Brekete Family Programme 26th June, 2019

no leave him I'll wake up busy brother will come this is now welcome my downfall of this which one my last one from heaven Cigna chick not taking I met Wendy by Gandhi cool ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you for osya a module below my name lupica animal be yoga pata pata for leg I can suit I want to see this opportunity to thank you for all that you have been doing a lot of players have been a set people have been praying for you and it is certain that the vacatur family program had the highest listenership in the whole of Abuja human rights radio and television 101.1 their hope of breakages family ah now we need a character boo-boos I just want you some time that takes various clots there when I wash for this way you know submissive this one electrical yeah but waited you know nothing a danger they take the place in case you know Savi today spread wet clothes on top electric wire physical personal Yosef no puja television antenna near electric wire and if you see any electric wire will install for foie gras I beg you Nonya Rambo to be built by unsafe or to the perform any kind even activity on the power line 9bt show to danger when would you build your house you must remove space between the house and the electricity installation just a smoker look we already follow this simple one is so that who knew go put our life and allow for people with their handles for danger from Abuja electricity distribution company the company will care whether for the safety of in customers for cookie nasara one I just ate pooja pooja electricity distribution company want me to stay alive to enjoy them service Abuja electricity distribution company Wow ship it dice it makes it flip it fry it enjoy it join chef Padma as she cooks your favorite mission kitchen Republic every Sunday by 5:30 in the evening only human rights radio Sarah 1.1 mm redefining broadcasting palakollu the negative idiom quarter inch in an Ummah who are to whom are I trade you meter area that the good air name official doc accentuate Argentinian iconic Allah yamashina very commendable and utterly Pandaria from mom Akashi surah surah she will take his only thing our honorable Arabic – Anika receive you two are a few open araña imagine imagine you were the president of Nigeria there are real issues in our country Nigeria that needs to be tackled now is it a high rate of corruption or the increasing rates of unemployment is it a growing state of poverty or the lack of necessary infrastructure name it whatever the issues are stop the blame game how can we solve these problems together imagine you are the president of Nigeria human rights radio and television 101.1 their home of breakages family okay ten nine eight seven six five four three two one everybody in the studio stand up for the national ejector at the count of three one two three go I pledge to Nigeria my country to be faithful loyal and honest to South Nigeria with all my strength to defend her unity and uphold her honor and glory so help me God so help us God as a nation Nigeria amen yes you automatically win again chicken Khurana Wassenaar dobra utrom Imam watch in Ghana for white know Tasha manga based on artists usually Angus on Elena manali Asiago in salafiyyah Yaakov on gamma man below and are a way Lou Martin O'Malley washi year Warner ginger Limbaugh AG Anna Maria Mary Ikuo ah Lee Jung Joo Samantha Kenya una good morning good morning yeah you're good yeah yeah yeah good morning yeah go go go yeah yeah [Applause] Balam lazy man wake up lazy woman wake up lazy brother wake up is to wake up lazy until leave that bed lazy uncle you still lie down lazy children look would not take when I loved you better no Allah anybody deceive and I say will not be leaders of tomorrow no you are a leader now in your own little capacity nobody should deceive you when will tomorrow come your tomorrow starts now something when we say then they develop over time even if God give you gift of leadership if you know he developer you could reach 1 BC you never believed I we parents know Kannada telenet children lacunae they give them responsibilities responsibilities you can never be responsible now responsibilities they make person they're responsible apply your common sense because common sense not a common I make madam away be the commonest managua common sense brothers my sisters even a lieutenant a city time don't they give a signal signal busy signal we continue to definitely go today now 80 – day where we do man we get plenty plenty Baku Baku teens we will give an offense asked to do today by the grace of God God will guide us all right may we walk and never stumble and in spirit of mistake whoever we become may God Almighty advocate for all may we have a clean program descent program program that will add value to humanity mmm my brothers my sisters if religion honest is determined they give a signal signal to do it a signal map we introduce our lifetime partners but before we do the introduction make we quickly face one or two cases with your foreground you get one woman we carry calm a Bama pond ago called epidemic cholera mr. Patrick Otero he therefore he never forget they do this channel and we say okay this Baba now somebody should sacrifice his cheer bah bah bah daddy sit down there in fact because of your age I will start the program with you yes sir they could not call mr. Patrick Otero either forget Madame look wanna give her a chance may she sit down there now with you you supposed read Oh you even when mikono talk yes again I'm on my way carry cry calm she said her husband be time yesterday in the alley column the first thing where they ask na hoona Mari because man will not marry you properly you know they get full respect for you as a woman no matter how we deceive you with love sweet language trying to make you feel like ah you are the queen you are this you are that be careful we are after don't do what you call marriage someday and well but very few very very few no matter how much love you have for a man even if it means you bringing the money for you to do the right things Mukwonago do if we all gasp for the marriage you have something to fall back to nobody could blame you that time nobody won no say now you sauce the money for the marriage the most important in we say we Africans with the gada people it gets some areas way you go do traditional before you do white wedding but even if you not get money to do white where did you not do traditional marriage no marriage to do white we do not be by force but if you can do it so be it and it mustn't be elaborate some people they force themselves you go see somebody they do business this is like this is they'll see too much is there see too much is there a see too much anybody work off more than three times the Google side because we know know who get tuberculosis here this is an enclosure good ideas so instead of cough now you release Casey are you laughing or smiling which one are you doing smiling with me smiling at me smiley against me no I uh prefer that one I prefer that one anyway so our young girls even some of our artists whenever Mary I know was a woman don't they reach 37 that what you want some kind desperation would on the enter they could use other people they set example put your phones on silence before me on passing google quadrant I don't hear passing phone drink now come come come now outside with that just check your phones and put your phones on silence now within media Tokyo be say don't be desperate your husband go calm some people that good being there for the Addai embed 90 husband ago go meet them some misunderstanding upon the group police station idea that with media husband's saamne for supermarket Sumner for motor park Sumner for carwash some nah-nah-nah god no howie they decide how you meet your lifetime partner sometimes now a pair as they cost nothing look at you so say Rebecca