Education in Technology: Cybersecurity and Computer Science

[MUSIC] This is the ethical hacking class. So tonight we’re going to
be covering reconnaissance. We’re talking about a lot of the
information that we’re putting out there on social media. This class focuses on
security in the cyber world. So we do a lot of hands on to show how
vulnerabilities would exist in the real world and how you’d protect against those.>>Everything is technology. Your banking, your email.>>Most schools,
they do cyber security online. I wanted to do experience which was what
Mercy was offering and so I jumped at it. [MUSIC]>>Our students when they
graduate are in high demand, some were recruited by NSA and
other government agencies.>>How to protect, how to detect, how to
make security components more intelligent.>>We also teach students about
the management, also teach them how to do the legal perspective so
students have a full picture. [MUSIC] There’s a Raspberry Pi. All the IoT’s now connected
to this network server.>>Our students in the program have
great opportunities to do internship. Big companies like IBM, McAfee,
and also some government agencies.>>Mercy’s a very well
Coming inclusive college, very affordable tuition and
that’s what makes Mercy College great. [MUSIC]

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