Drs. Rx: Cut Processed Foods to Boost Your Mood

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  • PaulSpeaksASMR says:

    While antidepressants help in many ways, many experts are now looking towards the benefits of food (ie: the gut brain) because it's been shown that your stomach greatly influences your feelings. You don't have to be a crazy health nut (speaking of which, nuts help), but eating better has been shown to improve depression, anxiety, and other disorders

  • starfishgurl1984 says:

    I've dealt with anxiety my whole life due to my sensory processing disorder and as a result of not being diagnosed in childhood along with also being asexual, aromantic, and a demigirl but not knowing about the existence of those terms I definitely turned to processed foods in high school which in turn also increased my feelings of depression and I wasn't in a good place at all! Before finally discovering everything three years ago at the age of 32 I had ballooned up to 264 Lbs. at one point but once I was free and finally understood myself for the first time and realized I wasn't alone I cut the processed foods dramatically and lost 85+ Lbs. in the process and it completely changed my mood entirely! I whole heartedly believe in the truth to this study as a result.

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