FollowLiker Beginner Tutorial – Setting Up Instagram Automation Software

what’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG
media innovation and today I want to bring you some great content if you’re
new to the channel it’s full of digital marketing tips
ecommerce insights and really step-by-step how-to content for any
aspiring entrepreneur that wants to make money online so if you’re new to the
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being said we’re just gonna jump right in alright guys so today is the
long-anticipated video of the follow licker tutorial now I’ll try to make
this as beginner-friendly as possible for you so that you can set your
software up to basically you know run in the background so you don’t have to
worry about it and you can essentially grow your Instagram page for whatever
reason that is maybe you’re trying to grow it you’re trying to build a
following maybe you’re trying to you know grow a brand maybe you’re trying to
generate traffic to a bio link for your e-commerce store whatever your reason
this software is certainly your answer so I’m gonna show you how to set it up
today so that you can get the most bang for your buck while you don’t have to
worry about it as well as being careful to not upset
instagrams algorithm almost said YouTube’s algorithm there well but yeah
so we’re gonna start it you know set it up for you and and get things rolling
now if you haven’t checked out reasons that you might want to run Instagram
software I’ll drop my instagram marketing playlist up in the right-hand
corner check that out there’s a lot of cool innovative strategies and videos in
that playlist that will help you you know understand how to reach more people
and grow your Instagram page and why a software like this might be beneficial
so check some of that out I have a bunch of different videos and a couple of them
are on target following which is basically what I use follow like or for
right now alright if you guys are looking to get follow licker I actually
pulled the website up here I’m gonna go over some of the pricing for you and
what you should you know expect when you purchase it as well as what you actually
need so I’ll drop the link to this in the description down below if you’re
interested in checking this out that way you don’t search for it you don’t to
worry about it it’s literally in the description for you and like I said it’s
not an affiliate link I’m not in no way shape or form affiliated with follow
licker it’s just the best Instagram software
out there on the market today and give you the most bang for your buck
money-wise so you’ll see here if you scroll down to the pricing you can buy
the Instagram edition of file like I run software and a bunch of different things
we’re interested in the Instagram software that they have and you can buy
one account license for $57.99 with a monthly payment obviously a $5.99 after
it this will people you know what when I when I bring this to people that are
looking to grow their Instagram accounts that one-time payment is really all
you’re interested in that $5.99 monthly is is so small I know you know there are
a lot of people that follow channel you know are trying to grow their businesses
and they’re tight budgeted and I understand that but $5.99 isn’t that
much yes they didn’t used to have that monthly charge they just kind of
instituted a couple months back but it’s well worth it it will pay for itself
over and over and over again by generating traffic to your bio link and
by increasing your followers and your brand awareness so like I said you can
buy one account for $57.99 you can invest in the five accounts for seventy
seven ninety nine or you can simply buy the unlimited like I did for ninety
seven ninety nine now I see here with my file like err before I actually you know
open up a new one real fast I had three accounts that’s because I
didn’t set my proxy up that’s something that you’re gonna want to think about
you know how many Instagram accounts are you trying to run first and foremost do
you maybe only have one for a dropshipping store do you only have one
potentially for you know your brand that you’re trying to grow what what is your
purpose how many accounts do you actually have and then you can invest in
that you know now because nothing nothing stopping you from buying one now
and then upgrading to five later or unlimited later you don’t have to pay
all over again you simply just pay the difference when you do that so that’s
something to keep in mind maybe you only need one right now and you can only you
you know you’re only trying to drop $57.99 that’s something to keep in mind
and you know obviously that matters you know what what you’re trying to do now
if you do have by the 5 or you do by the unlimited and you’re planning on running
this this I believe I touched on this I know touch it on it on it in past videos
when I talk about software you don’t want to run more than three accounts
from one IP address at once because that will set off red flags to instagrams
rhythm and their software and you don’t want to be running too many accounts
more than three is generally the recommended number across the board from
one IP address so if you’re thinking about you know running more than three
Instagram accounts with file-like or software then you’re going to have to
you know invest in a proxy on top of that which is a little bit beyond the
scope of this video but if you guys are into that and you’re interested in you
know what a proxy basically does for you and how you can set that up then maybe
I’ll do another video on setting up a proxy for all of your you know for other
