Computer Science at USM

The computer science field is obviously
one that changes quite quickly and there’s a lot of excitement and energy
behind those changes. One of the challenges we have in the
computer science department is how do you get ready for those changes. I believe, and the rest of the department believes, that there’s a core set of
principles behind computer science and we actually teach to those principles
using the most recent technologies. And if you understand those principles
well, when you see a technology change, you can understand it in the context of
those principles. – When I first came to USM I was
interested in getting into music education, but I took structured problem solving in Java,
which is the introductory course to computer science. I really enjoyed the problem solving
that came about from it, and the sequential thinking sort of
matched the way I think and ever since then I’ve been just taking more CS classes and have liked every one of them. – One of the things I get excited about is developing
health information systems in low and middle-income countries. A lot of this work
is actually started when I was a graduate student. One of the things that
interested me was how when teams of people got together certain teams were
effective and actually could produce things that were greater than the sum of
the parts. In the capstone course what I try to do is bring that energy of a team
to the students and have them understand how that process can work. – It’s been a
really cool project as you get experience working as a team, you get experience learning the
development process, you get experience talking between other teams which is really hard
because they write in their own code, you’re writing your own code you
have to combine it and that can be very difficult but it’s a very good
experience we’re learning a lot about object-oriented design and software
development and yeah it’s great

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