BTS’ Seoul Concert Sign Language Interpreter? That’s me!

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  • K-popTrash says:

    Oh my, this is so cool!

  • Sara Udugampolage says:

    Ohhh that’s cute she does a lot of work!

  • AntiEve says:

    That's hard work and dedication paid off ✨💜

  • V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology says:

    this is so cute! i love it!

  • Jess Pearson says:

    Honestly, I want to study sign language and I wouldn’t even be able to do it even if I was really good at it. This lady honestly put so much work into this i am proud of her 💜💜

  • proud mama47 says:

    Fighting!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Shinelle Ramdath says:


  • Christina Nomee says:

    BTS and their building of all these bridges makes me so proud to call myself ARMY

  • adesola adeyeloja says:

    I noticed it in someone’s video … you are doing so well

  • cynthia kent says:

    Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a BTS or any concert. She and the other person were heaven sent!!!!

  • Tamera Williams says:


  • My heart belongs to Kim Namjoon_ BTS_BornToShine says:

    OMG she worked really hard. I’m so happy to hear that they touched her with their reactions. FIGHTING💜

  • Rusema Dhakal says:

    She is responsible for her job and she didn't even got the look of BTS before the show ended
    You have done a great job

  • Blue lynn silver76 says:

    Thank you

  • Cookie WD says:

    This is so beautiful and made me cry because I know how much that probably meant for those with hearing loss. Thank you for providing this service and thank you to ARMY for championing for an interpreter to be provided.💜

  • Lovely Ren언니 says:

    My hearteu- I love her, she's my new YouTube bias sorry

  • Denisse Guizar says:

    😂🤢😭 so lucky

  • Josie B. says:

    JK and his "I LOVE YOU" sign at the end of "BOY WITH LUV"!!

  • fEel LiKe cInDeRellA says:

    She must have studied a lot ☺

  • lou Jin says:

    Kuddos to her

  • Samantha Hom says:

    She is living my dream! I studied ASL interpreting and it makes me so happy that Big Hit had interpreters at BTS's concert 🥰🥰🥰

  • Eriko English says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work.

  • B. D says:

    Wow congrats to you unnie :))))

  • Andes Zheiddinne says:

    You've worked hard! Good job and thank you!

  • WonderTin says:

    She’s amazing! Sign language is not easy. I know as I’m learning ASL. So kudos to you!

  • Amirul Amir says:

    Thank you so much for this short documentary!!! This is a video that i never knew i needed! Am i the only one crying to this video seeing how different people are interacting and embracing BTS messages??? It's sooo beautiful!!! Thank you!

  • ARMY box13 says:

    Korea now u nice keep going!!

  • Tung Hung Chin says:

    You nice keep going 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ms Spears says:

    This is awesome.

  • noona unnie says:

    You did great unnie 💜

  • Hian Hui Kho says:

    This is a hard work. I'm glad she able to go through this task well. It wasn't an easy task tbh😸

  • Alice Park says:

    i'm so shocked that there's a BTS sign language interpreter, i never knew there was one. also i'm more shocked on how pretty she is.

  • Sharmila Sapkota says:

    Thankuuu so.muchhh😘😘😘😘

  • Crystal Kristine says:

    The energy, effort, dedication for all of us can equally enjoy the moment. wow… also, where can I get that cat tower? hehe
    Did you all catch that sign-rapping at the end hehe… cute

  • Liviaりヴイア 리비아 says:

    She's awesome! 손사탕 씨, 감사합니다~!

  • Diana P says:

    That is amazing!! Wow 🤩 This makes me want to learn sign language too!

  • L Lee says:

    Amazing interview. The sign language interpretors worked so, so hard and the amount of passion they delivered is just beautiful to see. These kinds of people are heroes, true heroes.

  • Zandaya Y Taziz says:

    That dedication right there
    Thankyou 💜

  • ARMY FOREVER says:

    I appreciate all of her hard work. Does anyone know her channel?

  • Astry Puspita says:

    So proud of you…👍👏

  • Mounata Sadia says:

    You did a lot …… thank you for doing this, hope to see you again!

  • Rafisah Anum says:

    OMG! This is so amazing..she did great.. 👍👍👍 the fact that big hit hired a sign language interpreter for a concert just mind blowing 🤯

  • KOREA NOW says:

    A huge shout-out to SON SATANG and her hard work👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Here's her YouTube Channel for more!


    ** 한글 자막이 필요하신 분들은 [CC]를 눌러주세요! If you need Korean subtitles, please click the Korean [CC] button! ENJOY~

  • _gift of hope says:

    Thank you for your hard work..

