CppCon 2018: Takatoshi Kondo “Wandbox: Online programming language testing environment”

– [Takatoshi Kondo] Hi, everyone. I’d like to introduce Wandbox online programming language
testing environment. My name is Takatoshi Kondo. I am from Japan, Far
East mysterious country. (audience laughter) Working for OGIS, I contribute
some open source project. I am interested in the
mqtt and Boost machine. My recent contribution was
adding boost multi index hashed index supported to boost the 3D printer for GDB two months ago. It’s good news for GDB user, I believe. What is Wandbox? At first, Wandbox is developed as online C++ compiling the environment. Now, it supports many other languages. For example, Bash script,
D, Elixir, Swift and SOL. In C++, you can choose many
versions of gcc and clang, including latest of [Head]. Wandbox provides not
only web UI but also rest API and editor programs. Here is Web UI. You can choose compilers
and Boost library versions. Boost libraries automatically link. You can use loopback interface
in your code, “localhost.” So, you can write a
network testing the code, such as Boost Asia. You can post issue report
and pull request to GitHub. This is the issue. I requested that the
library [Chris Duschatz], type, Eurasia. Wandbox is developed by these people. The main developer is
Melpon and Kikairoya. This is Melpon’s icon. This his dog Pom Pom– so cute. As the saying goes, dogs
resemble their owners. (audience laughter) He’s both, right? So cute. Maybe his gaze is something exceptional. By the way, he is my friend. (audience laughter) I’d like to demonstrate
some useful hack on Wandbox. You can use multiple files. You can add header files
and the data files. I’ll show you demo. This plus icon is header files. Oh, no. Okay, let’s skip demo. (audience laughter) An important point is you
can use multiple files, okay? But only you can use multiple header files and data files on C++ mode. If you really want to do the
multiple translation unit, you can do it using the Bash. You can choose the same
variety of compilers, Boost library versions. And the important part
is Bash slash Wandbox. It is Wandbox compilers,
libraries, location, okay? Let me show you– oh, sorry, okay. Okay, important point. So, if you create your
code then you can… Okay, good, good. Let’s change the compiler
version to gcc head and the Boost library to one dot 68 like this on the background. I can get… maybe update
it, okay, 68 new version. And then quick share. Finally, you can get the new
family created by Wandbox. And you can also sign
in using GitHub account. You can see this user menu or you can share the quotes like this. It’s convenient. This is a multiple
translation unit example. This is the Bash script
and the my dot hpp’s simple header file only because… (audience applause) Thank you.

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