Computer Science Group Advising Video – Fall 2018

Welcome to the Computer Science Group Advising for Fall 2018. After this session, we hope you will understand and know how to use Student Success Tools, you will understand how to read your curriculum sheet, and you will know how to plan courses for future terms. The conversion guide is a great tool which allows you to look up quarter classes to find their semester equivalent. On this website, click the “Access the Conversion Guide” button. Select “Subject Area” and enter the catalog number. Then click “Search”. In this example we will be searching for CS 365. As you can see this is a “many to one” course meaning CS 210 and CS 365 were combined to create the new CS 3650 course. If you take CS 3650, you should receive credit for CS 210 and CS 365 if you are on the quarter curriculum. If you are a semester student, you will receive credit for CS 3650. If you are interested, you can always use the conversion guide to discover the quarter equivalent of a semester class. The GE tool is helpful if you are looking for a general education course to take to fulfill a general education requirement. This tool can be used by both quarter and semester students. For this example, we will look at “C2b” in semesters or C3 in quarters. Click on “C2b” and scroll down to the green arrow. Once you click the green arrow, you will find a side-by-side view of the quarter course and the new semester course. The catalog is a useful tool that contains university-wide policies and information. However, for this example, we will be using it to find course prerequisites. We will look up the prerequisite for MAT 2250. The Degree Progress Report or DPR is a live version of your curriculum sheet which shows what you have completed with a green checkmark, what’s in progress with a yellow diamond, and what you are missing with a red box. We do realize for some of you, the DPR may not be accurately displaying what you have completed as of this Fall Semester. We will address this issue later. Bronco Direct Course Search allows you to search the schedule of classes. Always be sure to select the correct term. For this example, we will search for CS 1400. Using the conversion guide, GE tool, catalog, DPR, and Bronco Direct Course Search you should be able to plan the remainder of your degree requirements and have a projected graduation date. It is important that you understand what curriculum year you are following and how to read the requirements. This is a 2016 to 2017 curriculum sheet. Students who remain on a quarter curriculum will continue to follow a quarter curriculum sheet such as this one. The total number of units required to complete the degree are 180 quarter units which converts to 120 semester units. Next we have your Required Core Courses. You are required to complete all of these courses listed in this box for a total of 62 quarter units. Core courses cannot double count for any other requirement. Next you have Elective Core Courses. For this particular curriculum year a total of 23 quarter units are required. The boxes are split because you can only take four units or one class from this list of classes. However, you can complete all 23 units from the “At least 20 units from” section of electives. Core Electives cannot double count for any other requirement. The support courses require that you can bring all 43 units. You will notice that this area has many courses where the parentheses at the end
listing a GE area. This means the particular course can double count to
satisfy your support and GE requirement. For instance, BIO 110 and BIO 111 Lab
will satisfy this support requirement and GE Area B2 and B3. Please be advised
that CS 375 can only satisfy either GE B5 or GE D4 but not both. The last column
is General Education. This area requires a total of 68 units. The American
Institutions requirement is fulfilled when you complete GE area D1a and D1b.
The American Cultural Perspectives can be fulfilled upon completion of HST 202
which is GE D1a. In order to receive your degree, all unit and degree
requirements must be met. This is a 2018-2019 curriculum sheet. This is the
curriculum sheet that students who are on a semester curriculum will refer to.
The minimum units required for this degree are 120 semester units. You will
notice that this curriculum sheet does not have any support requirements.
The columns are divided to show major core courses including electives and general
education requirements. The first section is your Required Major Core Courses. All
courses in this area must be completed for a total of 65 semester units. On a
semester curriculum, core and general education requirements can double count. For instance, if you refer to BIO 1110
and the lab in the major core area, you will notice
there is a parentheses with B2 and B3 This means that this course will
satisfy both the major core and general education requirement. Next part
of the curriculum sheet are the elective core requirements. This box continues onto
the second column. A total of 19 units are required for this section. The Core
Elective area is very specific. You will notice that for the first part, you can
only take three units or one class from the “No more than three units section”.
The next section is where you can take at least 12 units or 4 classes from.
The final section only allows you to take one course or four units from this area.
the last column is General Education. The semester curriculum requires 48 semester
units to fulfill general education. You will notice the general education
pattern looks a little different as compared to the quarter pattern. Please
make sure to review the General Education Tool we demonstrated earlier
if you have any questions or concerns. Again, the American Institutions
requirement is fulfilled upon the completion of GE area D1 and D2 while
the American Cultural Perspectives requirement is fulfilled upon completion
of GE area D1. In order to receive your degree, all unit and degree requirements
must be met. Unit conversion is an important part of the conversion to
understand. If you are a quarter student anytime you take a semester course, you must
multiply those units by 1.5. As an example three semester units is equal to
4.5 quarter units. If you are a quarter student interested in
switching to semesters, you will have to divide all your quarter units by 1.5. As an example, a 4 quarter unit course
is equal to 2.67 semester units. The total units required for a degree
completion for quarter students is 180 quarter units or 120 semester units.
The total units required for a semester student is 120 semester units.
For our students on the quarter curriculum, many of your DPR’s are showing this error that
you are missing one unit in your GE’s. The reason why your semester units have
not been converted back to quarter units. Once you have successfully passed this
course this missing unit should be fulfilled. Your units for CS Core
Electives are calculating correctly. The unit line directly above the courses you
have taken on displaying the correct quarter units. Please view this line for
the appropriate unit count. This example is for a student on the quarter
curriculum. They are taking two 3 unit semester electives, which means it
will receive a total of 9 quarter units. For those of you on the quarter
curriculum, some of your fall semester courses may be falling into unused. We
are currently working with the Registrar’s Office to fix this issue.
As you can see these units have not been converted to quarter units either.
Staying on quarters or switching to semesters. You will want to stay on
quarters if you have completed CS 2400 or CS 240 and CS 241 with a C or better, or if
you plan on graduating by Fall 2020. You will accrue more units by staying on
quarters. If you plan on graduating Spring 2021 or beyond, you may want to
switch to semesters. if you switch to semesters, you will
lose units, petitions will fall out and your DPR will turn red and need to be fixed. We are highly encouraging students to
not switch to the semester curriculum. Do I need to take CS 301 and CS 256?
It depends on the curriculum year. Look at your DPR or curriculum sheet. What if I took a
course that is not counting on the curriculum I was admitted under? We will
petition it to count as an elective. This applies to CS 2990 or CS 4650.
How many units should I be taking a semester? 15 units per semester, 5 classes.
2 core courses, 2 electives, and 1 GE. How do I know when I will graduate? Use the
Conversion Guide, GE Tool, Curriculum, DPR Bronco Direct Search to help you
determine your graduation. Keep checking your CPP email for updates about DPR
issues, switching to semester curriculum and other updates. View the Student
Success website for more resources to help you with registration.
October 17th to the 18th is priority registration and general registration
begins October 22nd. Be sure to check your Bronco Direct for holds that may
prevent you from registering. Follow us on social media to receive important
deadlines reminders, job opportunities, special events and more.

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