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Welcome everyone to the eServices
demonstration for Open Dental Software’s eServices this will be a demonstration
of all eServices included in our bundle package. This includes the eServices
that you show on the screen now: Mobile Web, Patient Portal, Web Sched
(which is broken down into Web Sched Recall, Web Sched New Patient, and Web
Sched ASAP), Integrated Texting inside of Open Dental, as well as eConfirmations and eReminders. I’ll be going over a brief summary of each
service and demonstrating each service to the audience. Mobile Web is the
office’s ability to log in and see the schedule. This is for users in the
practice to see their schedule, their patients, the pharmacies, as well as make
and break appointments or move appointments in the practice. Patient
Portal is the office’s ability to allow patients to see their accounts, as well
as previous treatment plan history, and exchange Web Mail between the provider
and the patient. This does allow you to give them a username and password in
order to access their account and do it securely. Web Sched allows the office to
automatically send recall notifications to patients and schedule themselves for
their recall or prophy appointments based off of the operatories and the
schedules you have assigned. Web Sched also allows you to incorporate a
clickable link on your website or send a link to patients via email to schedule
themselves for a new patient appointment. This is strictly for new patients, this
is not necessarily for patients who already exist in the database. There is
also Web Sched ASAP which will allow you to select a time on the schedule and
send an ASAP notification to patients who would like to be seen sooner. They can then accept that time slot and it will automatically move the
appointment. Integrated Texting gives you ability to send texts to patients and
receive them from the patients all within the practice management software. eConfirmations and eReminders are automated reminders that
you send to patients and eConfirmation sent to patients in which
they can reply. eReminders do not change the status of the appointment but
confirmations do change the status of the appointment when they’re sent as
well as when the patient confirms the appointment. Starting out with Mobile Web
we’re going to go ahead and visit this window here. Every office has issued a
unique URL in which we host for the practice and from that URL you’re able
to log in via your mobile device or even a web browser if we plug that into a web
browser here you’re seeing exactly what you would see on your mobile device well
log in with our user and here once we’ve logged in we’re able to see appointments
patients pharmacies and operatories this operatories view is where all of editing
can happen on the schedule under appointments if we make a selection it
auto populates the day that you’re currently on and shows you all
appointments on the schedule you’ll notice in this window this will reflect
all appointments in chronological order not by specific operatory you can then
filter if you’d like by day as well as by provider assigned to that specific
appointment so if you select a different day and click OK
it then pulls up appointments for the same day that you’ve chosen selecting the appointment will give you
appointment details you’ll also have the ability to click on the information
button or contact button for the patient and see patient details as well as
patient contact information using our drop-down here we’ll go back home the
patient’s tab allows you to search in your patients database by full or
partial name I’ll type in just a partial name here and it returns all results
that match your partial search from there you can make a selection and again
see patient details appointments allergies prescription contact
information as well as date of birth going back to the home page here
pharmacies allows you to see any pharmacies entered in your database this
is not a local search it does not pull up any sort of like Google search for
pharmacies but any pharmacies you do have entered in your database will
reflect with the address pharmacy phone number and any notes you might have for
that pharmacy under the operatories column you’ll see this reflects first
all appointments on the schedule and up towards the top though you’re able to
filter by operatory I’ll go ahead and make a selection here on hygiene 1 and
you’ll notice that is the only appointment we have there for that day
but if we make a selection on a different day and select specific
operatories refreshing the page then reflects any
appointments in that specific arbitrary for any specific day users also have the
ability of creating appointments so you can click anywhere on the schedule it
will then give you a list of times available in that hour you’ve chosen we
can then click on that timeframes select a patient and selected a patient then
brings us to the window to set the status a confirmation status if need be
a specific provider and hygienist a specific time for the appointment a
specific appointment type if necessary and a note once scheduled we’ll click
Save and if we visit one go to that day you’ll notice there
is our appointment right here additionally if we head back to the home
screen and go back to our operatories we can actually view by clicking on an
appointment we can using the arrow keys move this appointment to a different
time now we’re selecting a different time and that appointment has been moved that appointment now will show
the database as such as well next we have a web sketch web scheduel allow the
office to send again recall notifications to patients for the recall
appointment so that’s what we’ll do here I’ll select this specific patient and