Instagram accounts on follow like or for you as well drop a comment on the
comment section below if you want to see a video on that or you know she me an
email as always I’m really responsive and by the way if anybody shot me an
email this past weekend I was moving yet again finally settled into my new place
so I will be a little bit more responsive to email so I’ll be checking
email a little bit later and I’ll be getting back to everybody but now we’re
gonna setup final lekker now’s the fun part you’ll see here that everything
stopped you obviously once you buy it you’ll get your software key then you
simply you’re gonna obviously open it up and that is not like a and then you’re
gonna hit file new projects and basically name it whatever you want now
here I literally just name one YouTube test for you and open up a blank one
just name it whatever you want and then hit save and it will open you up to a
blank document like this now what we’re gonna do is room to basically adjust the
general settings because some of the default settings that are in there are a
little bit you know I don’t personally like them and you can definitely you
know manipulate them slightly to get a better bang for your buck so we’re gonna
go to general and settings before we do anything then you’ll see here that these
this is basically what it’s setup for typically so if you just bought the
software this is what you’ll see now I’m gonna basically suggest some
some different excuse me I think I need a glass of water I want to suggest some
different settings that you can basically you know put in there that
will give you a little bit more bang for your buck as always you want to raise
your account per proxy 2/3 like I said and then your account threads this
doesn’t really matter too too much if you’re not
you know multiple accounts or you know a vast array of them you know this is
basically for more people you can raise this to 50 you can race it to 100 if you
want it’s really up to you but basically all that means is how many accounts
follow like a will run at once so if it’s 25 and you’re only running 3 it’s
really irrelevant anyway it doesn’t matter if it’s 25 or 100 if it’s 1
however then and you have 3 accounts that are running what that means is
follow liker won’t run all three tasks that you’re doing say you have like 3
you’ll see them here in a second when we open them up but say there’s 3 names
right here like like you’ve seen on my account in the past and you have
different tasks that they’re all supposed to do account threads basically
means that if this is set to one foul a licker will do the first one first and
then move on to the second one instead of doing all of them at the same time so
that’s just something to keep in mind but if you don’t plan on ever getting up
to 25 accounts you don’t have to change that you really don’t have to worry
about that now the next thing that you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna
change this setting from minutes to seconds so we’re not interested in the
minutes we are interested in the seconds and I’m gonna change this to about
probably anywhere from 25 to 30 on the first one and then maybe like a 45 to 50
on the second one I like to keep it you know sometimes I’ll make it like a
random number just kind of throw that human element in there it doesn’t really
matter too too much it’s just what you like but these are my suggestions okay
so once you set those settings up you’re gonna hit save it’s pretty
self-explanatory and then in this white bar right here you’re simply gonna
right-click and hit new now we’re gonna add our Instagram accounts so I’m gonna
add my businesses one just for reference BG media innovation and then obviously
your password and the proxy know if you’re not running more than three don’t
worry about the proxy that will be in another video like I said if I end up
touching on that so you’re just gonna it save then you’re gonna double click this
and it will open up your settings wizard now a couple things that you’re gonna
want to keep in mind scrape user you obviously won’t clicked because that’s
how you’re gonna get the people that you’re gonna follow now you’re also
gonna check follow and unfollow and you’ll see that this actually comes on
when you check on follow and follow all this is I uncheck this but
this basically is is if you you want to uncheck it if your if you want to
maintain your current followers so you know maybe you already have a list of
followers maybe you have have a list of or sorry not followers you want to
maintain the people that you’re following already so it you want to
check that if you’re not interested in maintaining any of the people that you
follow already but if you if you you know maybe that’s not something that
you’re that you care too much about and you kind of just want to keep your
numbers as low as possible then go ahead and check it either way you want to do
it I suggest leaving it off because I want to maintain the people that I’m
following I follow them for a reason but you can you know obviously do whatever
you want you’re definitely gonna hit shuffle tasks as well and basically what
we’re doing here is we’re gonna set following like her up to follow unfollow
now I did an entire video it was a short one yesterday on why follow unfollow
still works in 2018 and why you step you definitely want to implement it to your
Instagram marketing game I’ll drop that as a card up in the right-hand corner if
you want to check that out if at any point by the way during this video you
are interested in taking my Instagram course I’ll drop that in the description
