Family Internet Accountability Monitoring with Accountable2You Software

You understand how important it is for parents
to know what their kids are doing on the internet. A good monitoring and accountability system
gives us the tools we need to train our children in the way they should go, and to offer coaching
when they start to veer off toward dangerous territory. I’m Steve Dwire, founder of Edify Hub, and
in this video, I’ll share with you the software I found to establish accountability with my
family’s internet activity. It’s called Accountable2You, and this video
series shows you how to set it up. First, visit edifyhub.com/accountability,
click on Accountable2You, then click Get Started. If you’re looking for a monitoring and accountability
solution for only one person, or for a church, small group, or business, go back to edifyhub.com/accountability
to find the videos on setting up those accounts. Right now, I’m going to show you how you’ll
set up a family account to monitor activity on all of the computers, phones, and tablets
for both you and your kids . Click the Try It Free button to sign up for
the Family Plan. Enter your personal information, time zone,
and country. Enter the username and password that you’ll
use to log on to manage your family’s account in the future. In the Promo Code box, enter edifyhub, all
one word. When you do, Edify Hub will earn a commission
to help cover the costs of producing this video series, and you will get your first
30 days absolutely free to try things out and make sure that Accountable2You is the
right solution for you. When you’re all done here, click Continue. Accountable2You will be watching your internet
activity and storing it so your accountability partners can see it. It may be worth taking the time to read through
their legal agreements to see what they collect and what they do with that data. We won’t take the time to do that right now,
though. Of course, I’m sure you’ll read it carefully. When you’re satisfied, check the “I agree”
box and click Continue again. Before you go too far, make sure the page
offers you a 30-day trial. If it only gives you 10 days, click the Back
button a couple of times and enter edifyhub for your promo code, then Continue to come
back here again. Decide whether you want the consistency of
monthly billing or the discount for annual billing when your free trial is done. Enter your credit card information, and click
“Create Account” And now you have an account with Accountable2You
for yourself. If that’s all you wanted, you would have just
signed up with an individual account. The whole point of the family plan is the
ability to create separate accounts for each family member so you can each have different
devices and different accountability partners. Click the green Get Started button to add
family members to your account. Fill this out for each member of your family. You may choose to add your spouse as a moderator
and they’ll be able to update settings for the whole family. Enter the name and email address of the family
member you’re adding, then choose how the username and password will be created. For a younger teen, you’ll probably want to
set up their credentials yourself. For an older family member, you may choose
to have it email them an invitation to set things up for themselves. To keep things simple here, I’ll set everything
up for this family member. When you’re done, click Add Family Member. Repeat this until you’ve added your whole
family. When you’re done, click Review. If you see here that you got anything wrong,
you can click that family member’s Edit Info button. I’m assuming we didn’t make any mistakes,
so we’ll click Send Invites and Install Devices. We’ll cover installing the software and setting
up accountability partners in some later videos. For now, though, there’s one more minor point
to take care of. Your email address has not been verified. We’ll do that now, so check your inbox for
a verification email to confirm your setup. Click the Verify Email Address button. Finally. Proceed to the Dashboard. To finish your own account, you have two steps
left. You need to install the Accountable2You software
on your personal computers and mobile devices. And you need to set up your own accountability
partners. If you’re going to set up the same accountability
partners to monitor all of your devices, then it’s actually slightly faster to set up your
partners before installing the software, but it doesn’t really make that much difference. If you’d like to install the software next,
visit edifyhub.com/accountability/install. If you’d like to set up your accountability
partners next, visit edifyhub.com/accountability/partners

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