is she now your junior how many children she don't marry look at you look at you una no no a timber Rebecca they pass through in the her husband's house maybe in a punching bag she be maybe her second name is Rebecca and Iran's nobody wants to know and parents even our daughters come house another Semak when I support them instantly but no map anonymous send them back instantly yes tell us with you if you feel your daughter is not free and not free with you enough call any of your neighbors mcdhh and engage huh now maybe I want make I prepare with my mind over 110 it was one hour get misunderstanding if you meet the husband he will say things that will favor him if you admit your wife she will say things that would favor her only very very rare situation now you go see we are husband who admits namida at fault or the Whitewood admits it namida at fault it Dave they are very rare you understand but apply wisdom while you are listening to them read in between the lines of the statements they are making husband talk ladies are like this just the gather and they put their put then when it is started the time for you to listen to the wife we have talked like this talk like this you gotta then you begin cross-examination based on what your husband Tokyo as wife question based on working wife told you has asked husband question you will be able to come to one reasonable point where you can take some decision you I beg don't go into marriage out of frustration if man if a man discovered that you are married to him out of frustration you know whoever respect you he may pretend for some time because some men can pretend just like some women can pretend as well you may never know their true color until the situation is ripe when John wood on macho that is when you see demands to color or the woman's true color some men are extraordinarily temperamental so women are extraordinarily materialistic some women can be so naggy some men can be so petty and they their mind their wives goggle misunderstanding they're gonna keep Molly's with their wives they are not in talking terms with the wife where is the leadership quality in you as a leader you are the husband anyway we will hear the woman will carry complaint control say the husband debatable but before then we go here from this elder statesman will career icon from the look of things I stand to be corrected I bilasa be the elder statesman they visually impaired somehow but I know – Oh daddy can you see me can you see me come on anything as a result oh sorry sorry sorry daddy can you see me yes how many fingers are reserved and so fingers what I can't count them okay you deceive me have half yes okay talk God will see us through now daddy waiting be your name we are you come from will it'll be the complaint we carry you come thank you good morning MA president forgot a family my name is mr. Acharya Godwin Varma I come from dams our local government Adama was teach yes within me the complain will carry you come sir thank you okay I was a police officer attached to 1:10 my unit is the unit 40 there was what year did you join the police sir 1951 osa Loeb wha-what okay so continuous hmm javis an arrangement by boat you stitch government present staff of office the AMIA of Bombay what year was does 1985 what was your rank at that time sir I was deputy superintendent of police DSP some of your age mates don't do AG some don't do di G something done do AI J before retirement sir continuous up let's celebrate dadelus okay thank you before ovando daddy is a compliment here because he is a senior citizen this is a country where senior citizens are not always celebrated and respected if you feel that it deserves a standing ovation please let's give daddy a standing ovation daddy amongst the people will stand up for you to clap for you so now one of Nigeria's finest food john fashion oh please let's appreciate your passion thank you so tell us your story sir when changement was in party staff of office given the area's half of office one of our unit was or God Gandhi from poachy hmm take control of the Patrol invoking Gandhi before the installation we went after my union 40 was also instructed to move to convey his join union 39 be able to cover operation I doctor to move that is around 10 o'clock on the 21st of April 1985 my unit wrong God due to such varios places of government offices and residence does my do I see an inspector who is attached to me in my Union ooh get the men back to base and over those obey the instruction given the move to come back Halpern around two o clock in the afternoon 20 men were all gutter ah we were instructed to sign for arms doc we're they say the men sign their arms I still sign for my we I reported you might actually second-in-command of this courtroom then Joseph in Delhi ah but ideas to address the men report Oh Cisco drove of this Bodrum has gone to convey alia with informational police you see arrangement met for this occasion Oh dressing the men he was about to live men complain that they are given to them and the AMA nations were not enough for them to go on operation where they're expecting problem just only an only giving staff of office does not require you carrying arms and nominations I'm plenty personnel where they expecting trouble I will not be the passing where the people like generally nineteen impose on them that time yes but what actually happened was the area elect was a junior brother to another senior family another qualified candidate yes okay who was not happy the ordanza for some of our know understand the politics readily for real families now if the AMIA or king or chief or any traditional ruler died and space called the vacuum condi way they go need to replace traditionally passing will suppose inherited asset or this tool you know himself because criteria D but as time to go politics can't interfere with our traditional institutions now and you know by Constitution the highest amia or the highest or bar or the highest ruler is under the local government chairman when I see how highly pleased amia of Canada he takes instructions from the local government Gemma according to Nigeria's Constitution Legos above logos you will not see his royal Majesty wanna see how high out my teeth this tool day government German will give them instruction we'll be off on each arm you guys here as mighty as that stool day he if you want travel you must take permission from local government in case una no no lawyers they here if I talk within no correct mucuna correct me now because of political interference our traditional institutions one day a little bit adulterated sometimes in some homes passing will be safe not be by merit of qualification of qualification they will carry this pool given so now that can one be bring reaction people will revolt under arrest but not be say at the conclusion I'd say the situation be because 98 is something I did secondary school before 808 Lisa 3585 I was supposed to finish the country school 1984 so I add a second recruit that time I am NOT an authority to talk about something where no no as a doctor in 1985 the other monitor here no be a demonic goongala yes am I correct do on Delta not been there am I correct I taste more for this life [Applause] sungkoo a chemical additives which you keep quiet novio leader engineer na window engineer they call me grandpa it is sweet a Caracalla if I be grandpa at least Sunnah freak out my white hair [Applause] [Laughter] no access to anybody when I give contract now anybody the world they give contract to count the black hair will be here if you lose the contract Pollock microphone give us a comeback report is on is this on is on did I say anything you know I'm a very quiet passive I don't like talking too much that is loving put microphone for daddy so Daddy Phoebe Liza una observation that time as mobile policeman you bill I say the ground day a carrot Asian a biloba so so under your