Elearning & Live Online | Arlo Training Management Software

This video covers Arlo’s Elearning features
which will allow you to open up new markets and enhance the value of your current training. Run live online training over webinars. Use Arlo’s integration with GoToWebinar
to automatically schedule and run webinars. When the course or event has finished, attendance
will be automatically updated. Make more money from your webinars by selling
the recording after they have been delivered. Deliver self-paced online learning with Arlo. Use your own LMS or connect Arlo for Moodle
for a seamless integration. So in summary, Arlo has all the tools you
need to manage your training operation. It will save you time by automating manual
processes and simplifying everyday tasks. It will increase sales with its slick e-commerce
and marketing tools, purpose-built to grow course registrations. That’s the end of this in-depth tour of
Arlo. From here we encourage you to spin up a free
trial, visit our pricing page, and reach out to one of our friendly team to address any
questions you have.

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