Computer science students learn the art of the startup

This experience, this capstone it’s been the most I’ve ever learned. With the start-up capstone I really wanted to combine my business skill set, my computer science skills, I’ve been studying computer science for four years. I just wanted to try and sell a physical product instead. The Entrepreneurship capstone was great because we were in a class surrounded by a bunch of people who were passionate about their own ideas and professors that wanted us to tap into that passion. This class, we were given money to start a business, we can we can make our own teams, we can quit teams, change teams, change a company. The great part was that our teachers put us through a lot of assignments where we had to talk to people, we had to do interviews, you had to figure out if this is actually something that people wanted, and whether or not it was a viable path. So it’s the flexibility and the mentorship that we did in this class that’s really important. you

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