men after they don't check the area the Casa see they need more than enough reinforcement in order to curtail the situation so I continue with your story sir when women complain are you wet their leader yes as commander I be unit commander a bond as a unit commander ok so I advise the Merc arrangement allow more domination different to this please me said the AUSA squadron before leaving his quarter orders him that the Commissioner of lives have instructed they should not issue any policemen we combination more than modern one what happened you should know because the ammunition issued to each of the members of the unit Wow Wow 15 rounds of ammunition each passing yes so Nadia ovulating along go kid [Laughter] horrible president will understand we understand what I was looking for Garrity daddy is not in a hurry to say his own side of the story so let's listen when we explain uhh under suit I'm of more to convey ah dartie but before then I have two of my vehicles that I was using who are down because of mechanical fault because the remaining vehicles do not convey the men to I under – I see but don't went to this test our workshop request for a vehicle or two who are able to get one lorry which support other vehicles I was to use so we finally left Bochy the 21st April 1985 around or o'clock in the evening Oh Gumby we because of the slow movement of the lorry that was born to us we got to Gumby around 9 o'clock hmm 5 hours when I got to go I met you knew command off in 39 again income they are we and assume I conceived it was his code room report my arrival he took me to where he or she was lost we met Yosi welcome we all sat down he now inform me why I was and uh with my Unni what did he tell you sir he said you keep following this we were to go on an operation who are s an Islamic mala which is students what to say by an M who okay so he said yeah god is suspicion just do mala under students Wow ah boys by the senior brother of yes they installed the installed amia yes about to be installed amia yes so he's got a ring some meet Rossini bhaiyyaji could join him the disrupt day so the solution will I say yes they there's the installation ceremony ceremony yes sir so want us to use to go on erasing and any other person we suspect is one of those I have alia mentioned now I'm entertaining politics Dutchess what will happen I say I have no go be a ninja night and it was his squadron was telling you operation will start at 5:00 I said how do I manage to locate where we are to go for the operation he said mobile unit 39 will lead us to the operation area with unit 39 we only lead you to the operation area and retreat no okay is a is a joint operation it is a joint operation okay even the two units will not move into that area gently okay you need 39 advance party yes I knew all the nooks of nooks and corners of the operation area as an advance party yes in case there was resistance we will call my unit to join for reinforcements yes we left the return of the horses quorum you new commander 39 us please in a hotel that they lost for his and they took me to another hotel where I I also get also I gave me a room so before going to my hotel I came back and met my union and I also address them address them and reach them what will happen following this okay daddy you have four minutes to round up now so okay so we went we left the following morning all of us assemble around 4:00 if chroma Commissioner of Police to go to address because the Australia address is 39 so he was to address my uni unreported so after addressing the unit will happen let us utilize the remaining minute that is should they bring water for you no all right after addressing the demand complaint of what happened in this code room in the base when they were not issued with enough amination termination so you called because the Amara and I see you have enough some ammunition said yes only five for our food and 5k to rush yes he ordered Dutch juice arms should be exchanged with some of the ants the men complain to be Nazi Oh operations on occasion so they brought g10 to be issued to ten men out of complaining of how many where your men 5060 so they gave them ten they're watching give juntang ammunitions exchanging for the ones they have when they brought the arms and ammunition the Commissioner against the time of the operation is off so the aisle should not be given to the men they should be put into my Land Rover when we get to where it 39 will go in the operational zone we should exchange one would you men who have alia complain I insisted that they ask be given to the man and this was exchanged be taken via amara commissioner again or just we the operational about to move when stole by my inspector that the vehicles Lori we borrowed from stitch workshop I'd not started it tries to if busty it after by the time we were in this process unit 13 I move out of this place and after you've got the vehicle started demand during the vehicle I told the area commander gosh the area we are going now you need touching 9os the leaders Pascal what do I do he said I should drive when you need touching I do not see us following them it is nice using night around what time at night I'm calling from body force PR una darkest darkest part art in the evening in the morning a.m. because we assembled us for or am emotinal Congress that till around after the address of the Commissioner and trying to issue to us then starting of the car to Canada maybe ten minutes yes okay so finally waiting carpenter so time don't go so the area commander said I should move I will meet you need 39 because if they did not see me following them it was a waste hmm now leave our road idea No so how do you know the roadway there full that is what I insisted I said he should give me one of the policemen who are in Congress who know the area of the operation he said not to us problem my driver to move and the unit move we went to run above where there were 400 now we do not know who she was to follow follow so we decided that we can ask of their let's take any of the others well by going to talk we drove off about 5 kilos Lolita of driving no see you need total daddy I think did you bring you water your throat is dried hello good morning mr. Frankham versa – ah yes the before SPEA Rosa how is the family we single we give God the glory and I see better cater for me everybody answer I'm fine thank you you Hyrum how is the IG the Isaac do you do police wanna give up may God guide him alright he got one case we will they do forced to do here I don't know whether you got time word are you've been the monitory station samosa I've been Josie coma from another video so maybe nah nah he begin the monitors anything we don't happen before maybe you will help me summarize I'm small be somebody be say he got one elder statesman we're here he joined Nigerian police 1961 61 why-why-why year after independence in 1990 84 he was already a DSP 85 he was already a DSP in 1985 he was a unit commander mobile 40 ok mobile 10 you need 40 emoji he got one installation of a me away they wanted that time for Gombe state why are you with me side so you got one installation of one Amy away they won't do that time for program listed and now they can't deployed the Mediacom support unit 39 for that Gumby because according to the story busy the senior brother of the messy weather install in order happy said and curry in better at giving Gina product so police via intelligence come discover see Yawara gas for crime in order to forestall the our nine-day combined unit a 39 and unit forty unfortunately unit 40 is coming from Bochy you need touch a nine-ton D for ground did the exam or decorum waiting for insider please so when they come the dance supposed advance and then guide these people are right because they were supposed to according to the bad daddy here they were supposed to arrest one Islamic scholar with his followers because they here say