Fantastic story. Cleaner becomes software engineer.

As you know guys, I started to record series of talks with guys who started career
not in IT; studied not an IT and then ended up in IT business doing software development and they are quite successful in it And I’m very curious about this story because I’m in IT, and for me
IT looks scary How this guys that aren’t
in a business, going into business Add this is Dave. We worked with him
for few months togetheryes! For 2 or 3 moths.And he said: “You know, I’m here,
but I did something else.”Is it starting already?It’s boring, it’s need to be
some entertainment as well.And how is Matchtought?She is good.Let’s go thereIt’s might be too noisy there Should I take chear for you, Andrew?Hmmm, yes, I guess.Hmmm, yes, I guess.How you can go from cleaning toilets
for a year and a half to an IT But tell me a little bit,
did you like cleaning toiletsYes!Ok this might sound weirdBut clearing in general,
not specifically toiletsIf you specifically talking about toilets
it’s not fun to open up and see a lot of …poop. And I have to clean it.But the good thing about clearing
is that you see immediate resultBut the good thing about clearing
is that you see immediate resultYour entered a place, you see:
“or it’s dirty here left and right”you moupe, you clean and
then it’s doneIt’s like half an hour workand the big difference it IT
that it’s always takes monthsmonths of planning hereor you developed something
and it’s not goodIt’s actually never ending.no immediate results no immediate resultsNo, it’s always like trying trying,
seeing some results, improvingAnd then trying again,
with clearing it’s so relaxYou can switch off your brain and you can justplay a little bit musicYes, I know that
when I was a kid… Now I’m married,
but when I was a kid I was cleaning dishes a lot,Now you wife does it.
Now my wife does it.and it also was…
In a begin I hated it. But in a 7 years of practice,
I like ok: “let’s make stuff clean!”Why are you touching me all the time?
Sorry, sorry for touching.It kept me satisfied clearing stuff.This is what I have during the night.
If come home after work of developingAnd I make dinner and stuff
and then you have to clean the kitchenAnd I don’t have dishwashing machine
So I do it by handAnd this reminds me of the toiletsOr the time of toilets,
then I was just cleaningAnd afterwords the kitchen is clean
and it feels good.When did you have this
opportunity or click?When did you have this
opportunity or click?I have cleaned to many thingsNow I want to sit behind keyboardTo be honest my dream never
was to seat behind a keyboardmy dream was never
to seat behind a keyboardActually when I was 15yo or 16 yo
when you have to make choiceto go to do marketing or IT or whatevermy idea always was don’t be a developermy idea always was don’t be a developerbecause you will seat behind
your computer for 10 hours a dayand I want to leave outsideand I want to be adventures and staffand in my mind back then this whole IT
career was not adventures and it wasn’tand wasn’t giving me the life
that I wanted to have.But then my dad had a websiteI’m talking about 2002when it was fairly easy to
become #1 result in googleand my dad had website
and it was called https://noten.nl/and it was so popularhe placed one advertisement
on his websitehe placed one advertisement
on his websitepeople clicked…
bla bla blaYou can make big money in web design.money was actually the motivator
for me to choose ITwhitch sounds lame but it’s true
we need to make money, right?For me as well actually.I think somebody is fightingIt the end being an IT guy
gives me more freedomBecause internet right now is everywhereAnd you can use your laptop everywhereThis whole mind set of mewhen I was thinking that
10 hours a day behind laptopit’s not good.
