Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “That Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed” (Season 4 Flashback) | Lifetime

This week, we will be
traveling to our In10sity Dance Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. [laughs] You know what Ohio means. Cathy. [groans] We also have a duet. And the name of the duet
is “That Girl Has Gotta Be Kissed.” Maddie, you will be the
female lead in the duet. You looking for the boy? I’m looking for the boy. I’m looking for the he. And your partner is Gino– Gino from Cathy’s former team. WOMAN 1: Look how
cute Gino is now. WOMAN 2: He is cute. This is about going and
making Cathy eat applesauce. [music playing] You gotta
straighten that knee. You need to sit down and
look at him with your lips way out, like you are
going to kiss him. And then you turn away. Maddie will be doing a musical
theater routine with Gino. Partner work is new to Maddie. She has to do a lot of acting. And if Maddie wants to be a
star, she has to own this role. Boom. In. Back. Right there. You gotta kiss him. I should wait ’til onstage? (LAUGHING) Should you
want ’til you’re onstage? I shouldn’t have my
first kiss like this, and especially in a dance. It’s horrible! WOMAN 2: She’s embarrassed. Yeah! Kissing a boy. [giggles] [screams] – Kiss on the lips?
– Ew. I had to!
It’s in the dance! Maddie! Kissing Gino in the
studio is not what I envisioned for my first kiss. If it was Zac Efron,
I would kiss him. But not Gino. You had your first kiss! Before me! No, it wasn’t really. No, but there was a kiss! ABBY: Gino, don’t
even look at them. Just smile, head up high. Using my cast-offs, huh? CATHY: Abby, enjoy Gino. I don’t need him. She can have my sloppy seconds. I’m feeling very confident. The duet is a hands-down winner.
Oh! See that was nice. ABBY: Maddie, get up in your
feet higher on that back walk. Gino, more face on all of that. Come on, flirt! It’s going to be about the face. It’s going to be
about the emotion. And it’s about you being
better than whatever girl’s over there. And it’s about you being better
than whatever boy’s over there. You’ve been wanting
this for a long time. Make it count. ANNOUNCER: Next to the stage,
act number 15, a lyrical duet. Please welcome Alyssa and
Evan performing “Stars Align.” [applause] [MUSIC – STAMPEDE, “STARS
ALIGN”] You do something to me, baby. I’ve always wanted you to know. [applause] MADDIE: I’m very nervous to
go up against Candy Apple’s. I’ve never done a girl
and a boy duet before. We just really need
to pull it together. ANNOUNCER: This is Gino and
Maddie performing “This Girl’s Just Gotta Be Kissed.” [applause] [MUSIC – PEEK A GOOM, “THIS
GIRL’S JUST GOTTA BE KISSED”] She’s gotta be kissed. Make no mistake about it. That chick’s sure
getting kissed. [applause] GIRL: Is it good? It was so good. – Your love is so cute.
– What? Ew. I don’t like him that way. I think Maddie was a pro. She went out there. She handled the acting. She handled the partner work. Wish I could say
the same about Gino. Now, that other duet,
they were amazing. I just hope that the
judges were watching my Maddie and not Gino. So first up, your top highest
elite team duo and trio. Second place, act
number 16, “This Girl’s Just Gotta Be Kissed.” [applause] And your first overall winner
is act number 15, “Stars Align.” [applause] It feels good enough to win. But to beat Abby’s golden child,
Maddie, that is fantastic. ABBY: Gino, in that duet, I
don’t Maddie to be second. And I’m going to go ahead
and send Gino and his stuff. And I need to have you leave. WOMAN 3: He was fabulous! WOMAN 4: There’s
nothing wrong with him. He’s a good kid. Thank you anyway.
Goodbye. Bye, girls.
– Bye, guys. Good luck. Aside of the fact that I
hate you and I can’t stand you, what’s happening?
What’s going on with Gino? Well, Cathy, this clearly
needs to be something you need to talk to Abby about. OK, well, since I’m not getting
anything out of you guys, I’ll move along. It would be a little bit
more classier if you did. I have lunch to eat. WOMAN 2: You could
probably skip a meal. CATHY: Oh, please! Christy, your butt’s
looking like a $40 cow! What’s a $40 cow?

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