the serial brother where they are grieved don't sponsor these people to cause chaos now in the course of go India they can discover see this due to the sensitive nature of the crisis the methods in a crisis that time be in amen for in unit con complaints they did not get enough arms and ammunitions they consummate and go if I motor weather even carry good now for workshop the Guru motor glory we will convey them and eventually that you collect what I make you day drinks most masa I feel say your throat did rise much more salsa the summary of it or BC where the rich dear CP addressed them after I address them finish they were supposed to advance were supposed to advance very early in the morning OB Raptors away therefore that makes our room we're not Sabine they do can't you tell him what to do nom on the idea tella make you Guang Colette useful from there the not waiting the distraction from that place better I don't want to hear anything now sorry mr. Frankham bar now the summary be say the when they come to go dear they're not Saburo because they come from bouchy the unit 39 we suppose guide them me – lead them the people know kung day because the motivator borrow from workshop not restart on time and around our 4:30 in the morning to 5:00 a be 5 o'clock the people the unit 39 don't advance go so that Naza be rude he can tell unit commanders lead and give them one policeman will show them root area commander decline so he contacts Emmet just go say unit 39 if they she said and no follow therefore back the good spot for root for them maybe and commit them and then they drive they go the courage were and about as the original about red prawn divided into three truth almost three to four now they don't know which one to follow but because of the instruction of the area commander they say maybe just follow one now so they follow they reach about five kilometers nothing happen that you stop on the five kilometers but the summary of it all we say they dismissed daddy I disagree turning back it can decide to turn back we were on our way back before getting to our destination we met a roadblock at a shop bang which my lava was in front that I could hear is firing from every corner would be the people mountain road block sect people because already you 39 has got into the operation area so there was firing also from there on end so Franken Bayou – here sir yes the very differing from the phonetics is in yet my men to this boss from the vehicle and also return fire at this moment the are the omniscient that were given to them and get exhausted so the man started retreating I who was in front my plan of I was hit by the way screams and it to fountas I managed to escape to cover by the side of the la Nova demands out in fast movement and I to after-party and seeing that nobody was around decided to buy an alternative way I jump over mud fence and enter a house which I do not know I also run get to another confirm got into our eye at least move into three houses at last I assess but by the time my unit – a nearby army back that is where they weren't and no because of that because of God they dismissed you 96 did you appeal the dismissal I appealed leave us many times to see the ID about my Musa to reason thank you for this a third not control my man I had shabby operations but I have I saw that all the reason are given that the Commissioner of Police did not a cell and the area commander if those things would have been accepted what happened that word about this mission Oh believe me anybody who have not happened thank you inclusion let me preach papa congratula team thank you good morning sir beginning to concentration and sunny no his feet today is surely I will tell you tonight president I will tell you that this is a very difficult scenario is the fact by 1986 when Dustin Hoffman I compared to that if you calculate this should be getting thank you something is a whole lot of the generational is why even in management decision I know join the police I don't know I don't want to tell you a ratio but that way and I wonder how this generation I will deal with this issue because usually in cases yeah must be crucial even lawyers will tell you that there must be an end to litigation cam will be closer to ev'ry kiss I don't know our went intimacy is a usual year whatever has been written you resist and believe that Justice meted by has every right to continue to seek justice the challenge is also going to have cooling of this kiss is together yes okay this is like this people prism issue of video memory we mentioned it pleased to meet you mr. Fisher was also it for my sorry miss tomba sorry sorry sorry with samba the document we were taking off I have copies of all those petitions are written in the whole set bottles off right and I have of my we'll always be sending back to you for you to guide him properly [Applause] thank you so much for the owner thank you so much look we appreciate Fran come back oh did I see with your eyes my brother's my sisters of an illusion honest attempt on the giver Sigma Sigma to do it is economic will continue to Devon or they go the barrister from legal aid counsel take over sorry for the rain waited touch on our beg nah not be blessing now now poor job we didn't do here in the number of putting solar panel for us yes barista you have listened to Baba and you are from legal aid counsel you have I don't know what are you here with him mr. Frankham BA the first Pierrot talk how he talks about documents me Baba right to Police Service Commission baba can confirm see he got the ones when you write to Force Headquarters the one way you write to Police Service Commission all of them day by the no answer on now we need to write a strong word backup letter to support all the documents for us to take you to police service commission yes sir so wait till you get talk now it introduce yourself sir my name my kokuto go Micah Michael puta okay okay are the principal the guide of Subway personally guide of with legal counsel of Nigeria yes sir yes Houston welcome back adopted a idea here today you might be under here or my individual capacity what carry me come here to do okay okay okay okay now Monday yeah it's not Monte America I wonder with the calm and which Academy come today because he get switching and the man will talk yesterday in case I'm about talking about talk about bodytalk a concertina evidence i won't convict i educate and tell least not really understand one or two things from my own personal experience hmm every topper yahoo i will show now one or two evidence storage when ago season a factual chance and before having then we looked at to talk about these things I know a common air talk about Ombuds events recent events they need to talk we need you I want to acknowledge it is one important evidence and secondly what happens most obviously they need to be our brothers keepers they need to if you see something with the wrong way if it and address makino keep quiet he's not Nazi a year if you didn't push on to help us see we could do something about time now again that's welcome because human rights radio station our station where they get a lot of new parts in my cost of what I don't see case it's way because they call me my rights do I know the acts before to actually didn't do so ciabatta so this registers are not very powerful to be lawyer is to happen to me already they do my process really good forum why not say the impact of the station and make me they won't talk you make I help where do I put to you barista now on the 16th of April are the travel at the goal of here I get I need before they don't they don't post me come here comma pooja so I need to finish go type in my debt for laugh yeah before I come back so time was of essence to me I do comic I read last year before 4 o'clock interview client I would beauties for coordinating the me I will come back Abuja as other words I reached now sorry ago Fidel