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– Entrepreneurs, we have a problem. Algorithm change right ahead! Mayday, mayday, we are going down! Well, looks like Facebook
changed it’s algorithm again. (cheerful whistling music) Hey hey, it’s RKA and this is another episode
of Awkward Marketing. Because marketing your small
business can feel awkward, sometimes awful, I’ll help
you turn it into awesome. (cheerful whistling music) Facebook, Facebook, what
am I going to do with you? Social media is constantly
changing the rules on us and it’s not unique to Facebook. Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, they’re always changing
the rules of engagement. If it’s not Facebook
changing its algorithm, then there are issues of censorship, and them changing their
terms and conditions, and how they enforce it. It goes on and on. And every time there’s an algorithm change or shift I see entrepreneurs
running around, crying mayday, the sky is falling! And I get it, because that
was basically me last year when Instagram shadowbanned
me, like three times. (crying) No, I’m okay. I’m okay. But for as many times as that happens, I also see so many entrepreneurs
telling each other, you don’t need a website, you just need a Facebook page. You just need a Twitter, a LinkedIn, and whatever fill in the blank! So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Here’s what we know about
social media platforms. Their algorithms are always changing, their terms and conditions
are always changing, and if that wasn’t enough, they’re constantly getting more saturated. More and more people becoming users. Plus, paid advertising is becoming more crucial and more expensive. So, where does this leave us? Well, if you ask me, all
roads lead to one lesson. Which is that your website
is more important than ever. This is the case for the website,
folks, because you own it. You control it. It’s the difference between
selling your products in someone else’s store, with just a lax verbal
agreement between you, or selling your products in your store which you own and you control. It’s a no-brainer. Now I’m not saying get rid
of social media all together. Social media is an amazing marketing tool. It is a place to distribute
and promote your content. It’s a place to connect
with your audience. You do want to go where
your customers are, and yeah, your customers
are on social media. But if you’re betting on social media to be the hub of your business, then you’re putting
your business’s success in the hands of Mark
Zuckerberg and his cronies, which I’m gonna tell you
what, that’s a losing game. And here’s the other thing. Social media is not the
greatest content archive. So let’s say you’re creating
great content once a week, kind of like Awkward Marketing, right? And you’re putting it on
your Facebook page, sure! When I’m searching on
Google for a solution that you may address, your Facebook page may come up in my results. But, what about that weekly
content I’ve been creating? Is that coming up in search
results one by one, by one? No! Just your Facebook page is
coming up in search results. Now, if I have that content, that weekly awesome content
that I just described, on my website, then I have the opportunity to be found not just one time, but dozens or hundreds or even thousands. Because each piece of content
is its own search result. Right? At the end of the day, your
website and social media are not actually in
competition with each other. They work with each other. One is the hub and one is the platform that drives people to your hub. They work hand in hand. So, with this Facebook change and any other social
media change that’s bound to happen in the future. Instead of running around crying mayday, may this be a reminder to you that you want to continue
investing in your website. You want to continue putting
your best content there. You want to continue
driving your clients there. Reminding them, whether
it’s on social media or it’s in your email newsletter
to go back to your website. That’s where the magic happens! That’s where you control the messaging. That’s where you turn leads into clients. That’s where it’s at. Your website is the hub, social media is a driver to the hub and the rest is just Awkward Marketing. (upbeat whistling music)

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