Drive Customers To Your Website Using Vertical Search Engines

Hi everyone, I’m Sandeep with this week’s
Digital Marketing Moment. Today, I want to talk about Vertical Search
Engines, and how you can use these search engines to help increase the visibility of
your business or brand online. Now when you think of traditional search engines,
you think of Google or Bing. The difference between a traditional search
engine and a vertical search engine is that a vertical one is more specific to an industry. Think about when you’re looking for products,
an example would be Amazon. If you’re looking to travel, it would be a
website like Expedia, Kayak or Trivago. These are search engines or websites designed
specifically to cater to one specific industry. As a user, when you’re looking for a product
or something within a specific industry, rather than get a bunch of varied results on a search
engine like Google, you can get some really specific information about whatever topic
it is that you’re looking for. Now, think about your industry or whatever
area you are practicing business in and look for properties that are out there that help
users find content, these sites that curate content and pick the best of the best for
their users and try to build relationships with these providers so that you can get your
content in front of the people that are looking for items specific to your industry. I’m Sandeep and that was your Digital Marketing
Moment for this week. Join us next week where we continue helping
business owners like you win on the web.

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