Rousseff me – I am versatile Izone I don't know what I did take note okay only me duele mucho they stopped me they asked me about my question because I wanted a shoe as I talk make first I showed them the license I've got up before he knew our so that naughty naughty particulars of the annuities that don't me front they should me and hopes that we stop me one a deterrent Iman ha you're not possession of your license is on the fence so I see this thing where I don't pay that you're giving me sleep but my issue me if you turn the next page you see your driver's license I sure want to stack on page you can see though you will see unknown yes just upon see then you will see the license there everything that are to my documents when I say he no no Sarah be lawyer because for my kind of put a mystical I know they become anybody stop you know they show yourself that one who you sing so in power so interesting you not be lawyer from gone okay Sabah no be my fault because okay the next thing you can flip the pages again a simplified those are my world what units don't expire roadworthiness positive integer certificate of good one is no expire he saw a catch me on our West go if you look my papers you will Sena 2020 that spire you can see a doctor sue my address and all those things what happens there you just read the ticket of the right path nama type latest in in the past if you renew your papers Dunamis educator who botanist but not recent times they give interim certificates which in our Mimi said title certificate not for three months are in that three month period you suppose go one of this video computerized centers when they go check your mood to whether your brake lights they work this thing they work if everything they work just continually this is average in the work then go issued a novel certificate proper so the first thing you know do with town Norma say you know permit office way to go Power Move Tory meet you now obviously they could if you had a woman did she make you go to that check now ninety specifically part Mambo to say four cities that I'm looking at right now 50 TX man this Dana 16 does a dude a talker I better make you suffer anesthesia I'm in no hurry I bet make me go I would pay for the stream tomorrow you know my planning the bathroom take the electricity back well tell me they deserve is our name Ettinger to cover one a divisor D to G take come down and say his name please if ing I say okay you can tele colleague one was aya she Mickey and Tamil to make you see Dean Sam I moved to today back I'll attack on come on a Congo Simba committed team leader I walk to the to me I would leave behind a sister this is the situation we see you so I'm rushing this my just elated my fat to the Liston that my internal septic a delight back nine toast us their district say what's his defense say okay I know get Travis license I saw a by Joanna's birthday please if he's not out of employment you know I hear me and our identity co-star you go reports me okay my friend who your work visa weapon in the vehicle of course at this point of course okay so three thousand a policy so how do I pee they're not two options either whoopee-doo ramita go back a few repeated a copy for back or I pay for the officer knew at that now sorry ago if you know now sorry gone now you not only one part I do for the Union Bank we did outside so that was of the return of a supposed to count the pay for office now you seem attractive and the money you carry money give a man the money no Kyrie three thousand is in I'm sorry because I don't like lying to people to ask about them is a safe journey no receipt no receipt I said same general sort out of all my receipts he's a migrant article money will try help you they complain I think I'm gonna go pay for Part II officer loopy files I know that's knife as I think if I meet another rose 54 moon how should I don't pay for this or say you deployed Ramiro 64 would not sink I think I look time I took across a week after school now as I won't go I need to draw distinction now some people go talk to her you give up bribe what's the whole private 500 naira our first night we tell them so that the 500 naira for me to get three thousand I wish I intend to pay for that you are an involuntary in grab your baby pee now regarding the Rico for firstly extortion now when you collect money from passing to intimidation or threats which then do all these stupid and do not try to miss a development to leave the treatment group my second drive goes more mean opposite we are not in another episode chance give us a small reference second school my met will is not a bit willingly I can see a sky if I leave this in a local 50 plus a be lawyer which man I wanted the tabie we went to the compete for the right day when we are notified to my own rights now I'm a cute on Tom Cooper ah sorry papa what Sigma now limiting witnesses evidence how am I going to do this thing I think I thought about stopping someone let me stop somewhere Alki one random person by city station this tree marks this one wet in front of your office there you know this before here they really Fino gets my back taka taka too much my faulty recorder that was put on the record in control now as I do go back I know say for my safety when you good at you have to you have to create a scene because you're alone let something that you can attention but at the same time creating a scene I know I'm breaking in law trust I Drive go back I just said I don't cross the moon no popular not stop traffic but my comfortable facilitate this person carry wahala calm give me give me my money back I'm booked a veteran give me my money back on booked effect I don't care anything you want to charge me for go ahead what is the worst thing about public hagakure America come back I begin a shot at first and try to ignominy ignominy but where the shots Pollock got a lot of attention from other officers begin come from inside office then commodes as then commodes then come one day old driver did emotional very odd at anime this resistant a people scene is this team Nintendo – rezznor what I know I'll leave this case because no before only me are the fights for this team download anybody with a planar so I warn you if you my own epidemic people call you see you go tell you sir hmm so I started shop one the driver with you would come to beg me they are una Guerra moussaka I will solve your problem mogera was about Soviet problem I said no give me my money faster I don't care give me my money now so one of that man comes in intelligence officer say what's happened for you I said my money back he still collected one sec the question he can't go to the country talk as they talk you can appoint Europe by not associated with now 500 naira notes they sure are yes the already shared money so they told me come between a facility rally around City trying to assemble the money together nine intelligence of support and I say don't worry given package money you know how to do this kind of people the intelligence all these are toxic given money what do these kind of people I don't think dynasty they tell yourself comedy see mr böck so why did you give him the money Ashoka I'm not yet to answer any question they don't just give me back my money it's okay we'll be back where taka to see analysis for our Pookie for karate Masha not last if you promise a go ahead son why me while you were recording all this changed everything I said before karate martial catch a welcome party event don't carry my Pokemon because started trust oh well I think the personalities you're gonna pick up oh yeah we break your phone look at a picture for your brick tofu what is mine I know talking your motor you a snap BAM no I'll stop because right the idea right on the flowers not gamble to which I took the picture get the picture because in my work the first ball a moment ago a topic avec une 2400 Acosta kenapa money back we can talk