Casually Explained: Video Game Genres

regardless of whether you’re playing on PC console or handheld there are a million different types of video games that are out there and while technically there are more genres than you can count they all tend to fall under the umbrella of around half a dozen main categories and those are the ones I wanted to look at today to start with one that is of course reminiscent of real life we have sports games these ones are really simple because to make the most popular sports games you just make a video game that most accurately recreates the real-life sport the thing with games like Madden NBA 2k FIFA and NHL is that the developers have to change the game every year to reflect the updates to the sport meaning you have to buy the game again if you just follow sports casually you might not think that something like soccer changes much each year but as an example if we look at FIFA 2018 and compare it to this year’s version you can see that they completely changed the number next we have fighting games and there’s really two types of fighting games ones where you try to eliminate the opponent’s HP points through nuanced combinations and timings and then there’s Super Smash Brothers a notable aspect about fighting games is the comparison to combat sports and outweighed the competitive fighting games seating is a lot like boxing fights are almost always 1v1 and if you’re up against someone with tattoos that means you’re but despite being games that are literally about beating each other up fighting game communities are some of the nicest around so much so that practice sessions are called friendlies and if you ever go to a tournament it’s expected that you always think your hosts thank your fans say good game fist bump and sometimes even wear deodorant sim or simulation games come in two popular varieties ones where you design rollercoaster theme parks or utopian societies and ones where you play a gyro truck driver on a 16 hour long haul through Siberia attempting to repair breakdowns both in the game and in your $5,000 worth of peripherals RTS games or real-time strategy games are generally games where you build a base manage resources and control an army to go and beat your opponent who is trying to do the same thing iconic games include Age of Empires command & Conquer and of course Starcraft the great thing about every RCS is that they feature several settings so you can always play against someone your level whether that be casual normal heart or Korean being strategy games RTS is notoriously competitive in the top level of games you’ll see pros regularly play it over 400 actions per minute to give you an idea of how fast it is I’m going to type out the drill that professionals use to warm up before a game that was me doing two lines of coke off the keyboard coincidentally this is the same warm-up that most YouTube lets players do as well multiplayer online battle arenas or MOBAs are games where individuals actively work against each other in order to defeat the enemy in fact one of the paradoxes of MOBA games is that while every individual thinks they’re the best on the team the team is far worse than how good any individual thinks they are this inescapable skill cap can be explained by how every time you play support your carry sucks and your team loses and every time you play carry your support sucks and your team loses then when your teammates try to point out that you’re the common denominator you could ignore them completely because they don’t speak English next we have RPGs or role-playing games there’s RPGs where you have a huge world to explore called open-world RPGs there’s more linear dungeon crawler RPGs there’s MMORPGs which let you play with other people online and there’s a bunch of subgenres beyond that because they’re role-playing games they’re typically set in fictional worlds where you get to do things you’re not able to do in real life like shooting lightning out of your hands and taking money from dwarves furthermore a lot of RPGs have incredibly in-depth stories that no one pays attention to this is unfortunately because a lot of them have brilliant writing as an example a lot of RPGs have a starter quest where you find a glowing amulet just sitting on the table and when you talk to the person standing literally right next to it they say wow you found this ancient and important piece of jewelry you should return it I’ll follow you for the rest of the game it helped you now and usually you’re just thinking this is Lord of the Rings shooter games are one of the most popular genres due to their variety you can have single player story modes online team deathmatch capture the flag defuse the bomb or of course the most popular genre right now battle royale for those unfamiliar at battle Royales or games where you drop either solo or with the team into a large map and fight until the last man standing as the map decreases in size the trick to these games is that the companies release the game for free in order to get a lot of players to fill the lobbies and then make money by selling skins and cosmetics to customize your character and well this means the company makes almost no money for most players it does mean that they make almost all their money from our friend Rodney and while a lot of people think that battle Royales are a fad I think it’s good that so many young people are playing them because even something like fortnight is a metaphor for everyday American life a hundred kids are dropped off by a school bus into college campus and try to survive as long as possible as they avoid an encroaching circle of unvaccinated children lastly we have casual games but don’t let that name confuse you casual games are anything but laid-back this is because they’re typically party games that you play with people who don’t usually play games and that means you have to make the decision of whether you’re going to keep your friends by showing restraint or stomp they’re casual asses on 200cc rainbow road with a GameCube controller and like I always say you can leave the game but you can’t leave your mediocrity once again an adage that I found unfortunately applies to YouTube as well [Music] you

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