FBI Special Agents: What Will Your Impact Be?

I rescued a little girl from a circumstance
that was unspeakable. I will never forget the look in her eyes
when she realized that she wasn’t gonna have to go back. It’s one thing to know that the work that
I’m doing is protecting the community. But it’s an even bigger deal to know
that the work that I’m doing is also protecting my children. It’s everything. In the immigrant community I grew up in, there
were certain expectations about women and their role in society. No
matter what your circumstances in life, if there is something you want to do, you should
pursue it. I was told that a
woman cannot do a man’s job. I’m here to prove them wrong. The FBI has had women Special Agents for a
little over 40 years. The network of female Special Agents, they
were resources to me and other new Agents. A person’s life experience shapes what kind
of Agent they will be. It shapes
what kind of person they are. It’s people with a different background, with
a different history, with a different set of
experiences that make the FBI a special place. So, in college I studied biology. My first job out of college was as a high
school science teacher. When I showed up
to the Academy, I really thought that my class would be full of former military and law enforcement
officers, but I realized that I wasn’t alone, that there were
folks from very different backgrounds sitting to my left and my right. If I
can do it, anyone can do it. Every assignment I have, I get absorbed into
it and I want to do my best each and every time. Because, again, the
mission is great. And the people make it even better. The sense of family you get at the FBI–you
don’t find that anywhere else. But I think the thing that really sets FBI
Agents apart is our ability to be flexible, creative, and deep down there’s a
need to serve the American people.

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