FREE 2-Week Home Jump Program | Day 1

what's going on everybody it's the lost breed today Josh and I have something very special planned for you guys today we are starting our two-week home jump program now what's special about this program is you can do it in the comfort of your own home you could do it outside and if you like you can do it in the gym so what we're going to do we're going to take you through the day by day process and show you guys exactly what to do for the workouts we're doing it along with you guys and we're posting it on YouTube so you can follow us yeah definitely now this program is our stepping stone to our eight-week jump program flight school if you guys want this two-week home program it's in the description below you have to sign up to our newsletter on our website wwlp.com and the email will be sent right to you so today we are starting day one of the two-week home jump program let's get it let's do it our first exercise is sprints now it's four sets of ten to 15 yard Sprint's but if you're at home in a small area you're not at a gym you're not outdoors just run in place for a hard 5 to 10 seconds let's get it started give it everything goes beat munoz feet arms pumping legs john remember guys rest time in between sets should be 30 seconds to 90 seconds you want to make sure you're pushing yourself and challenging yourself every single set and rep all right guys second exercise is lateral hurdle jumps now if you guys don't have a small little orange hurdle use a backpack anything this is up this size and get a joke let's go 3 sets of 10 as soon as you land I'm gonna get right off the floor and jump over the hurdle so the next exercise we got a single leg butt kicks now we're doing three sets of six this exercise can be a little difficult but what we want you to do is try your hardest to kick your butt every single time with the same leg you're jumping off pay attention our next exercise is tuck jumps you're going to jump in the air as high as you can and bring your knees in as soon as you in jump right back up three sets of eight last final exercise we got squat jumps three sets of eight what you want to do squat down getting a 45 degree the position and explode right up as high as you can every single time make sure you're pushing yourself and jump in as high as you can every time every time you jump try to jump higher than the last jump you just did y'all ready let's go if you have a man but make sure that thing's moving on the top of your head that is true good work guys this wraps up day one of our two-week home jump program remember this program gets progressively harder as the days go on so you guys want to make sure that you're tuning in to every single video what's unique about this program is you're getting your heart rate up you're getting good work in and most importantly you're increasing your explosion all in the comfort of your own home definitely there's going to be times that you guys can't make it to the gym and this workout is perfect is perfect for that so you guys want to make sure that you guys are doing it along with us giving it 110 percent and becoming better every single day yes sir yes sir it's the laws brief make sure guys to like this video and subscribe to our YouTube channel TOB it's a family thank family thank you

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