to policy in bash 98 a security unnoticed center for accordion while resisting actions formulas recording but three minutes well given our met everybody you know it hold the line we will continue your matter tomorrow they're supposedly tomorrow we'll go play the audio Munna want a war makan understand become Asha in order to rate any form of corruption many don't lose their job as a result of corruption bribery the Kumasi you can commit any other offense but making no confirms you call a bribe tomorrow una go here this matter and then these people we go give them opportunity media and talk them all but our obviously make headquarters investigate this matter make we hear the conclusion but it's tomorrow be in the studio do all of you will give the head of ICT be audio another so we will play the audio when we reach where you want me we hear the audio so that other people the leg lesson from this thing will happen today you did for office today you were a uniform today nothing lasts forever negocios true barista thank you sorry for interrupting you no problem you understand thank you very much no I appreciate barista my brothers my sisters if Anna looked an honest attempt and they give a signal signal signal make we continue to Devon not dare go well that force to do so to ease himself yes yes you know sir why were they are cool like this well – they like to do – no evil no business you know do not you know urination time Thunder because so that happened and I'm a born a baby now notice me notice me and my brothers my sisters milk we hear from this woman we talk say the husband they become I'm not gonna forget yesterday I will talk about one thing we're our own John fashion ooh that time many years ago they are given the franchise now passing webisode in a play ball they do business and they remember Nigeria this man weather here if he talks it today it was there for London you know whoever come back now one hand if it was her today now America was they you know come back to Nigeria one hand but after all the achievements he said make you come back call add value Helen make we appreciate and say people like this we supposed celebrate that we suppose appreciate them in many ways because in order easy many dango they not get half of the money and exposure way this market they not we come back to Nigeria but this man is proudly made in Nigeria milk we appreciate our own I tell you I said many many years ago name I discovered that the franchise and not because we did treat one matter about armed robbery when I remember now when I mentioned we're good aunt attire now remember those days the demonstration be said if they are pop them into your tire they get your tire normal aging before you leave that place a be now after I've been after after one day you go TOCOM you go nailed a long long nails on top of would you go climb Umaga you go past that place ready nail enter promote like this ego Scylla so nothing like say am raava's hold you to ransom because if not nel you'd imagine the name of the team the pigeon name for that in a Machamp us amberle amber not the advert I do now for Nigerians to take advantage anything will go add value to humanity now I do many robberies with the Apple like if they will rob you for around about long road no diversion they go put an L for you here they go wait for you there you go reach one tire will go down rim you go top you go stop up you know go stop as soon as you stop upon bonnet or open boot they will discover from bush they don't time you but if you get that come one you go stop the velocity of PR you pass yeah yeah we will come back in go tell us this thing how did they walk even a certain when we say Nigerians they convinced so you walk away walk away we will imprison if we get you on disadvantage it will tell us the disadvantage will follow be still meanwhile ok ok hey this case we will just do now for you to know how proactive deal Federal Reserve Kiko I've been a commission now Federal Reserve to call they call don't call from headquarters already make we appreciate the commercial now imagine say every head of organization like this the debt is proactive and instantaneously reactive teach things no go no go improve shop shop for this country let's appreciate the commercial thank you now I'm Oprah here from the woman after that woman he get another person we carry complaint come to us a national reform us a nationality governor Sun hits them for mucho and the demand get story to talk meanwhile make we hear from this woman americana guy daddy make dad a dissident so that this woman will sit down for daddy jack people will be forced to do that anywhere with the electorate unibody forward mokona forgive us all so now come on look when I tell people medium bring advert here so that we go get money to patch our roof it be not a leak before now we will push all up on air after a potential upon NII everywhere begin the leak mokona Novak's una vez una dia yes thank you for understanding Madame Collette microphone taken close to your mouth with him beyond name my name is Eunice my name is Eunice James Eunice James okay what can be the complaint we carry you , good morning president morning I think I remain calm here we say my husband is Luis ve your husband they always beat you yes like since when you are not a Kumari nobuta manageable annamarie proper proper rich village Munawar village which language your husband be you not even active which village which village you from I'm from is my kin okay what of your husband which a village okay so you are not Mary for village yes how many years will not dare to now cells before marriage we know our say for more than five years five years when I do boyfriend-girlfriend yes all through these two five years you never ever slap you tell me the truth man will beat you now una Dukat ship for five years you not notice a this Monday aggressive I mean never beat you before then I saw space and IO fault maybe now you change them to this wife-beater story last year last year and they want done he sent money for me to pay for the house now you do some money he sent me some money to you live together he was living in a ghost in LaFollette was which work they do for leaders he said he has walking legged with type of walk he did not tell me just went to Lagos so I was calling him he sent money when he came he didn't come with the money so their lawyer was his problem me harmony weak sister for legal before I come back more than three months gone come back empty-handed he not pay the house rent so a judge can do within man in charge the lawyer pistachio Park so according done night the Lions they should perform he said he don't have money they walkie come from it want to do and the walk is known the tingling gets head so where do I expect him to get money then the mother was around he came for Omaha I get bets them when I cordoned online he said she don't have money the person is expecting to get money from before he will come back the person already asleep before he will leave the house it's not a wig I said so you say you don't have anything to do for your living house earlier you are coming back late he said that is what he would tell me how many children I get how old is the child yes three years three years okay so you said the man why would I do cos shippi never beat you before well after Anna Marie how many years when Adam Marina November 28th you before yes I four years November 28th who before his so but the bitly start from last year okay before the ring that's why I'm happy when I was having my baby he's because of him I have this button do you follow me the person who says he's personally a friend that he cannot do with other friends so we are going to the house now daddy I walk he was working in a Buddha clinic so I went there to charge my phone the phone was not on your lights in the house I was living with a baby so now when they are to charge for nine the