Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2019 – New User Interface

thanks for checking out Bluebeam and
Burgers I’m Troy DeGroot and today I just want to go over the interface
2018 they came out with a new interface got rid of the ribbon and things like
that so I want to go over the interface where things are at and show you guys
kind of the new layout to start out I just opened up a document so that all of
my tools open up if I don’t have this open you’ll notice that some of those
across the bottom will close as well so I’m just gonna go and open that back up
and we’re gonna start up at the top so the review menu up here I’m just gonna
show you a couple things in here under preferences this is where your
preference button went that used to be up on the upper right and 2017 and
earlier they did a really nice job of organizing the tools in here so one
thing that I like to point out to people here is under general options I like to
show full screen crosshair that goes back to my cat days AutoCAD and Revit
where I like to have my cursor go top to bottom left to right helps me find my
cursor in congested areas kind of all lines point to your cursor
it also helps me line things up when I’m drawing windows and things like that so
that’s under review we’ll come back to this one in a second file menu is just
going to be like any other software you’ve got your file new open save print
all that stuff same with edit undo redo copy paste all that good stuff is in
here I’m gonna jump over to batch this is going to be in the extreme version
only some tools in here to be able to manipulate multiple drawings at a time
instead of one to one so that’s all under the batch tools and for the most
part the ribbon that everybody’s used to and missing is underneath the Tools menu so if you’re looking for any sort of tool go to tools if you’re looking for a
markup it’s under the markups so basically under markup you’ve got
different category in here separated by these bars this one
is the text and it used to be a flyout that would give you the different
options for those and then it comes into the pen and the highlighter lines and
things like that and then it gets into shapes and clouds and so on so this is
where all your markup tools are that replaced your ribbon and then you’ve got
your stamps and your measure menu here and calibrate being the most important
that’s gonna be at the top of the list and then you’ve got all of those typical
measurement tools in here so you’ve also got your sketch tools forms and
signatures all in there so basically your entire ribbon just moved to the
Tools menu so remember that the interface that I’m going over
and when I say interface I mean where all my tools are what’s turned on what’s
turned off is called a profile so if I go under review profile you’ll see I
have quite a few extra I build them often I’m just gonna start out and if
you guys want to go to review advanced then it’ll kind of look very similar to
what I have so on the Left panel over here you’re gonna see some tools
vertical in the prior version they were across the top so you’d have to open up
this panel decide what tool you wanted and then pick on that tab to be able to
see the tools under here so having them vertical on the side actually allows us
to we don’t have to open that panel we can just click on our thumbnails
okay so saves us a click every time we go to our our side panels okay so just a
few that I have open in here is going to be our file access the thumbnails layers
tool chest and sets if the tools that you want are not on here that you’re
looking for simply come down to this great area here and right-click go to
show and you’ll see all the ones that are on or highlighted blue and all the
ones that are that you can turn on are not colored so you can click on that and
it’s going to show up in that side panel so you can go to that one
yeah you can also go in and right-click on the tool itself and go to attach and
put it on the right side if you want to and that’s just gonna throw it over on
the side over here if you don’t use the tool you can clean up so you’re not
overwhelmed with all the tools just come in here right-click on the tool and
click hide so that is the left panel on the right panel we’ve got some more of
those tools again if you right-click and go to show these are all it’s the same
list if it’s blue it could be on the left or the right it’s on and that’s
what it’s indicating so you can go over here and turn on whichever ones you want
as well so I’ll turn on studio properties is already on I like to have
my measurement tab over here as well so it’s up to you guys kind of how you want
your layout I like to have my tool chest over here so I can get to any tools that
I use a lot and then over on the right side I can have my properties or my
measurement tab open at the same time those are my most common panels so I
like to have them on opposite sides to be able to use those at the same time
okay so to minimize those I’m just going to click on those blue lines and then
across the bottom I’m going to show you the panels down here but first I want to
make sure that they’re turned on for you so if you go up to tools and go down to
toolbars I want to make sure that these top three are turned on your status bar
navigation bar and properties the status and the navigation bar are going to be
across here at the bottom and this is where you’re gonna split screen vertical
horizontal change the change from full page view where you’ve got the scroll
and the pan to scrolling pages which is going to maximize the width and then
your center wheel will scroll up and down on those pages that’s where that’s
gonna be and then all your navigation through pages is going to be here so
down here I like to have these four turned on bait by default
we’ve got snap to content snap to markup the reuse command
which is gonna reuse your tools until you hit escape to stop it and then
synchronize views that’s gonna when you put the drawings next to each other
revision a revision see when you navigate in one drawing it’s going to
move and sync on the other one as well and I’ll reference I’ll put a link to a
video here for compare and overlay with a tip and so you can see that in action
and if you’re doing a lot of compare drawings so ok the last one I want to
show is down here there’s another blue line and here is your markups list so
this is where it’s going to record an itemized list of all of the markups that
you do up top okay so as soon as I do a highlighter it’s going to show up in my
markups list ok lots of different workflows you can do with that that’s
your interface and where things have kind of moved too so hopefully that gets
you a little bit more familiar I will say that the more custom tools you use
over here and build and the more you use the my tools to save your most common
markups the less you’re going to come up here and go into the generic markups up
you know under the menu so same thing with measure even with the ribbon I
didn’t use the measure ribbon up top I’ve always had a habit of going over to
the right side and clicking on my measure tab and all those measurement
tools are across the top here and you have the big calibrate button as well so
maybe that works for you for most people it just takes a couple hours or really
being in it and finding those tools remembering where they’re at I know a
lot of people that don’t use it very often they have to relearn it every time
so just take some time get used to it I actually really like it I think it’s the
new layout is very organized it makes a ton of sense if I’m looking for a tool I
go into tools if I want to markup it’s under markups so hopefully you guys
liked this video make sure that you like, subscribe and share it thank you

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