Engineering and Computer Science Students Make Pledge of Professionalism

The ceremony is actually a fusion of two
ceremonies, so we will have within this ceremony the order of the engineer which
is for future and current practicing engineers, and then we’ll have the pledge
to the computing profession which is geared for computer science students. The ceremony is about committing to the profession, to be ethical thinking about
your work not just from your employer’s standpoint but from your own personal
code of ethics. You know our students take ethics courses here and it’s really
just launching our seniors who’ll be graduating in May into their career. They
get a pin which acknowledges, it spells in binary the word honor which says that
we’re gonna honor our profession by being good professionals and
understanding the ethical and moral principles of our profession. Well it was great it was an
honor being here, seeing the classmates I have grown up with eventually get the
rings and get the pins as well. It was freshman year when I came into
the school as undeclared. I took a bunch of courses and I wasn’t really sure
where I was gonna go, but I took one intro to computer science course and
that just made me decide that computer science might be my thing. I wouldn’t
choose any other. It’s really cool it’s kind of the start of the bridge from
student to professional and I would say thank you for all the opportunities that
I didn’t know that I wanted or needed. I got to do internship in Europe, I got to
do an internship at a waste water treatment plant. I got to do research
projects from applied chemical analysis to feminism and engineering with an
English professor, so just the amount of knowledge and the amount of love and
care that they have for their students is something that I could have never
gotten anywhere else so that’s awesome. It will have a huge
impact on society and we touched on that tonight with our guest speaker and and
engineers do change the world and we want to make sure we change it for good.

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