Black People Like… | Episode 1: Rock Music | Freeform

Black people love rock music. Sometimes I’m at home and I wanna
listen to a little bit of Paramore. You know? I wanna listen to some Vampire Weekend. Ooh. You know? I mean, did you ever feel weird listening to that as a kid? Rock music? Yeah. I never listened to it as a kid— You never listened to it as a kid. So, how did you discover it? Hanging out with white people. I loved it, growing up in high school. And that was a weird bonding moment I had with my Nigerian father. Because he said, in Nigeria, he used to like AC/DC and all that stuff. And his brothers took his tapes, cassettes and destroyed them— Whoa. I think we’re just generally realizing that being black is not a monolithic experience. I feel like it was more put upon us before that was, you have to be, think, do all
these certain things to make you black. Yeah. I remember when people were like,
“Paramore’s black music.” And all the black people were like,
“Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” [Ira] Chuck Berry. Rock and Roll too.
[Hayley] Yes. Yeah. You know, all of these had roots of black artists making music, that were then co-opted. I mean, you’ve seenDream Girls.You know, the movie? You know, where they have the black version
and then they have the white cover of it. And then that makes money. Yeah. Maybe then you have to step into the bad side. Music for me, it’s, like, depending on what
mental or new chapter I’m in in life. I think middle school was definitely Paramore, Evanescence — Columbia House, some Red Hot Chili Peppers— The Eagles. What would they be considered? The Eagles is, like, folk. Yeah. I like folk music then! [Hayley] My husband is a folk musician, so I listen to it.
[Ira] Light rock. Dad rock. Yeah. Dad rock. The only rock music that I listen to is Christian rock. Mm. Oh, interesting. We had this white Christian radio station that used to bump. I just want to thank you all for sharing your truth. [Hayley] That was so genuine. I loved it! [Hayley] You’re welcome. No. I wanna thank you all for going on this music deep dive with me. It’s been fun. Maybe I should get into some Christian rock. Amen. [Ira] Amen. Amen. Amen.

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