This is actually goodbecause you can do laptop work
also in Bali, which I did…Let me understandyou saw your father doing this adsensequite successfully, then you
bought laptop for yourselfHaving laptop and doing software
developer is 2 different thingsHow did you write you first html, css?Did you start to study it yourself?
or you went to special school?I went to a special school for media designthat was definitly not developing.what’s that media design?media design it’s media design.doesn’t say me.media is like, you learn
how to make a magazineapparently you learn how to
make videoyou learn a little bit about how to make
of animation, web designit’s very broadAnd then I wanted to have..you know, kids in Hollandyou 15 or 16 you have a job next to itso you go to school, and to
make a little bit of moneyyou need to go the “albert heijn”
and you do “…”you puting products in a shelves2-3 euros in hour or soand then my dad said:
“Hey can you build websites?”And I said no, but I would like to try.then I can make 600euros in 2 weeksAnd then he said: Ok,
I have a client for youjust make a websiteAnd then I google googlewordpress or joomla
in that timeAnd then I learned a little bit about phpAnd then I learned a little bit about phpbut I didn’t get itI like haaaserver side, client side.
It was all very wake to me.and then eventually you just google and googleand stackoverflow,It’s thanks to stackoverflow
that I’ m seating herebecause otherwise I wouldn’t be developerSo you are copy paste developerI’m definitely a copy paste developerThat’s what capgemini stands for.you know the joke, right?nocopy and paste=Cap.I think everybody start as being
a copy past developeryou copy, you past, you see huge errorand then you copy and paste error;
you go to stackoverflowthis is how it works, I thinkWhat was next?What was next?You did website for your father.But it’s still not workHow did you get to workNo, that’s was freelancingMy dad he had a friend of hisAnd the friend said: “I need a website”And my dad said: “My son can build a website”Even though I couldn’tI remember… maybe one month
after this he saidhey, can you build a webshop?This was in 2012 or 11.I was like: yes surethen I downloaded magentothis was so hardthis was so hardbecause if you compare
joomla vs magentobig differencebut then it’s the same storyyou can just try, error, fail.This is how you grow I guess.And you was freelancing
freelancing freelancingall this yearsonce in a while finding projectsYes, it’s always world of mouthif you have one project that worksand a client is happy,
then he has a friend againWhat I noticed, the thing is that everybodyat 5 or 6, ok work is doneoutside of work, they don’t workthey do nothing with developingbecause it’s not their passionor it’s not something they want to doant this is the thing that I see the mostAnd then, I’m like:
“Are you truly a developer?”Or it’s because my work so I developI think it’s the biggest thing that I have seenI think it’s the biggest thing that I have seenSo you are surprised that peopleafter job don’t learn
and they don’t codingThey just close laptopand then you watch netflix
the whole night or you do something…there’s dutch word …….so it’s when you build your own businessand I think: not enough people do thatEven if you are a copy past developercreate your own business by copy pastingAnything that you learned from me.Anything that you learned from me.Any surprises when you
had me in the team.Yes, you still haven’t paid me 50 eurosThat’s because I’m RussianYes and I’m loh* (pushover in Russian)The camera man is RussianYou don’t pay to lohSo that’s what I learned: “loh” the wordWhat I learned from youtechnical wise: redux and rxjs is important.Observables (from rxjs)Man, you do it sometimes so complex
that’s what I learned as wellSometimes is also good to
be straight to the pointwithout already thinking 10 steps aheadbecause that’s what you are really good at
technical wiseAnd also what I like what I learned from you
it’s okay to be…you don’t have to be so strict
in a businessyou can still be funthere’s serious side,
but there’s also loo sidebut you can still go for resultthat’s a compliment to youso we had fun, but we still delivered.
is that what you..When I went to capgeminiI expected it to be very strict
and very seriousit’s totally not like thatof course there are serious momentsthere are also times
where we can just have funand still we delivered a productSo what did you learn from me?So what did you learn from me?What I learned from youthat you can do hude impactfor a team, even without
being top in a teamyou joined, you didn’t have
strong very in depth experienceand you really effect the team
by the way you behavedWay you asking questionsproactively pushing, teasing people
and managementIt was wow. This guy making differenceEvent without knowing how we
built this projectby being proactive and not afraid
to challenge everybodyyou really moved our project forwardjust by asking the correct question
in correct the momentsthanks that’s nicesubscribe and like, followwhere’s it’s going to be?
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