COLOP Interview: Alex Zicha tells us about e-mark app/software development

First of all we had no people with knowledge in app development So we started searching for potential partners and I also said that we have to setup an internal team to be able to solve problems or test new ideas internally quickly. The basic app developed quickly but the connection to our e-mark was really tricky. When we acquired the e-mark project we had expected to receive a ready-to-use library to connect the e-mark app to the device but in the end, we had to start more or less from scratch and had to change major parts of the connection again a few months ago. But today I think the major problems are solved and we can push forward and can focus on the improvements for basic and advanced usage of our e-mark. Of course there have been few moments where it was not easy to handle everything in the way I wanted to do it. But the most important part is to organise yourself and to be able to focus on the work. So I tried to keep everything away from the main developers so that they could focus on their work. Unfortunately, this was not always possible as I am also in charge of other projects but together with my team, some night shifts, and additional support from the management We finally did it. Thanks to all! Yes I am a morning person! But in fact, I also had to be a night person during the last months to get the daily business done!

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