landlord and the girlfriend wants me caught with the girlfriend of the afraid your husband friend no the friend was living his idol is das their landlord I did this to me with your landlord the animal husband friend landlord with the girlfriend they fought me are giving what will you do the Semyon coming to the house okay so let's come back to and I went to this pasture I gave you his number I will pop in Iman I don't know what to do I'm not the mother was so you are involved for this matter yes and your posture well they passed away we're doing our 9b de maua called this morning okay elder please call that number quickly less save time when I decided in the morning I said two hands is not ready to do anything get back to tidy this ain't any tea didn't do anything and now they are disturbing mom for how strange I went to the past I don't know what to say I went to him waking up according to this Mata is not off on the landlord they catalyze discovery middle so me I'm taking this child to orphanage home anytime the father is ready I don't have anything on him no girl relations why you go talk to her you go Kyle you gotta go up on a job just put in the pool in his legs okay to see whether in reaction would be like so when I went to that bastard ammonium do you wanna wake him up when I told in the this is already bet my baby I'm going on to take the baby to orphanage home that is well he now called the pastor the pastor called the best man in our wedding the best man country house and he said the decision are Takeda he's aware died like all the best long answer my name is ordinary atomic decide in the economy or the voice of the voiceless sir good morning sir yes is that Pastor Peter okay you dear life on radio as we are you did talk now he get one matter where we they do between husband and wife the wife name you need who unis Jalen I'm the husband name now James James whoo now she talks enough for your church you you wet them yeah and she talks it as she did you know one of her eyes very red camera can you zoom in to the right I put the right and the left eye the eyes did you read she touch the demand baton last night I say ocular oh my god but she does not be be faster where you have and a bit amethyst contrasts my she no report the matter to church you say you will be the a pastor say you Sabiha situation I'm Eric I call you make I know waiting you know about this couple okay Thank You Marie and before you tell with the middle name of your church we are your church day and how are you you take some biddies people then Keller sweetie you know okay the name of our church is straight incorporated so the said couple you talked about James on the Union a cop with it in the church we go each during her at a point dinner con the con ChaCha get the change you see in several instances out working on the ship and you know is not powerfully so difficult so much look alike they are so so close of the merit of crisis over server I think we left the church I don't know given a crisis because when a nominal Community Church and its public challenges and the remedy be communicated to the platform we wouldn't be funny we funded lives church we do you know abroad the marriage before they left the church will be living together if you have a son because in love with any problem any problem any beaten before dinner and there was no anything to me one beef also and I was aware and the church was also because there in the church and I think we each was okay thank you very much faster yeah you my damn where your husband dear now f pool hidden whenever I left only know I left them because you show in the house now yes what you go do now be say idealize on no therefore studio true situation and you talk to a pastor are they aware of previous beatings but you here before you now pastor said not only once this matter don't happen so you go we go involved police may police invite your husband made in here in all side of the story milk we see there is agenda unit under police Maidan see how they go resolve the matter it was said confirmed way to Utah say true to demanding they be too many many times before Hui for continue with this discussion but now we pass the talks and only once and that time he talks to make you popular they go not the intervention of the church and I make you come combat this matter of this leg went to the IPO was is this in Dutch man and dear friend responsibility he was the one the pastor is the one that I say we should know make any kiss okay destroy now if you go police headquarters we know where they live Misaka Misaka D on the FC t happiness era so we refer the matter to headquarters every police formation day on the headquarters they go call for the case under they will go revisit the matter because as he say a kneecap don't destroy any copies of you okay so then again support liquid well I guess any DNA's have it but meanwhile if we come out I will give you some money make you take some painkiller you make you go hospital fast I don't know go up police it'll not good money to carry you go hospital when you I give you milk police because they need to establish evidence if you go a hospital now they play the eye evidence no day again bruises evidence no day again because barrister don't tell us about the importance of evidence thank you very much mother does my sister's even a Newton on acetate and on they give a signal signal signal signal make we continue to Devon article it is easy for studio make we hear from them before we go dude this matter will concern this man with you for wheelchair blood shift in a chair sumo make what an you can touch the microphone what annually drop on top of my microphone Obi you are ok you're OK not be you be my concern at the microphone shifted to the side thank you thank you hey good morning sir good morning sir Dali president okay you too now my concern sorry for this is my lifetime partner thank you sir my name is Michelle Gomez amiable Thank You intervention now hello good morning yes because you are one of my coded in four months I'm not going to mention your name boy you can you can make your country son live on radio sir may come easy excuse me a bag they don't may come easy go you can apply online you can go to your nearest it is very DC office go am the meter they will give you back your money little by little until you recover your money nobody is – Amita Anamosa thank you sober – daenerys EDC office closer to you and by meter thank you sir Jr thank you my name not shaken mama operate communication agency and elastin officer my name Natsu Boston at the budget from legal services yes I see yes good morning miss ordinary person good morning sir good morning everybody before we today we will discuss a battle ax issue which we are having our challenges with that is assault of ad system it's been on the rise in recent times people who assault be top and even enjoy and wound our stuff but before we do that we want to advise customers who have applied for the paid meet us on that mouth I believe we are way of the map is a new scheme now whereby people who pay for repeat meet us and once you make the payment you will get you up with a midday meal of map ok meter asset provide us ok that one maybe say ADC don't select some companies we could supply meters now for FCC boogie Nyjah and NASA rawa once you pick the one for single phase is thirty six thousand nine hundred and ninety one era five COBOL and the one for three fish meter not 67,000 55 naira 8500 once you pay and you follow the processes within 10 walk in this you will get your prepaid meter but here we receive some complaint that some people said that they paid but did not install the emitters and from our findings we discovered that they did not give their full details that is their phone numbers because they will send you a text message and it should be the basis for you know to go ahead with the process so please like prevent Meetup and