{FPT Software} Hitachi Aloka impressed with FPT Software’s “Solidarity, Ambition and Leadership”

Why do you choose FPT Software’s service? The biggest advantage of working with FPT Software is that you can communicate with us in Japanese This is really beneficial for our Japanese Engineers Also, we consider FPT Software as a top level software company in Vietnam, which can deliver cost-effective offshore development service. Furthermore, since the last development effort was actually very great, I can say that we are very confident in using the service of FPT How do you evaluate the service of FPT Software? I’m very satisfied with the first 5 years of collaboration. FPT Software can deliver on schedules with quality of your works being significantly improved over time. Also, your software developers are very highly-motivated and eager to learn. What do you think about Vietnamese people and culture? I think Vietnamese people are very friendly and active but shy sometimes. What really impresses me is that you are very ambitious and always willing to learn new things If you have 3 words to describe FPT Software, what words would you use? Solidarity , Ambition and Leadership What is the most memorable thing when working with us? When the pilot project started, I was very surprised by your clear understanding on Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus software and such high level of quality that you delivered You have learnt the source code and specifications carefully in details, which even went beyond our requirements In a business trip to FPT, I still clearly remembered your Software Engineers were very active in discussing and exchanging ideas with each other

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