Dance Moms: ALDC vs. Candy Apples Dance Off (Season 4 Flashback) | Lifetime

We want to challenge
the ALDC dancers. [dramatic music] ANNOUNCER: You guys
ready for a dance off? [cheering] Let’s have ALDC. You guys go to you side. Candy Apple Crew, you
guys go to your side. Nationals are
only two days away. Now, it’s my junior
league competition team lets this imbecile
beat us in the street, they will never hear
the end of it from me. ANNOUNCER: Start us off! [beat drops] [cheering] Hey, audience, I want
you guys [inaudible] out. Get into it.
Make a lot of noise! CATHY: My dancers are
quick on their feet. And they can out dance and out
improv Abby’s dancers anywhere. No judges, no
costumes, no props. This is just dancer
against dancer. And this is as pure
as it’s going to get. ANNOUNCER: Look like
she’s challenging you! [music playing]
CATHY: Go Evan! [music playing] Go Evan! [cheering]
ANNOUNCER: Whoa. You two, you’re up. CATHY: Come on, Devin. Use your tumbling! Woo! Wahoo! ABBY LEE MILLER: This is going
to be a test for my dancers. I don’t know who should
end up at that LA studio. Who has what it takes to be a
successful commercial dancer? Any of these kids? Not if they let the
rotten apples make applesauce out of us.
ANNOUNCER: Good job. Come on, [inaudible].
Your turn. Hey, you guys.
Good job. Giddy up! Get out of here. [cheering] ABBY LEE MILLER: Bend your knee. Turn your hip on [inaudible]. ANNOUNCER: Who’s the next
one to show us how it’s done? All right.
Here we go. ABBY LEE MILLER: It’s
down to Nia and Chloe against one last
little rotten apple. I want my girls to
give it their all. [music playing] CATHY: Go McKenzie! ANNOUNCER: Oh, she’s
calling you out. CATHY: Give it to her! [cheering] ANNOUNCER: Guys, let’s
make some noise out there. Come on! [inaudible] Nia, you’re up. [music playing]
Woo! Alls of y’all got
some attitude, man! HOLLY: I saw Nia do things I
have never seen Nia do before. I’m like, where did
that kid come from? Like, she was amazing. ANNOUNCER: Make
some noise for Nia. [cheering] Make some noise for Chloe! [cheering] Make some noise for McKenzie. [loud cheering]
All right. I think we have a winner. We have a winner. McKenzie, from the Candy Apples ABBY LEE MILLER: How
do they have a winner? ANNOUNCER: Now it’s time
for the groups to battle. ALDC versus Candy
Apples Here we go. Bring it Candy Apples. We can take you. ANNOUNCER: ALDC’s up first! Uh-oh, here they come. [music playing] HOLLY: It’s great to know that
the girls can hold their own. They have a lot of skills. [crowd chanting] ANNOUNCER: All right.
So here we go. By audience applause. Candy Apple Dance Crew! [cheering] ALDC! [louder cheering] ALDC wins the group. ABBY LEE MILLER: We won
the group dance off. We beat Cathy again. Now, we have to
focus on Nationals. ALL: 1, 2, 3– ALDC!

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