEO
plugins. I understand of course it’s not the same for everybody and some people
need a WordPress SEO plugin to help them optimize their content. Now for me
that all changed recently when I came across a WordPress SEO plugin that
really caught my eye and I couldn’t help it I had to download it and try it and I
have to say I was blown away. So once again I am using an SEO plugin; it does
make things a little easier even if you know what you’re doing but I do think
it’s rather nice. Now the plu-in I’m referring to in my opinion is the best
WordPress SEO plugin: it’s lightweight, it’s extremely well coded and I just
love the features. The plugin is called Rank Math. This is what it looks like on
the WordPress dashboard. You can see that it has many sections, its own dashboard,
general settings, titles and meta, sitemap, settings,
role manager, 404 monitors, redirections, search console, SEO
analysis, status and tools, import and export which is always a great feature
if you’re gonna be working with more than one site, and help and support. Now on
the dashboard you can see their modules and you can see some of the ones that I
have active: that includes the 404 monitor, AMP which stands for accelerated
mobile pages, link counter, redirections, Rich Snippets, search console, SEO
analysis and sitemap. You’ll notice that there is a WooCommerce module and that
is to help you optimize WooCommerce product pages and there’s also a local
SEO and Google knowledge graph and that’s to help you dominate the local
search results. You have a setup wizard which is comprised of five steps which
include setting up your website, connecting your search console account,
setting up your sitemaps and taking care of your optimization. Under general
settings you can see just how much control this plugin gives you over the
optimization of your WordPress website. You have a ton of features to control
links, including automatically no following external links which I used to
have to do manually so this alone is a great time-saving feature and there’s a
ton of features just like this in this SEO plugin. You have an images section
which includes automatically adding missing alt text to images – another great
time-saving feature if you have a ton of images on your site and some of them
don’t have that alt text. Now these features by the way can be turned on and
off so if you don’t want a particular feature you can just turn it off but if
you’re just installing this SEO plugin and you already have existing images
with missing alt text, just toggling that feature on will take care of that
problem and save you a ton of time. You have breadcrumbs, webmaster tools, you can
edit your robots.txt file as well as your .htaccess file; you have a 404
monitor which is super handy and it means you don’t have to use a separate
plugin to take care of that and you also have a redirection section. If you change
the permalink – the URL structure – of one of your pages,
you can set up a redirect within the plugin, again without having to use a
different redirection plugin. The features go on as you can see down the
sidebar and two things that I find really impressive is the fact that the
plugin is rather lightweight compared to other huge SEO plugins and secondly
is the fact that the plugin has remained true to what it’s supposed to
do: it’s an SEO plugin and it deals only with that. When it comes to using the
plugin you get to do that at the bottom of your posts and your pages and this is
what it looks like. You have a general tab where you can edit your snippet and
you can set a focus keyword to get an instant SEO score based on the plugins
algorithm of course as it measures your content. You have an Advanced tab where
you can set up the indexability of your page and images and you have a rich
snippet which takes care of structured data and this is another great thing
that I love about this SEO plugin because I used to have to use a separate
plugin just to deal with structured data. In fact this SEO plugin has enabled me
to get rid of at least three or four plugins which of course results in a
lighter website but it gets better than this. Wait till you hear what I have to
tell you at the end. Okay so as I was saying this is the rich snippet; you’ll
see that I’ve selected article for my rich snippet type and further down here
I’ve selected blog post as the article type. And then you have a social tab
where you can add individual images for Facebook and Twitter as well as an
individual title and description; you may sometimes want a different description
and title for your social posts than you do for your blog posts. Finally you can
see if we toggle to Twitter you can actually set up the card type too. So Rank
Math to my mind is the best WordPress SEO plugin today. And here’s the thing
i’ve been dying to tell you throughout this video: this SEO plugin is free. It’s
absolutely brilliant, it’s really
nice to use, it looks great, it has an amazing set of features and it doesn’t
cost a penny. And if you’re already using Yoast or another popular plugin then
you’ll be happy to hear that you can import your data into Rank Math. It
really doesn’t get better than this, so check out this fantastic SEO plugin and
then let’s continue to optimize your WordPress website. You can do that by
clicking the video that’s now on your screen. Click it and I’ll see you there.

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