CppDroid overview – C/C++ IDE & compiler for Android

Launch CppDroid – C/C++ IDE & compiler for Android CppDroid is focused on learning so it contains C/C++ examples and tutorials Examples and tutorials are sorted by language and skill level Open HelloWorld C example first Click “Compile” button .. .. and “Run” button Voilà! Now open C++ ReverseString example Type string and make sure it’s reversed Now open C tutorial Swype left or click “Navigator” tab to see tutorial index Tutorial lesson can contains source code snippets .. .. and output results But CppDroid can compile and run tutorial code snippets too Some code snippets are incomplete but some are complete and you can compile and run them Examples and tutorials are downloaded and updated by Add-ons manager You can remove examples and tutorials to save sd space and install them any time later Now let’s write our first program Expand diagnostics panel to see real-time warnings and errors CppDroid supports configurable auto indenting Let’s do some errors (missing ‘;’) to let CppDroid help us CppDroid highlights pairing { } CppDroid is really smart to understand user-defined types (note “s” is defined and highlighted as struct) Let’s make one more error (main should return int) One of the greatest features of CppDroid is code complete Here you can see suggested struct fields and methods Here you can see suggested namespace methods Swype left to “Navigator” tab to get quick help on your code Now let CppDroid help you to fix some errors Save changes before compilation Compilation errors and warning are shown in “Output” panel CppDroid supports syntax highlight themes and has a lot of settings CppDroid is free but you can support the project and make coding really pleasant by purchasing advanced features and Premium feature Thank you for watching and have fun!

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