below it’ll be the first link and as always it’s only ten dollars for you you
don’t have to pay the retail price of two hundred bucks just ignore that the
discount link in the description will be a ten dollar one alright you definitely
make sure shuffle tasks is on as well I’m not sure if I mentioned that in the
last clip I’ve been kind of editing around so I just want to make sure that
you guys you know I touch on that and you obviously have shuffle tasks select
and then you’re simply gonna hit show Advanced Options now we’re clicking next
and here you can play around with it a little bit if you want to whitelist
people if you want to blacklist people doing a blacklist words or whitelist
words pretty much the only things that you really need to focus on with the
blacklist you can simply go in and you can put a user in here that you don’t
want to follow so it could be you know maybe you know maybe you don’t like a
certain account maybe you want to stay away from you know like like porn or
something like that or you know something something along those lines
that you know you you don’t want to follow those type of users this is where
the blacklist comes in and obviously with white list it’s it’s the cleat
offset it’s vice versa so if there’s somebody that you
definitely want to follow there’s somebody that you definitely want your
tasks and your script users to come from you add them to the whitelist then next
and it by the way it works same with a black list of words and white list of
words so there’d be a phrase so it later it would literally I mean you put a
hashtag in there or you can simply put a phrase so we’re gonna hit next and now
it’s the fun stuff so I’m gonna hit ignore private users I’m gonna keep that
checked because I typically now this is not always across-the-board and and it’s
not you know one size fits all but most of the time private users don’t want to
be followed and they’re not interested in following you back so just get more
bang for your buck for tasks throughout the day I’m gonna hit
I’m gonna check ignore private users and I’m also going to ignore users with no
profile picture I just find that the majority people no profile picture are
usually most of the time inactive or very unactive accounts now here’s the
fun part like I said I’m heat by the way script user limit at 40m that’s
basically just the amount of users that follow like or will go through and pull
off of the tasks that I’m about to show you when we set up at one period in time
so this doesn’t multiple times throughout the day you don’t really have
to worry about it I like to keep it at 40 it doesn’t really matter too too much
you don’t want to go much over that I’ll tell you that much just keep it at 40
it’s a good setting now you’re gonna right-click in the white and we’re gonna
start adding queries now what a query is it’s basically a command to follow like
or to perform a certain action so we’re gonna hit new and I’m gonna go in query
type and you’re gonna see here users you know a bunch of different things I like
to do two things so I’ll do users who liked and then you want to put the query
in you’re gonna want to put an @ symbol and you’re looking for in a count that
is you know basically similar to you know I have a bunch of videos like I
touched on before on target following and how you can essentially what the
process is and all we’re basically teaching the automation software here is
to you know target follow so to speak but we’re putting it on automation so if
you wanted to check out my latest video on target following and how that’s
beneficial and really the method behind it I’ll drop that as a card up in the
right-hand corner if you want to check that out
so for example with making money online you know somebody I might want to target
is like ty Lopez he’s got a big following
he teaches similar stuff maybe I also want like target Gary Vee so you know
something like that if maybe have a drop shipping store and you drop ship you
know sports equipment you could find a similar page that posts similar content
to sports equipment you know or fit something in the fitness niche or
something like that and then you’re gonna want to do the same thing here so
you’re basically looking for similar accounts that do the same thing so just
for the sake of showing you I’m gonna add in Tai Lopez so basically what this
is going to do is it’s telling follow licker
to scrape 40 users each query from Tai Lopez’s Instagram account that liked his
posts and that’s really all it’s telling now the second one I’m gonna do is new
and I’m going to say users who commented and then I’m simply gonna do that with
the same thing so users who commented on Tai Lopez’s posts and then we’re gonna
hit save now I suggest that you do you know five to ten of these so when I say
five to ten of them I mean this is one so two on ty Lopez that’s one then
you’re gonna want basically five to ten accounts that way you can keep it kind
of fresh keep it moving around you’re not really only tied or you know
attached to one account and you have a vast pool of people that you can pull
from and accounts that that follow I can will pull from so the more the better
obviously maybe if you can only find a couple then that’s fine
but you definitely want to make sure that you have a couple in there I
suggest about five to ten for the sake of you know saving your time I’m not
gonna actually go through and add a bunch of them but you definitely should
do a little bit of research take a little at a time you know look up some
other Instagram accounts that you think have you know similar pages and content
to you and then you can put them in here with a query that’s users who liked
