ClassPoint Get Started #1: The interface

Hi welcome to the Get Started Video
Series for ClassPoint. Now that you have ClassPoint installed, the next step is to
either sign up for your free account or log in if you already have one. So I
already have one so I’m just going to quickly login. Once you log in, you’ll see
that you have access to all of the icons on the top ribbon. So if you go into
your presentation you can see that the ClassPoint toolbar at the bottom that
can help aid you during your presentations as well. So let’s go into
your user profile. In your user profile you can change your profile picture
which your students will see during your presentations. You can also update your
name and your organization. You can also see which account type you have, so I
have an unlimited free version and in these next couple of videos I’m going to go
over all the basic tools that you can use in class point.

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