China reportedly orders all state offices, public institutions to stop using foreign PCs…

China has reportedly called for all
foreign PC hardware and operating systems in state offices to be replaced
with Chinese alternatives within the next few years
sorry Kim Jae Hee has more according to the Financial Times two Chinese
Communist Party’s central office order this year that all state offices and
public institutions in China phase-out all foreign hardware and software
they’re using under the so-called 3-5-2 policy China plans to replace around 30%
of the computers and software by the end of 2020 an additional 50% by 2021 and
remove all the remaining systems by 2022 experts say the move which comes amid
the ongoing us-china trade war seems aimed at detaching China from the
influence of US technology and established independence from American
companies China developed its own operating system in October in a
countermeasure to US sanctions China will substitute Windows which it imports
from the US with its newly developed software so technically this is a
countermeasure to the trade war the move means an estimated 20 to 30 million
pieces of foreign equipment will be replaced over the next three years
however some analysts are pessimistic saying Chinese replacements for such
established and reliable products like Windows and Microsoft will fall far
short of the required standard and computing power China needs kim daehee
arirang news

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