  • Akali Arkha says:

    Wow!!!! Hats off to all the team working for Korea Now, really appreciate your hard work to put all the good content in and around BTS and thank you for covering this.

  • Emma Garriott says:

    I'm feeling tears well up in my eyes. I learned sign language as a child and my mother worked with people who had hearing problems and stuff so she learned it too. When bts and big hit do little things like this to create more diversity and inclusivity in their fandom know I'm watching them start quiet revolutions. They're opening up not just their music and concerts but also Armys hearts to be more inclusive and caring of people who speak different languages and live different kinds of lives.

  • Dipa Chand says:

    She is a hard working woman…💜

  • E M says:

    Oh, that's so cool. I remember there was a recent discussion going on about interpreters at the concerts before, so it's neat to be able to hear about her experience! We appreciate all of her hard work!

  • Anna Banana Lin says:

    我爱你们BTS!!! 😘😍🤘😘😍

  • Red hot pepper says:

    Joonie meant by every small thing is important to BTS & ARMY!! Nothing is small to us!! We help each other to overcome barrier. Even just for a small group of people. They deserved their rights to enjoy music!! Thanks for your hardwork!! You are beautiful inside out
    💜👍👏. Thanks Koreanow for this wonderful interview!! 💜

  • Dread Supreme says:

    Thank you Korean Now for making this video! It is so wonderful to see sign language being represented in a positive light! Thank you Son Satang for pursuing sign language as a career and also providing your service for those at the BTS concert in Seoul 💜💜💜

  • Yougotnojams says:

    I was so touched by how a fan went up to her and asked if she can go next time. My eyes are crying.

  • • Kim • says:

    What you did was so heartwarming and amazing, and the fact that you took time to learn the songs even through your sore arm was just awesome. Thank you for inspiring me to good like you 💜

  • Ajith Kumar says:

    It is Good work💜 Madam

  • Chimmy Army says:

    BigHit thinking about hearing impaired people was beyond amazing! Respect!

  • Kinza Ali says:

    BTS are legends.

  • Liyan Lin says:

    Thank You Korea Now for this precious report, to show all the little heroine or hero who came together to make everything possible. Though it’s by the effort of ARMY, but without her willingness to participate to help our Hearing impaired ARMY fulfill their once in a lifetime experience, it won’t be possible .. So thank You.. and 사탕님, 고생하셨어요 .. 아미한테 와주셔서 감사합니다 .. 진짜 다음에 곡 와요…

  • jongkolnee Namjad zineThailand says:


  • Athena Karmila says:

    Thank you for the video💜

  • Lavender Forest 99 says:

    I want to learn to dance like BTS.
    Nope. You'd be paralysed!
    Okay. I'd like to sing like them.
    Nope. Unless you want to damage your vocal cords.
    Okay. I'd like to rap like th… nevermind.
    I can practice translating their songs at least.
    You can. But you will have sore wrists. And arms. And shoulders. And body.
    BTS!! Sigh. Why so hard????

    Anyways, thank you kind lady for your service to the many people who can actually get to be a part of what BTS is advocating! 💜

  • Ace Hardy says:


  • azexn fxzeera says:

    Im so touched when i see this. You know what? You worked hard. Good job, you nice keep going!

  • Rianna A says:

    손목아대 하시는 부분에서 넘 감동이었어요..비티에스가 그렇게 다른 레벨 그룹이지요..아미를 변화시키고 작은 변화가 큰 흐름을 이끌어내는….농인분들도 함께 문화생활폭 넓어지는 계기가 되기를..넘 고생많으셨지요..


    Aww so lucky

  • Danijel D says:

    It’s been a long time, if I am not mistaken, since exactly this style and form of the video, music and all, was last used. 🙂 Goes perfectly with story as this.

    She leaves an exceptionally positive impression. Believes intensely in what she does and does it with such passion and excitement. That's truly commendable. I’m also majorly impressed and fascinated it’s possible for a sign language interpreter to interpret even a concert, synchronously, in real-time, the whole time of the concert. That must be so very demanding! And even though one week was all she got, she made it to analyze and prepare everything she could. Just the fact such interpreter was arranged for the event of this type is impressive by itself. They appointed the right person. First part of her master’s thesis title “Expansion of Cultural Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss” maybe speaks of her intuition too. She wrote about something and soon after was called to participate and turned it into reality in a place she probably could've never imagined – a concert. Isn't that amazing.

  • kalyasiri says:

    Many many ThaNKS

  • dae gu says:

    Oh my god 😍😍😍😍😍 amazing

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