you are yet to get any message or when they will install it please kindly visit the nearest ADC office or preferably visit our map office I will mention the address now the location is at number 56 Y on the street who season six Abuja I repeat it number 56 yonder Street you say zone six Abuja I'm pleased if you are making fresh applications please remember to give to impute all your food details your name your phone number because this is the only way we can get across to you so let me just quickly talk about the issue of a sort of our staff and annual of people will be wondering people believe the assault is when you beat somebody off there's so many thin the meat of that assault yes people believe they may be on to you slap people or use you information but this asana where you purpose insult for body no reason okay I witness odd mean we see it's just an axe of a whips a person who inflict injury on another place either by way of assault yes or you attack versus hmm you can even insight people to attack people or you can even even the act of attempting to do that but scalloping one stick you try attempt to remove ladder weren't somebody lay on top of a lot the ones who enjoy if you remove the ladder with us but not being or not to keep the person a new the person or way you use force when you use force on people you'd be just it's not dragging things with them about you go telling our people made an oddly disconnect people wire person somebody sent me some message then they owe their Gopal part payment like yesterday yes today Napa people come they say media go completely money the husband go completely money the following day the conch disconnect the alight I agree what you have seen you know in every system new system is no system is entity we are trying our best mmm I know people say about your best is no we as we will get there in just a matter of time but I want to a future Rose if you have met women like the example of Nadi president Camacho just go to the office anybody make a give money he gave one kiss almost something like this soon at the one disconnected responded America demand Harish oval he's chopped edge put a stop for it everybody was you're praying that the man who survived a miraculous the man survived use that word miracle you survived it and at the end of the winner was I say you know everybody will just mention there was the devil's so you see so many instances that people you see some people you carry is that you know that if you use em it's another human being if feed that something well you're not gonna like me that you use I hit you see even if you don't be in the next minute happy pucon you're outside I want disconnect just allow them once you appeal to them you show them your evidence of payment and all green curry answer you go to the officer just go somebody will attend to you everybody cannot face the same direction all ready to listen we've seen cases where even in leg our department that's possum a three-room or loss and since the cccc matters that we have been involved in if we sell a speak with this report they are not maybe they don't want to listen to those people who call directly the area manager instruction whooping yes Pauline the particle at sim lead us see we are go back some Daniel I we will return back to the office they say more autonomy for them or you see if you beg them you appeal then you only see a big rather than fights in rather than try to attack insights people in the neighborhood they don't come see if they may likely pick you not like we go no we join our areas you know for administrative convenience central and south we have over 18 pieces of assault of a staff and this one even rent from normal attack fights into even causing grievous bodily injury and why we say Vivian is Miss injury that can lead to somebody dying so I want to a future us because the Criminal Code the Penal Code we have sections in need the prescribed punishment from one year imprisonment so even if it is grievious up to seven years in prison when you trace it walk Asti say the one disconnect nobody will listen to second or loss into your hands because I have you know an elderly woman gloppy you if you want case we did do a civil servant you must be in a mid 50s he wanted to this point she said defeat I'll boost from our records imagine somebody in over 200,000 you know Gopi 5000m he knew me and they won't disconnect human they follow them drag us our stuff climb pool one day on top Buddhist on him I would be much it I'm not telling you a story I met with that our stuff boy the other two people the moment they saw that it was coming with you match it here on left you one before the one on the port came down if I met Civ and Matheson I'm not that much active yes uncie the guy fainted boy no he should be taken to hospital when I was speaking with him I max are still on his body he said you live in you remember well when the boy started Marchetti the kind of attitude the boy get and win because my mama was one day incited because the man kept seeing you with that you will die today you with the and the boy came out so when they are I saw Duma was in the dog she was crying and she was your same please don't let's brush you just imagine that kind of kiss when did you watch it to our office as a civil servant she was baking and I looked at her she was kind I said for what they want to disconnect you monopolist li our stuff survived it but management did not think that is like our stop also has his own reach so I want to appeal to you in conclusion that please whatever your grievance is whatever say I don't be why won't this pony I know said those kind cases did but please rather than fighting or assaulting our stuff please jelly Jose Bhutto and USA DC office reports if they still do not listen you can write to legal department of ADC we are here and we are thank you thank you macula the club for our lifetime partners lies on research Eliza I don't know whether you get anything to talk about this case we start I be good because I see say bill I say headquarters don't intervene already yes he would I would marry president work at the family his case is a non case was like he said he made mentioned that a complaint has been written he has committed is palpably to Federals if he had but a song and we are working on his reply was given to him and uh when I resumed on one day I met with him and I heard from him and I went back to the office I will find out something about the case okay which I will brief you later okay thank you thank you thank you Josh Anna over to you but before they make I take this last call let me they make the call to a family somebody requested for a wheelchair on behalf of the attack and I guess some some wheelchairs here so I want made a column select one carry will give the done sir introduce yourself sir yes sir thank you ordinary president can I start off by just saying I'm amazed what I've seen I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before hey I've been in the business of radio television all of my life and I've never seen a man who's giving back and giving so many people opportunities to get back and defend their rights this is amazing [Applause] when did doc finish I've got a slate my name is John fashion ooh ex professional footballer and television presenter and now back home most of you might know that many years ago they used to say John fashion who never came home to play for his country but it was a lie was not true I've been back home in the motherland now for 17 years and I'm just around the corner in Sun City Tom around [Applause] as it we say in no far from here in order to enjoy in presence for studio milk we postpone this in Matta t-tomorrow Mexican tell us the advantages of this thing within they take the seal tire we're busy if you much no naka pass the DES opposes me those against enter the nays have it on behalf of everybody where they're forced to do