their posts as well as users who commented on their posts too all right
so once you’ve figured all this out and you understand you know the type of
accounts that you want to target you’re gonna fill all these in this uh then
this box right here and then you’re obviously going to just hit next
no that was essentially setting up who you’re gonna follow and who you’re gonna
target now we’re moving on to the mirakl part of the you know how to set
up your your automation software so that it’s doing the actual file a wing so
here right here you can change this if you want and up your ratio and try to
keep that intact i don’t ever worry about this simply for the reasons that
i’m about to show you here you always want to be unfollowing slightly more
than your following so it’s something to keep in mind and right here you can kind
of change your follow limit too so I might change it to you know maybe four
or five all the way up to about ten to fifteen or sorry not one fourteen to
fifteen so anything around those you know it
could be you you want to be a little bit different than anybody else so like
maybe it could be like you know three and thirteen or five and thirteen or
five and eleven something like that just make it a little bit you know add that
human factor in there something along those lines but anything within that you
know two to two two to five range initially and you know maybe ten to 15
range at the end now is your daily follow limit now this is something that
I want to touch on and probably the most important thing that is in this entire
tutorial you don’t want to get your account banned so you want to work up to
this number it’s important to understand you know how much how many people you’ve
been following if you maybe you’ve been following you’ve already be a target
following you’re just trying to automate them that’s totally fine but you don’t
want to jump up all the way to the top right off the bat like I talked about
with some of the email marketing videos that I’ve done and G sweet and G mass
you want to you know what just like when you’re running software here with
Instagram you want to warm up so to speak to that so you know if you’re just
starting out maybe you want to start out with like a hundred to you know 150 for
a couple days and then after that you can bump it up to you know 150 to 200
and so on and so forth all the way up to about 850 to 900 is something that I
recommend you stay around once you reach reach the peak and the max you don’t
ever really want to go above that now the limit some people say you know all
the limits around a thousand yes it is but why play with fire
why get that close when you don’t have to I recommend staying roughly around
850 to you’re still getting a lot of bang for
your thought your daily follow limit buck without really kind of playing with
fire on instagrams algorithm and risking your account so that’s something to keep
in mind you’re also gonna want to remember these numbers whatever they are
so if you’re warming up and you go in every couple days to change this keep
them in mind because in the very next one when we hit next you’re gonna want
your unfollow limit your daily unfallen excuse me to be like 10 to 15 more than
that now I’m gonna touch on that in the next
one really fast but really it’s just something to keep in mind so that you
always follow your your ratios so to speak is intact so if you want to set it
up right here you can obviously do that maybe you want like a two to one ratio I
just keep it simply it kind of adds a little bit more human factor that human
element to it you don’t always want to have the same ratio that looks it just
looks Instagram smarter than that well drop my my code on the sec all
right there we go geez and then obviously you’re gonna
wanna go down to ignore private user like we touched on before and you know
that’s pretty much that in a nutshell and then we’re gonna hit next so here
you go with what I touched on first now we’re in the unfollow page so with your
daily unfollow element like I talked to Shawn before you were gonna want to make
sure that this is 10 to 15 more than you were following so in my case it was 850
to 900 so I would unfollow 8 maybe like eight sixty five to nine ten or nine
fifteen or something like that you always want this to be more than
your following daily limit because you want to keep that ratio intact you
always want to you know slowly be building your your following but not
also you know be building your your who you’re following as well up at the same
time so that’s something to keep in mind important distinction obviously if you
set yours low to start out with and then you’re gonna grow it slowly so maybe if
yours was you know if you’re starting out and yours is like 55 – you know 105
then just make sure that this right here is you know like 70 to 120 or something
like that so I’m those lines just make sure it’s always a
little bit more here I recommend going 10 to 15 roughly now the next thing that
you’re gonna want to pay attention to is cheese this this might keeps like
falling out of this holder I just bought a new holder for my mic and it’s not
working very well thought it would be great but you know that’s part of the
game so got a backbone or a fast um alright so here you’re gonna up your
unfollow limit to about two days you can go to three if you want but in my
experience when people don’t follow you back after a day you know they might not
have seen it they might not have been on Instagram that day they don’t follow you
back after two days they probably the chance that they’re gonna follow you