this has actually already been sent to our recall patient here they were due as
of the 1st of September 2017 they’ve been sent an email and if we visit this
patient’s email address here this patient has received this dental care
reminder the patient will be able to click on the email the language of the
text or email that sent can be edited so all of this is customizable with
variable fields to populate the patient’s first name if you choose as
well as the due date for the patient’s and contact information for the office
the design of a web sched is to allow patients to schedule themselves so it
does include a clickable link in which the patient visits and then selects a
day and a time available on the schedule for the office to schedule themselves so
I’ll make a selection on the 20th at 8 a.m. and I will click finalize
appointment at that time and they’ll be requested to confirm they’ll say yes and
that appointments been booked and now going into the appointments module we
can see that appointment automatically shows on the 20th and there’s our recall
appointment additionally it will show in the audit trail that this patient
scheduled online the next web sched feature is web sched again based off of
the operatories that you’ve selected to be considered which is showing here this
will show you the operatories and schedules that are available if we click
here you’ll notice you can then mark is web scheduler is a new patient and this
is how it dictates which operatories are considered now based off the clinic that
we’re using this database does have clinics enabled so I have multiple links
based off of multiple clinics that I have if you have a one clinic or just
this normal database then you would have one link here there’s the option to
allow children and as well as verify information so I’ll go ahead and click
this link here and this opens up what would be revealed to the patient if you
were to give this to your website developer they could build it into a
clickable link on their website as well as build it into the iframe on a website
as well they’ll answer a question has this patient been with us before
clicking yes will indicate they need to contact the practice if you click no
it’ll move them to the next question as the patient 18 years older will say
yes in this instance at that time they’ll be revealed the schedule and
different days and times that they can schedule themselves I’ll select
the 20th at 11:00 a.m. open dental will always verify three pieces of
information to try to determine whether or not a patient has been scheduled or
is existing in the database already typically the first name last name and
date of birth matching will not allow the patient to schedule if they do
happen to have a match or the same first name last name matching but a different
date of birth it will still allow them to schedule because you could
potentially have two patients same first and last name but a different date of
birth however if their contact information is
matching it will not allow them to schedule the patient does have the
ability to then put in a different Wireless number if they so choose and
once they are done there those click schedule appointment it will indicate
the appointment is booked here on the 20th you’ll see our new pace
appointment is already scheduled the next feature for web sched is web sketch
ASAP that’s your ability to send again a
notification indicating that a patient may have the opportunity to schedule an
appointment sooner than what’s already laid out so if we look at the 17th 18th
here I have a patient who’s interested to be seen ASAP and let’s say on Monday
for instance we have an opening on our schedule we can right click and click
text ASAP list this page reveals all patients who have been added to the ASAP
list and it allows us to select one or more patients to send a text message or
email to selecting text will allow you to send a generic text message to the
patient a manual text message however this patient does not have a wireless
number if your signup for the web sched ASAP it actually sends a URL allowing
them to switch their appointment time so we’ll go ahead and select my patient
here and click send this will then allow the patient to be sent an email because
they do have an email entered your email message template is here and it can be
altered each time you send it out these templates are also available to you in
the settings window behind us if you ever want to change those at this point
we’ll click send and our emails to our patient closing that window we
can go into our email setup for the patient here’s our dental appointment
indicating that our patient Buster there’s an opening on the 16th at 10
a.m. at the specific clinic and again incorporates a clickable link for them
to visit that page a date they can select and the time that’s available
they can select that time and accept or decline in which it notifies the office
so here we’re going to go ahead and accept this for the patient and it lets
them know the appointment was successfully moved we’ll notice now on a
16th if we refresh this page our appointment is now there for our patient
cluster additionally it also removes the patient from the ASAP list at that time moving along we have integrated texting
with open metal integrated texting and your ability to actually select a
patient and send a text message if I select one or more patients it you’ll
only be able to send a text to one patient at a time I will give the
patient a number here actually let’s go and select myself or click text and once
we send that text message I’ll bring up this Google Voice number here and you’ll
see I’ve received that message here and I’ll go ahead and reply and shortly
