Breaking Ghost Recon Breakpoint – OH GOD THE HELI-

[Music] [Music] I’m like a million years away [Music] oh it’s gonna revenue [Music] then the light citizen Oh my sister good money [Music] here’s another superpower [Music] you’re inside again it says you’re inside the cave but your weight you’re not in the heli [Applause] [Music] oh I got taking a picture of hangin I’m gonna kill it I dumped like a paper plane ha ha another backrest cap holy shit what Graham what oh wait I’m gonna fix my what I’ll come up I fix it oh yeah you forgetting the to not release some people are releasing I do this one so fast yeah I got the electric version it’s so fast no no no David controller Oh No oh you dickhead [Music] every time I look away from my guy and like back he’s like standing up off the front like Hanna Baz really quickly they sits back down again Jack got a plane I’m gonna fly this plane oh I’m stuck in the grass no I’m stuck in the ground wait what if I pray I fell below the ground Oh Jim laughs okay ma’am I got the dye for you I’ve been denied I want to reading the trailer when the fucking all hell breaks loose and helmet calls us [Music] you

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