back in general greatly diminishes after that and therefore you just want to put
them you know you you just want to unfollow them so that’s something to
keep in mind with your delay unfollow you know you kinda just want to touch
you just kind of add that human element here it’s pretty good at a 15 to 20 or
15 to 25 like it was I just switch it around slightly here all you’re really
doing is you know kind of telling you know follow like or to basically you
know what’s the word I’m looking for here you’ll kind of kind of you’re
basically just you’re you’re adding that to the batch of tasks for them to do but
you’re kind of switching it up you don’t want it to be like everybody else so
maybe you want to you know go 14 – you know 26 or something like that just
something to keep in mind with that now you’re also going to want to blacklist
unfollowed users because if you remember before want to touch on the blacklist
when we were going through the Advanced Settings initially basically the people
on the blacklist are people that you are not going to ever follow again so if you
follow somebody and then you unfollow them you’re you this will prevent you
basically from continuing to follow unfollow the same account which can be
annoying and also can get your Instagram account reported so that’s something you
want to avoid completely it’s very very easy just make sure that that is clicked
now don’t unfollow followers you’re gonna you’re going to want to uncheck
this and pretty much that’s your unfollow settings in a nutshell you
don’t really have to do – too much Oh sparks are yes I missed
the unfollow limit here it’s the same thing with before so you know 5 to 15
you’re gonna make sure it’s a little bit I always recommend going one more so in
this case it would be 6 to 12 basically you want to keep that around 5 to 15 but
you know it’s just like the daily unfollow limit with the unfollow limit
here just one or two more then your follow limit just like your delay your
daily follow limit here was a little bit less than your daily unfollow limit here
it’s really really simple it’s not too you know too complicated and then you’re
going to just hit next alright now we’re gonna finish up here with the schedule
I’m gonna keep all these checked I always do no need to change any of them
but the one thing that you’re gonna want to pay attention to is the automation
time so what I recommend people do is set this up you know kind of like your
schedule so you know you could keep it 24 hours and some people recommend that
however in my experience I prefer to you know kind of make it like a like mine
schedule so right now you’ll see it’s 613 i roughly stay up anywhere from you
know sometimes I go to bed relatively early around like 11 or 12 for me
sometimes I stay up late to like 2 3 I’m gonna stretch that and put mine until
like 3:00 a.m. so it looks like to Instagram that I’m sleeping from 3 a.m.
on and then I’m gonna set it up to turn on at 8 in the morning so from 3 a.m. to
8 a.m. it’s not it’s not automating okay so that’s that’s the key you want to set
it up you know your start time from when you wake up Rhett roughly and your end
time to when you go to bed now like I said you can obviously leave it going 24
hours a day but in my opinion that looks shady and I know Instagram smart you
definitely kind of want to set it up a little bit but you can obviously stretch
the truth slightly excuse me and then basically all you can do is hit
finish and you are done you set your software up and as soon as you hit start
it will start running for you and running those queries basically on the
stipulations that you set up now you can right click and hit statistics and check
you know your statistics for the day you can also check your activity log to see
you know if you have any issues there you know maybe if you got like a hard
query from or something like that doesn’t as long
as you set your settings up the way that I showed you and you don’t really kind
of you know jump to like nine hundred followers per day right away you should
be good but that’s just something to keep in mind you can check that and you
can obviously see how many people followed you or didn’t follow you now
something to keep in mind is you will only be following if you set up the way
that I showed you you will only be following people for the first two days
because like I showed you here if we go back into the settings right here you
unfollow people after two days so the very first two days when you set this up
and you turn it on you will only be following people you won’t be actually
unfollowing yet so that’s something to keep in mind don’t panic if it’s not
working and you have a couple negative days in the beginning that’s normal as
your software picks up it will slowly start to get better and better and
better and more positive so don’t sweat the first two days just something to
keep in mind and then obviously from there you can add other accounts you
know switch your settings up and and you know raise your follow limit per day
obviously if you’re raising your following birthday you want to raise
your unfollow them every day equally and pretty much that’s the that’s the gist
of it guys that’s setting up automation software in a nutshell so if you like
this video obviously like the video I put a lot of time and effort into this
video to put a tutorial out there for you guys because I know that there’s a
lot of people that are trying to grow their instagrams and grow their
businesses on Instagram like the video it obviously helps channel grow comment
and subscribe and I will see you guys tomorrow

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