thereafter you’ll see in the database there is a notification that pops up
indicating there’s one unread message now you can visit the text message all
received or sent if we folks in out of the oil field will actually see that
there is all sent and receive messages that it corresponds with the patient
that we sent it to we can filter in this page by clicking current as well as
showing only sent or received options and clicking refresh here that allows us
to filter by the patient in that specific patient only as well as
filtering by date range which we prefer you can also then reply in this window
and have consistent communication with the patient if they happen to have
questions or anything else moving along zanny reminders again your ability to
set up an automated schedule to send reminders and text messages to patients
for confirmations just really quickly this window allows you to edit the
templates of what’s sent for the confirmation as well as the reminders
here my patient here has actually received a confirmation text message actually this appointment here has
actually received a confirmation text will notice bit disappointment has a
status of a confirmation sent and we see that also in the history here and if we
visit our patients texts again we’ll see that we actually received an indication
that we need to reply see to confirm so I will reply see and shortly from here
we will see that this patient can confirm their appointment the status
bubble has now changed to green which is our indicator color that the appointment
is now confirmed you’ll see the text message has been received in the
database as well everything is calm logged for the patient here and it also
shows in the audit trail that the patient confirms patients can also
firm appointments via email they do have to click on a link just like through the
patient viewer web sketch links there will actually visit Sally here if we go
to our email account we will see that Sally and John both
have an appointment scheduled and we can also see that our test patient that we
originally scheduled for on the 17th is there if we click that link it gives the option to confirm or
request call back if we click confirm and click yes in the case of the patient
the appointment is confirmed and we’ll notice here show
the disappointment status changes the other option request callback does not
tell the patient that the appointment is cancelled but simply the office has been
notified when you click request callback it does notify the office via the status
change of the appointments that the patient has requested a callback a
requested contact under patient portal we can grant patients access to view
their account information online I’ll see that this patient here has been
granted access online you can edit the username and/or password for the patient
if you so choose we’re going to go ahead and take this patient’s information and
log into patient portal here I’ve copied the pate the username and I’m going to
paste it in this field here the first time the patient logs in they do have
the option to change their username and then submit at that time Mary
login and they can see their appointments account information any
payments as well as any statements that have been generated for them treatment
planned information so previous treatment plan procedures are completed
procedures as well as future treatment plan procedures secure webmail between
the patient and the primary provider so we were able to send secure messages and
imaging to the patient if need be care summary which is typically used by EHR
and can be used to send a summary of care to the patient or generate for
another provider and images the office does have the ability to share an image
folder inside of open dental to the patient portal inside the actual
software here if we go to images we have a patient portal folder here and with
the little earth link behind which indicates this is able to be viewed on
patient portal so if I were to share an image for the patient it would actually
show it in the patient portal I don’t give an example of this here now this patient has an image in their
folder and if we were to view the patient’s image folder here inside of
open dental we can now see that there is an image here they can then download if
they so choose what mail again typically wouldn’t be initiated by patients but
the practice can send or initiate webmail with the patient or the patient
can initiate webmail with the office by clicking compose they can send a webmail
notification to the office and a king to the patient that’s been sent the primary
provider is typically the only one who has access to see the patient’s
information but we do have it activated to calm log the information as well the
office can also initiate webmail through the feature here as well as attach any
documents or imaging they choose you notice here they’ll be sent an email
notification to their normal gmail account indicating that they have a
secure web mail message waiting when the patient initiate contact the Office is
not notified with a pop-up but they do have the ability under the primary
providers sign-in to go to manage and email and under the webmail tab can then
see any webmail the patient has passed her again we’ll go back to the patient’s
patient portal and if i refresh we’ll see the patient’s webmail message that
was sent from the office to the patient that concludes the eServices bundle if
you have any questions about these e services or would like to see further
features please give our support line a call at five oh three three six three
five four three two or if you have any questions about fees you can also go to
open dental comm and search for support fees you

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